Linenspa 8″ Firm Innerspring Mattress

LinenSpa memory foam mattresses are comfy and economical mattresses. They are sure cheap but not made of cheap materials.

LinenSpa mattress is soft when felt but can be firm for the support that one seeks on a mattress. Except for the price, there is nothing ‘cheap’ about the mattress. Therefore it can well call as a poor man’s luxury bed.

LinenSpa is a Logan based company that makes not just mattresses but the mattress pads, toppers, pillows and bed covers. Even in the mattress there are memory foam mattresses and the spring–memory foam hybrids. Let’s have a look at the top 3 memory foam mattresses by LinenSpa.

The LinenSpa Memory Foam Mattresses

  • 8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • 8 Inch Spring and Memory Foam Mattress

All 3 of these mattresses have the gel infused memory foam layer at the top. Depending on the model, the bottom layer is either the high-density base foam or the spring coil system. Either way, what you feel ultimate is the comfort of the memory foam layer. One of these mattresses is a hybrid variety of the foam and the spring coils.

Features Of LinenSpa Mattresses – Top Rated Memory Foam Mattress

  • Firmness: The firmness is the primary requirement in a mattress and it is also the ultimate deciding factor in the selection. The memory foam mattresses by LinenSpa are available in firm, medium-firm and plush comforts. A particular type of mattress is available in a particular firmness. The thickness of the gel infused layer has a bigger role in the firmness of the mattresses.
  • Layers: Memory foam mattresses by LinenSpa are the simplest designed mattresses. There are only 2 layers of foam and there is nothing fancy about it. The top layer is the gel memory foam and the bottom layer is the high-density base foam. The gel memory foam has air pockets to let the air go through. So it helps keep the mattress cooler. This top layer is also resilient and can conform to the body. The mattress also has a soft bamboo fabric cover for the comfortable sleep.
  • Recovery: The memory foam layers used in these mattresses are resilient and flexible. It can readily conform to the body when the weight is placed on. The mattress can soon get back to its original shape. It does not succumb to the unnecessary sinking or dents on the mattress. So the recovery period of this mattress layers is faster.

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Other Features

  • Odor: The memory foam used here is completely safe and does not cause much odor. It has CertiPUR certification. The foam is made with the certified flexible polyurethane foam. This proves that the foam does not contain any harmful chemicals and does not contribute to any kind of allergies. As for the odor, there might be, and there is, as found by many customers, and this little amount of odor would be gone within a few days with some good aeration.
  • Durability: The durability of the LinenSpa memory foam mattresses are tested and are found to be good 5-8 years without any major issues. The materials used are of good quality and is also made to endure the daily usage.

Warranty & Shipping

Warranty: The LinenSpa mattresses have 10 year warranty. It is reasonably longer warranty which also hints at the quality and the manufacturer’s belief in the mattress. to enable the warranty, remember to register the mattress with the company after purchase. The mattresses are also eligible for the 30 day money back guarantee.

Shipping: There is no shipping charge. There are no separate shipping options. The standard shipment takes about 5-7 days and is done free of cost. It takes about 24-48 hours for the processing and then it will be shipped. The tracking number and other details will be sent to you.

Promo codes: There is also the option to add the promo code for extra discounts. When you check out simply type the Promo code and apply it.

Top 3 LinenSpa Memory Foam Mattresses

Among the top 3 mattresses are 2 memory foam mattresses and one hybrid mattress that uses both memory foam and spring coil.

8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This 8 inch gel memory foam mattress has a firm feel to it. On a scale of 5 it stands at 2 where the higher number is plush. The mattress has only 2 layers, gel memory foam at the top and base support foam. The top layer is 2 inches in thickness and the base layer is 6 inches.

10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The 10 inch gel memory foam mattress has a 3.5 inches thick gel memory foam layer and the 6.5 inches thick base supportive foam. The gel layer has temperature controlling abilities. It allows the air flow through the mattress and reduces the temperature on the mattress. The base layer extends its support far beyond to keep a firmer mattress. The overall comfort level of the mattress is medium firm, which is neither soft nor hard.

8 Inch Spring & Memory Foam Mattress

This 8 inch thick mattress uses both the memory foam and the coils. The gel memory foam layer is the top layer. This layer is 2 inches in thickness. The spring coils are 6 inches in height. The coils are bouncy and the soft memory foam layer keeps the mattress comfort plush. The comfort of the foam and spring allows tremendous pressure relief and make a cozy environment for sleep.

This hybrid memory foam mattress is available in different sizes. The available sizes are twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king and California king. The mattress is covered with a knit fabric and it also has an inch of additional comfort foam for extra pressure relief.

Additional Information

All of these mattresses are vacuum compressed for the convenience of shipping. The mattresses are compressed and rolled into rectangular boxes. Simply unwrap and unroll the mattress when you receive it. It takes a few hours to completely expand. Placing it an aerated area will also help get rid of any smell as well.

The Conclusion

If you want to wake up fresh in the morning and don’t like to invest thousands in a mattress, LinenSpa memory foam mattresses are apt for you. It allows less tossing and turnings that and makes you sleep better. In conclusion It allows having a hold on the quality of your sleep.