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Tuft And Needle Mattress with Washable Covers

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Tuft and Needle mattress, a comparatively newbie in the market has taken it for a toll. It offers unbelievably low price for the mattresses which is quite affordable with the mass. The mattress is made of foam but not really the memory foam.

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Features of Tuft and Needle mattress

Owing to the fact that this mattress is made out of necessity by real customers makes it the most practical one. The price and the worse experience got from the memory foam mattress forced the founders, JT Marino and Daehee Park, to make their own formula to have a comfortable mattress at an affordable price. The features are all supposed to be user friendly.

  • Medium firm foam: To start with, the Tuft and needle mattress is completely made of foam, but not memory foam. There are two layers; both made o different types of foam. The foam used for the mattress making is unique to the company, T&N adaptive foam at the top and high density foam below that for the support.
  • Supportive base: As the mattress is completely foam, the base is made out of high density foam that can support the body weight well enough. The foam is sturdy enough for a heavy weight person. Together these two layers make a firm but yet not firm comfort level for the person.
  • 3 way cooling system: The next high point of Tuft and Needle is the air circulation all through the mattress. It happens in three different ways to draw the heat from the body and keep it cooler. The heat wicking system in the foam, breathable covering material, and the support level keeps the body raised and closer to the upper surface than force you to sink in.
  • Stomach sleepers: The firmness if just right for the stomach sleepers who wants enough softness but yet firm to prevent from going into the mattress.
  • Can use heating pads: The great advantage is that if anyone wants to use a heated pad to sleep they can use it without any worries. The foam used here does not melt under the heat from the pad. While this is not necessary and should not be used in most cases as the pad can prevent the free air flow though the mattress.
  • No flipping: The Tuft and Needle mattress is one sided, which means you cannot flip the mattress. You can always rotate it from head to toe, when needed.
  • Removable and washable cover: The mattress cover is zippered and can be removed for washing. Once dried, put it back on, so you don’t have to worry about any dirt or stain on it that could damage the mattress.
  • Foundation compatibility: Tuft and needle mattress can be used on any kind of foundation or bed frame. It fits well on the box spring, on the floor, or even on the slated frames. The foundation doesn’t really matter for this mattress as long as there are no damages on it.
  • 100 nights trial period: The mattress come with a 100-night trial period during which the customer, if unsatisfied with the product, may return the mattress with no cost at all and get complete refund with no questions asked. It is always advised to check the mattress for a complete 30 days as it takes that much long to break into the material to feel the real comfort.
  • Ample warranty: The warranty at which the mattress is sold is 10 years. The makers are confident that the mattress would last forever and stands by them with this longer warranty period.
  • Free shipping: All the mattresses from Tuft and Needles are shipped for free of cost, all within USA. It would even ship to Alaska and Hawaii, but these regions would require an extra cost for shipping. Apart from the shipping there is also the sales tax implemented by certain states and the rates would be displayed in the final cost at the checkout.
  • Easy set up: The Tuft and Needle mattress is vacuum-compressed and sealed in a plastic wrap and rolled for convenience of shipping. It comes in a box. It is easier to open up the wrapping layers and set it up for expanding. Just open the first cover, unroll the mattress over the foundation you choose, remove the second wrap and let it expand. Within a few minutes you will have your mattress ready to sleep on.
  • Available in 6 sizes: The mattresses are available in all 6 sizes like twin, twin Xl, full, queen, king and California king. All the mattress sizes are standard and can fit on the bed frames.

Try out at stores and buy online: Another feature of Tuft and Needle is that they have stores where you can visit to check the mattresses before you purchase. You can place the order at the store or later online. The stores are in Phoenix and San Francisco.

The T&N Adaptive Foam The No Memory Foam

The mattress is made of polyurethane foam made in California. The foam has gained the CertiPUR-US certification for its no chemical off gassing. This certification proves it to be harmless for the indoor air. This is blended foam with double layers within.

The base foam used is high density poly foam which is sturdy with 1.8 pounds of weight. It does not succumb to the body weight and retain its sturdiness all the while for good support. The top layer foam is also high density foam but not as much as the base layer. It still retains it cooling properties and enough air circulation with its density and also gives not soft or not firm comfort.

This foam is not memory foam and nor does it has any memory to make a body impression on it. It can retain its shape as soon as the weight is taken off. Together these layers make a 10 inch thick mattress which is thinner in comparison, but is strong enough to carry heavier persons.

As for the safety of the foam, there are chemicals used that are harmful to the health or the indoor air quality. There is no chemical flame retardant that is common in other mattresses. the fire barriers used here is the rayon cellulose fiber that has fine grained sand blended into it. This also has the support of a polyester presence.

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Is This The Mattress You Are Looking For?

I agree that foam mattress does not have that image as a sturdy mattress unless it has support from a coil spring or other multiple layers of foam. But here there are only two layers of foam which naturally make people skeptical about purchasing this. The thousands of users have reviewed that this mattress stays true to every claim they make and makes a strong mattress with enough cooling properties.

The least you would end up is not getting hot in the middle of the night which is often the reputation of foam mattress. Here the base support foam keeps pressure upwards to stop the body from sinking too much and keep it closer to the top layer as possible. This allows better air circulation and the body will not feel confined into the mattress.

Users have also vouched for the firmness of the mattress which falls in the middle range. If you want the mattress t be soft, Tuft and Needle mattress is soft for you. If your partner likes to have a firmer mattress he will not feel otherwise.

How To Purchase The Mattress?

You can visit the store, check the mattress, and place the order there or you can order online. For online purchasing there are two options, one is directly from the manufacturer’s site and the other from Amazon.

The difference in purchasing from two online stores is that you get the complete trial period duration of 100 nights only when the mattress is purchased from the manufacturer. Amazon offers only 30 days of trial and the product must be returned within 30 days of delivery. All the return and other related details must be dealt with the Amazon in that case.

No matter what the mode of placing order is, you get the mattress shipped to you and under no circumstances that you can get a pick up from the store.

Shipping of Tuft and Needle Mattress

The shipping is done free of cost unless it is in Alaska or Hawaii. The shipping is done with the mattress compressed and rolled to fit inside a box. The height of the box is standard 44 inches regardless of the size of the mattress. The width and breadth varies with the size and is 16 or 18 inches. The box is shipped through fedex and the tracking details would be sent to the customer.

As for the duration for delivery, the product can be delivered within a day to a maximum of 4 days depending on how far the destination is from the warehouse. Also add a day to two for the making. It could also be delayed due to holidays.

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Tuft & Needle Memory Foam Mattress design contains a single firmness which is universally comfortable for all. It comes with square edges and corners.

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