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Top Rated Mattress – 10 most comfortable mattresses

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Some mattress types perform significantly better than others in giving you great relief from back pain and body pain. This is why in mattress reviews some mattresses are rated on the top and some are liked and demanded most by buyers. As we all know, mattresses are of 6 types – Air beds, Water beds, Memory foam, Latex mattresses, Innerspring beds and Futon mattresses. Among these mattresses, it is the memory foam and latex mattresses that are rated on the top in terms of customer satisfaction. While, it is the innerspring beds that are rated lowest. People go for affordable and off-brand mattresses than buying expensive mattresses. But if you are looking for an inexpensive mattress that come in variety of firmness and comfort levels, innerspring beds are the most demanded. Here we shall be discussing both memory foam and innerspring beds in detail. One of the top mattress brands Saatva uses both innerspring and memory foam fusion, and these hybrid type mattresses seem to be a great hit.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are mattresses that easily adjusts to your body temperature. They are topped with a temperature sensitive layer – memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are a fast growing alternative to innerspring models and thus provides an excellent comfort and support. This type of mattresses perfectly suits your body temperature and shape. Memory foam mattresses are comparatively high priced than normal mattresses. They are affected by room temperature. So when you go to bed first you might feel the mattress to be cold and hard, but then it gets adjusted to your body temperature and becomes normal.

Why memory foam mattresses?

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  • They tend to be effective in preventing body pain.
  • Memory foam mattresses provide excellent comfortability , especially if the memory foam is of higher density.
  • They also help in giving you relief from back pain and joint pains.
  • These mattresses are considered good for sex.
  • Depending on the size and mode, they weigh 50-160 pounds. Thicker models are heavier and more difficult to handle than lighter models.
  • When it comes to longevity, memory foam mattresses have an average 7 year lifespan.
  • People generally have a misconception that if you pay high, you get the highest quality. But with memory foam you get high quality mattresses at budget friendly rates.
  • The mattresses tend to be medium to firm. But you also get soft varieties.
  • The mattresses tend to isolate movement allowing a person to get out of the bed without causing much disturbances and annoyance to their partner.
  • Memory foam mattresses are silent and do not produce any noise.
  • To have more longevity, comfort and support, rotate the mattress occasionally by turning it from head to foot.
  • Expensive models tend to have longer warranties.

Innerspring beds

Innerspring beds have been the most popular and in demand type of mattresses. The reason why innerspring beds are top rated is because people are familiar with it as they are widely available. Innerspring models come in a variety of price, comfort levels and firmness. They are made with steel coil innerspring support systems along with various foams and fibers on top to provide extreme comfort at the top. But compared to memory foam mattresses, innerspring beds have less longevity.

Why Innerspring beds

  • Innerspring beds are available at variety prices so that you can choose your range of mattress.
  • Customers are highly satisfied with innerspring models if they are used occasionally.
  • Inner spring beds are also well known to get relief from pain and pressure. But as the bed ages, there are chances that they can cause discomfort and pain to your pressure points.
  • Innerspring mattresses with thick memory foam layer have potential to provide some resistance to movement.
  • Innerspring mattresses unlike some other bed types are available both in showrooms and online.
  • Considering all these factors in mind, buy the best mattress that suits your requirements.
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