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Tuft and springs luxury mattresses ranges are, hand-made exclusively according to customer needs. The company offers a wide range of collection at affordable prices. Buying a Tuft and Springs mattress simply means that you are about to start afresh and to experience sleep like never before. You will love the change and there are many reasons why you should dump your old mattress as soon as possible.

The Tuft and springs company strongly believes that “one mattress for all” is not a worthy idea. Mainly due to that reason, they have given six different models to choose from. Tuft and springs mattresses are easily available online at exciting prices and affordable rates. You and your partner will be able to sleep comfortably without any interruptions.

Tuft and Springs Mattresses User Reviews & Ratings

Tuft and springs mattresses are quite popular in the UK; however, there are hardly any independent reviews or posts. I could spot a few reviews on certain sales portals and most of the reviews were highly positive. Many customers are of the opinion that, they have different options and firmness levels to choose when it comes to this brand.


Best Mattress Models from Tuft and Springs Mattresses

Currently, there are six different models available in the Tuft and Springs brand and they are listed below. Each of these collections is available in different sizes and dimensions, which you can read in the upcoming sections.

Tuft and Springs Fairmont 2000 Pocket Natural Mattress

Fairmount natural pocket 2000 mattress offers comfort and firm support to the body. Handcrafted and manufactured in the United Kingdom, this mattress is an epitome of comfort and luxury. This mattress has a design of an orthopedic quality and support. There around 2000 pocket springs and each spring works on its own devices. That simply means that the body will get full support whenever you need it. It also has reduced motion transfer leading to uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

To add more the fillings of this mattress includes silk, fine cashmere, and natural wool. These breathable materials offer restful night’s sleep and deep comfort. The entire mattress comes with a beautiful damask cover along with air vents to improve air circulation. The mattress also comes with built-in turning handles so that flipping the mattress turns into an easy task.

Tuft and Springs Marquis 1000 Pocket Natural Mattress


This mattress is a perfect combination of modishness and comfort. It has a sophisticated style that ideally suits your bedroom and adds a unique charm. This handcrafted mattress encompasses natural wool that provides excellent breathability. It offers refreshing coolness during hot summers and hugging warmth during the cold winters. Beneath these, natural filling comes 1000 individually encased pocket springs. Every single spring provides independent support to the mattress. These springs have no “roll-together” feature that aces its supporting ability. This mattress is neither too firm nor too plush, just a medium feel without compromising on the comfort.

The plush natural fillings come wrapped in a uniquely crafted damask cover with tufts that increase its durability. For air circulation and temperature regulation, separate air vents provided at the borders comes into action. Another interesting feature of Marquis Collections is that they are double sided and come with handles for easy handling.

Tuft and Springs Superia 3000 Pocket Natural Mattress

The Superia lateral pocket 3000 mattress offers comfort, ideal support, and luxurious feeling. The filling materials used is silk, fine wool, and cashmere. The combination of these fillings provides that will support and total comfort night after night. This handcrafted mattress contains 3000 pocket springs that create an unmatched support system. The individual encasement of each spring provides marvelous contouring and support to every single part of the body. This mattress also shows reduced motion transfer, leading to uninterrupted sleep.

Just like all other models this natural pocket 3000 mattress comes covered in a gentle damask fabric, which gives a luxurious feel and look. To improve the air circulation air vents at both sides of the mattress works throughout the night. The built-in turning handles help to rotate or turn the mattress without any discomfort. If you want a perfect mattress that offers comfort and luxury, then probably this is the right choice.

Avocado Mattress

Latex Mattress with the best reviews. Works great for health issues including Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Tuft and Springs Chantilly 3000 Pocket Natural Pillow Top Mattress