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Everything you need to know about Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle mattress are the best mattress sellers online especially on the Amazon platform. They pose major threat to all its high end competitors. Read more to know about the company and its product in detail.

Tuft and Needle Company How it all started?

Daehee Park and JT Marin are the co-founders who outlined up this whole firm into a very established organization right from the scratch.  They made it possible to sell mattresses which provides comfort and easy on the pocket products for its customers to keep a hand on.

It all started after Marin got married when he and his wife found it difficult to adjust with the newly bought memory foam mattress. It cost them around $3300 and the salesman claims of fully loaded features and luxury, seemed to be false when the mattress wasn’t rendering to their needs.  When they thought of returning the mattress they had to deal with truth. It wasn’t possible to return the mattress nor there was a positive response for the high end dealer. When Marin shared the story with Daehee they both decided to start up a firm of their own which delivered high quality mattress with affordable price ranges.  And the story thus began.

We will discuss about the story further but before that let’s take a look at the product features.

What is Tuft & Needle mattress made of?

It is a product made in USA and it is made up of two layers of different densities of foam.  A 3” of 3 lbs /ft density proprietary foam is placed over a 7” of 1.8 lbs/ft density support foam to make the mattress a perfect place to sleep. To give extra protection to the mattress it is covered using a rayon polyester blend cover.

Durability of the mattress: According to data available online it is said that this mattress has a lifespan of about 6 years. But in general it is not possible to predict and give a clear answer as this product is a new entrant into the mattress segment. They have been into this industry since 2013 so it is just too early to give any review as such. But overall those who own this bed have given good ratings as far as comfort and pricing is concerned.

What is the price range of this Tuft & Needle mattress?

Price range is actually listed according to the bed size. For a twin bed they cost around $350 and for a king size mattress it costs around $750. Compared to other luxury mattresses online tuft & needle mattresses are way cheaper and economical.  They are priced less due to direct sales to customers from the warehouse.  No middle men play their part in this whole deal as they sell directly through online platform or through their recently opened store at Phoenix.

What do customers feel about the mattress?

The mattress is actually a medium firm one which is best suited for people with back issues.  Even though tuft and needle mattress are made of foam they do not perfectly mould according to the body and give a feel of original memory foam mattress. They are better than other mattresses available online but cannot equal the features given by memory foam mattress like cradling and molding according to the body.  Some people complain that this mattress offer less edge support and it isn’t suitable for sitting or moving around. A minor percent of owners complain that it doesn’t offer much support so they had to purchase a mattress topper.

Is this mattress best for people with back pain?

As far as back pain is considered Tuft & needle mattress can be the best choice to go with as they are medium firm and offer best support for the spine. Normal memory foam mattresses are comfortable but they aren’t any good for the spine. Tuft and needle mattresses actually help the spine to settle down properly and many owners have felt reduced pain after using it. It is also very easy to move around on the mattress without getting pulled inside and it doesn’t make you sink. When you turn around the other person sleeping near you won’t get disturbed by your body movements as it is a more firm than the memory foam mattresses.

How does it feel sleeping on a Tuft & Needle mattress?

This mattress is actually best suited for people with average body weight and for heavy people they might find it too firm and less comfortable on the long run. For light weight people they may find it too firm and less conforming to their body movements. If you are a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper then this bed can offer you better comfort as it provides medium firm comfort which is required in both the cases. Whether you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper the pressure is exerted on the spine so a medium firmness level is a must to ease of the pressure.

For side sleepers this mattress won’t be of much help as they are pretty firm and won’t give that comfortable feel as given by other luxury mattresses.  Tuft and needle mattress is also best when it comes to love as they can provide better support and functionality.  Unlike other memory foam mattresses there are fewer complaints or can say less reports regarding off gassing or heat retention problems with this mattress.  They are also very silent compared to other foam mattress available in the markets.

Is it easy to a Tuft & Needle mattress?

Since this mattress weighs only around 50 to 90 pounds depending on the size (twin or king) it is comparatively lighter than the other brands and do not contain any handles. They cannot be flipped and are one sided that means you can sleep only on one side of the mattress.  Usually mattresses need to be flipped to prevent sagging but in the case it is not possible. You can only rotate the mattress to prevent sagging or wear and tear.  Some say having a mattress topper can prove to be useful to prevent sagging and wear and tear issues.

Other aspects about Tuft & Needle mattress

The company gives a warranty of 10 years for the mattress and also allows a 100 day free home trail without any money being paid. It also discloses all the specifications well and clearly moreover it provides best customer support throughout. Since it is a newly formed company much cannot be said about it. But on the whole customers are giving good opinions about their service. They have devised convenient return policies so that consumers can return products hassle free and they are shipped in a small box in a compressed form.

NOW coming to the story section, both the partners actually SOFTWARE engineers by profession had talks with many suppliers and dealers and they came to know that mattress industry is such a made up thing that most of the giants in this sector are making huge profits from totally very less investments.  That is when they decided to make a mattress that is soft on the pocket as well as provides comfort. They set up an online store through their website and are doing pretty good since their company’s inception.  Recently they have launched their first store at Phoenix, AZ.  They started their entire business by taking a loan amount of $50000 and reached a revenue point of $1 million within the first year.  To know more about them you can visit their website “www.tuftandneedle.com

Conclusion: This particular brand is purely an innovation by few likeminded people who wanted to bring out the best for its customers and are staying up to the expectations by large.

Tuft & Needle Memory Foam Mattress

Tuft & Needle Memory Foam Mattress design contains a single firmness which is universally comfortable for all. It comes with square edges and corners. You will find a Tuft & Needle logo lightly woven into its smooth white cover fabric.