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Looking for a lightweight mattress? How about going for Puffy Mattress”? Lightweight, made with memory foam layers for extra support and comfort. Puffy is no exception, with a lifetime warranty and support. Read on here…

Can an old mattress put a negative spin on your love life? Actually, Yes. A survey conducted claims that 8 out of 10 users are using a decade old mattress. They have also reported less romance in their lives and lack of quality sleep. This survey was conducted by Sleepy’s, the mattress retailer. If you are looking for budget mattress at a cheap price, then this article is for you.

Budget Mattresses From Top Brands

However, with the winter on the way, you can still consider buying a new mattress. Of course, buying a traditional mattress is certainly not a piece of cake and needs major consideration. While top brand mattress would cost $5000, experts advise cheap quality mattress purchase is just not worth it. Yet, there are brands such as Saatva or Restava mattress that are top rated budget mattresses. They will last a few good years without giving trouble while delivering good comfort. Box spring is not really necessary but the warranty may stipulate that box spring be used with the mattress.

Do note that box spring is also a factor that needs to be considered because if you are buying a mattress you must as well take a look on your box spring. Studies have shown that old box spring can shorten the life period of your mattress. So it is always better to check if the box spring is in a proper condition to hold the mattress for a decent time.

It is weird laying on the mattress right there in the middle of the store but its worth your time. Choose the mattress that suits your body. So, go research and find out the compatible one for you. Challenges always exist when it comes to choosing the types of mattress. But there are brands who will give you exceptional quality budget mattresses within $1000.

In general, look for budget mattresses outlets that offer decent layers of padding. If you are a side sleeper, then high layers of padding makes the mattress softer and cuddlier. If you tend to sleep on your back, a firm mattress (i.e. less layering) will do the trick. Don’t fuss too much about coils – 375 is a good number for queen size mattress says a leading mattress company. The construction of the coils is the key to hold the mattress in good shape in the years to come.

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Best Quality Mattress at economical rate

The following budget mattresses quality brands have theraupedic and back-friendly features that go easy on your body’s pressure points.

    1. Saatva mattress – An eco friendly product, Saatva was listed among top 100 promising companies by Forbes. Starting from $599, Saatva mattress offers customized and tailor made mattress that best suits your style of sleep. The company even offers setting up your mattress along with 15 year warranty. They also offer a 75 day home trial for you to check the mattress yourself.
    2. Bobs Furniture mattress – Starting at a whooping $249, Bob-O-Pedic mattress comes with individually pocketed coils and gives their customers 30 days sleep challenge. In case you are not happy with the product, return within 60 days for full refund of your amount.

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  1. Restava mattress – Starting at $399, Restava mattress offers wide collection with unbelievable 25 year limited warranty. The company also offers 90 day mattress trial for their customers just for their own peace of mind.

The above three brands, though available online, have retail stores in various states of USA. Therefore, if you want to voluntarily check the quality of the mattress yourself, take a tour of budget mattress anytime.

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