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Customers are happy with this affordable hybrid mattress which offers customers the maximum support, comfort and durability. The micro air springs adds breathability to the mattress. It offers good value for the money spent!

The Select Luxury memory foam mattresses are unique with more variety you can find than in any other brand. Each mattress has its comfort level to woo the sleeper and practically invite them for the rest they need.

Select Luxury Mattress Reviews

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Select Luxury is a mattress brand that believes that the good night’s sleep happens to be a necessity rather than a luxury. For this necessity the mattress need not be luxurious or expensive. It just has to have the right combination of layers to give the comfort. At Select Luxury this combination of different memory foam layers comes perfectly together to make these conveniently priced mattresses that are nothing short of epitome of comfort. Read More …

Table of Contents

  • Features of Select Luxury memory foam mattresses
  • The top 7 memory foam mattresses by Select Luxury
  • Select Luxury medium firm 14-inch king size memory foam mattress
  • Select Luxury medium firm 14-inch full size memory foam mattress
  • Construction
  • Customer reviews
  • Select Luxury Swirl gel memory foam 14-inch queen size mattress
  • Construction
  • Customer reviews
  • Memory foam queen size 12 inch medium firm swirl gel mattress
  • Construction
  • Mattress comfort
  • Customer reviews
  • Mattresses memory foam bedroom set plush queen size memory foam reversible sleep mattress
  • Construction
  • Customer reviews
  • Queen short sized memory foam mattress 8 inch RV home
  • New Life 4.5 inch memory foam mattress pullout bed for sleeper sofa twin
  • Mattress shipment

The Select Luxury memory foam mattresses are unique with more variety you can find than in any other brand. Each mattress has its comfort level to woo the sleeper and practically invite them for the rest they need.

Features Of Select Luxury Memory Foam Mattresses

There are 3 main features of the memory foam mattresses. They are found in these 3 varieties with simple memory foam mattress, gel memory foam mattress and the reversible mattresses where both sides of the mattress can be used.

Memory foam or the visco elastic foam is the new innovative way to have cooler mattress surface. The foam usually retains the body heat making it uncomfortable for the sleeper at night. The memory foam used here have open cell technology that allows air circulation that removes the heat from the mattress and keeps it cool. This memory foam is added as multiple layers of different density for the softness and firmness as needed.

Gel memory foam mattresses here have the gel beads added inside the memory foam layer. The gel helps in faster heat dissipation that keeps the mattress real cool. The swirl cool gel memory foam used here in the mattresses is eco-friendly. This green colored gel layer makes the mattress cool and comfortable. It still has the body contouring ability and softness to it. It is seen as the top layers onside the mattresses.

Reversible mattress: Select Luxury offers these real reversible mattresses that have the same comfort either way. Most memory foam mattresses are single sided which can rotate but not flipped. The reversible memory foam mattresses from Select Luxury can turn upside down and still offer the same comfort. This also helps in improving the durability of the mattress. You can turn it over to let the other side revive itself and rest in its shape for the next turning.

The Top 7 Memory Foam Mattresses By Select Luxury

Select Luxury Medium Firm 14-Inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress/ Full Size Memory Foam Mattress

The Select Luxury medium firm memory foam mattresses have the 2 favorites in the king size and full size. The luxury of these mattresses is medium firm which is neutral between soft and firm but has a slight affinity towards firmness.

Construction of Select Luxury Medium Firm 14-Inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress/ Full Size Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress construction is memory foam, a transition layer and a support layer. The density of each layer differs and makes a transition of soft to firm from top to bottom.

The top layer is 2 inch memory foam layer. This layer has a density of 3 pounds which is soft in feel.

The middle transition layer is 1.75 inches thick super plush foam. This is made of thicker material to have the weight transition from the soft to firm smoother. This layer also has the contouring ability but can stay firmer than the top layer.

The support layer is the high density polyurethane layer. This support foam is 10 inches thick made of 1.8 pounds of foam.

The memory foam has anti-microbial property that resists the microbial growth on the mattress. It can contour to the body and relive the pressure to provide comfortable surface for sleep. The mattress cover is traditional fabric but quilted and soft to touch.

Customer Reviews for Select Luxury Medium Firm 14-Inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress/ Full Size Memory Foam Mattress

Deborah feels that a king size mattress should be thick like this 14 inches mattress. It is comfortable for her and her husband. She says you won’t regret this purchase.

Jacqueline states that the mattress met all her expectations. It been more than a year since they started using it and still going strong and feels the same as from the day 1. She rotates the mattress every 6 months to keep it in shape. She sums up her review saying that the mattress is amazing!

Select Luxury Swirl Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Queen Size Mattress

This 14 inch swirl gel memory foam uses this special gel memory foam layer that is eco friendly. The cool gel layer keeps you and the mattress cool that you will not want to get out of the mattress. Well, it’s almost true. The mattress does not get warmed up like other memory foam mattresses.

Construction of Select Luxury Swirl Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Queen Size Mattress

The construction of this mattress is that the gel layer stays at the top followed by the transition foam and the support foam. The gel memory foam layer is super soft material with a density of 3.8 pounds. The gel layer is 1 inch in thickness.

The transition foam is 1.75 inches in thickness. The support layer is high density polyurethane at 11 inches in thickness.

The gel memory foam combines the cooling effects and body contouring of memory foam. The layer is capable of relieving the pressure points and allowing undisturbed sleep. The weight distribution happens evenly and the motion transfer is also prevented well.

The mattress has a medium firm comfort to it which is neither soft nor firm. The mattress is one sided that needs regular rotating but not flipping.

Customer Reviews of Select Luxury Swirl Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Queen Size Mattress

Suzanne finds the firmness, resilience, and comfort of this mattress perfect for her. The comfort is almost unbelievable and she regrets not getting this mattress earlier. She recommends this to all who have pain when they wake up in the morning.

Eileen feels this mattress is thick and plush with its quilted cover. The only problem she faced was that there is no edge support and she finds herself rolling off the edge if not careful.

There are other users who do not find the mattress comfortable. Someone got this for his teenage daughter. He finds it too hard and not body molding as expected. He recommends against using for children.

Select luxury Gel memory Foam Mattresses Reviews

Memory Foam Queen Size 12 Inch Medium Firm Swirl Gel Mattress

The 12 inch swirl gel memory foam mattress is one step down from the 14 inch mattress. The basic mattress construction is the same with the gel layer at top followed by the transition layer and support layer. The thicknesses of the layers are also the same except for the support layer. The support layer here is thinner.

Construction of Memory Foam Queen Size 12 Inch Medium Firm Swirl Gel Mattress

The top layer of the mattress is 1 inch thick gel infused memory foam. The second layer is transition foam at 1.75 inches thickness. The support layer is 9 inches of high density polyurethane foam. Together these layers make the medium firm comfort mattress.

The mattress has the quilted cover made of stretchable polyester fabric. The cover is soft to touch and can also contribute to the body contouring.

Mattress Comfort of Memory Foam Queen Size 12 Inch Medium Firm Swirl Gel Mattress

The 12 inches thick mattress is enough for a luxurious feel. The mattress can mold to the body at the top and provide good support from below. You have the sinking feel when lying down but the solid support lets you have rest without sinking anymore. Both the mattress cover and the foam are hypoallergenic, making it safe for all.

Customer Reviews of Memory Foam Queen Size 12 Inch Medium Firm Swirl Gel Mattress

Alice who gave up her tempurpedic mattress for this one was not disappointed at all. In fact she got to sleep better on this one. She even recommended it to her family as well.

Heidi says the mattress is really firm but you can actually sink into it. The motion transfer works well for her since hardly knows when her partner joins or get up. She finds the zippered, removable mattress cover convenient for washing.

Chris has been sleeping like baby since he got this mattress. The problem he had was with the smell of the mattress which took a few weeks to get rid of completely. Other than that, the mattress is perfect for him.

Memory Foam Bedroom Set Plush Queen Size Memory Foam Reversible Sleep Mattress

Now, this is the real hero among the Select Luxury  memory foam mattresses. The mattress is reversible and useful on either sides, rather, all the sides. Whichever way you put it the mattress is still the same with the same comfort.

Construction of Memory Foam Bedroom Set Plush Queen Size Memory Foam Reversible Sleep Mattress

The construction of the mattress is simple. It has the comfort layer on both ends and the support foam layer is sandwiched between them. The plush comfort memory foam is 2 inches in thickness. They are added one above and one below the support foam. The polyurethane support foam is 6 inches in thickness.

The foam used here is light weight to make the light weighted mattress that is easy for flipping. It is hypoallergenic from top to bottom. The plush layers are molding to the body and the middle layer provides the stable support. The foam adjusts with the shape and weight of the body. This medium firm mattress can be used on any foundation- box spring, platform or slated beds.

Customer Reviews of Memory Foam Bedroom Set Plush Queen Size Memory Foam Reversible Sleep Mattress

Monica loves firm mattress and didn’t want to spend much on the luxury mattresses. She finds this mattress comfortable, firm, and luxurious, all for cheaper rate. She recommends a softer or medium firm mattress topper over this for extra comfort otherwise it is firmer.

Melissa got the mattress for excellent price. The mattress is firm but comfortable and worth every penny. The problem for her was the mattress cover with an edge binding that was poking. She solved it with another mattress cover over it.

Queen Short Sized Memory Foam Mattress 8 Inch RV Home

You can also find the RV short mattress at Select Luxury. The recreational vehicles need the shorter version of the mattresses and they are available with this brand. Here is the short queen size mattress for your RV.

The mattress is 8 inches thick made of 2.5 pounds of memory foam. The comfort level of the mattress is medium firm. The foam allows air flow through it. The mattress is made light weight to make handling easier. You don’t want a heavier mattress inside the controlled space. This mattress is easier to handle, rotate or flip as you wish.

The mattress has a comfort plush foam layer at the top and a firmer support layer in the bottom. The plush foam layers are added on both sides to make it reversible. The mattress has a polyester mattress cover. This mattress is enough to have pressure relief and distributes the weight evenly.

The mattress can be used with any foundations like platform, box spring or slated beds.

New Life 4.5 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Pullout Bed For Sleeper Sofa – Twin

The hiding under the sofa is this 4.5 inches of mattress. The mattress is bi-layered with 1.5 inches of memory foam at the top and 3 inches of high density support foam. This mattress is easily foldable and returns to its shape when it is unfolded.

The mattress has this zippered terry cloth mattress cover. It can be removed for washing. The mattress is available in twin, full, and queen sizes. The mattress can reduce the pressure points and also has reasonable motion transfer reduction.

The only problem could be the thickness which is thin. Since the mattress is supposed to use only occasionally, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Select Luxury Mattress – Shipment

All these Select Luxury memory foam mattresses are compressed and rolled for shipping. The mattresses must be opened from its cover at the earliest. The longer it stays inside the plastic more the chances of having a nasty smell.

Once opened the mattresses takes a good time for expansion. It is ideal to give them about 48 hours for complete expansion. The mattress is likely to have some smell, so have it opened in an airy room. Whether you are a big fan of memory foam mattresses or not, the Select Luxury memory foam mattresses will not disappoint you at any level!