Memory foam is the most preferred choice when it comes to luxury and there is no qualm regarding that. It is unmistakably seen in customer survey reports and purchasing trends that memory foam mattress are the best choice when it comes to mattresses.
Nowadays you don’t get that old 1960s version memory foam. But a revamped version that has overcome the flaws of its previous edition. Memory foam has become one of the best choices among customers. Due to its superior qualities, like varying firmness levels, springing back action and contouring to the body shape. To cover up the heat retention, memory foam is now created in hybrid varieties like gel infused and other types which evenly disband out the heat.

Memory Foam Mattress

I used to sleep on a memory foam mattress 10 years back and gradually I turned down the foam for other varieties that had swept the markets. But to be frank I never got that memory foam feel in any other type of mattress. Back then I changed using memory foam mattress due to its overheating and off gassing issues. Apart from those two reasons I never had any issues sleeping on a memory foam mattress. But recently when I visited a friend of mine I used her guest room which had a plush memory foam mattress.

It was like I had a feel like sleeping on my old mattress which I used way long before. But to my utter surprise there was not heating problem or odor issues. I never felt anything wrong with the memory foam and that is when I came to know that there are different stuffs like hybrids and different technologies that have taken the flaws off the memory foam. If you are a memory foam lover and want to sleep luxuriously then here are the top five picks for you.

This article is purely dedicated to the top five mattress brands that offer luxury foam mattresses. Below you can see reviews of top five brands:


  • 100 night trial
  • 20 year warranty
  • Free shipping and Returns
  • Flippable


  • 365 night trial
  • Everlong warranty
  • Free shipping and Returns
  • Financing Facility


  • Various options
  • 2 sided mattress
  • Controllable firmness
  • Excellent pressure relief


  • 100% Natural Latex
  • 2-in-1 Dual Comfort 
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 100% Joma Wool 


  • 120 Night Trial
  • 15 year warranty
  • Cooling Gel
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Flame retardant


  • White Glove Delivery
  • Mattress Removal
  • Finance Available
  • 15 Years warranty
  • 120 Days home trial


Serta is a very well known brand and is famous for a wide range of mattresses. While talking about luxury foam mattresses from this brand the name that comes to everyone’s mind is the iComfort series. IComfort range of mattresses comes in different price ranges. If you are looking for a pocket friendly inside the budget mattress then YES you definitely have a lot of choices to pick from. One of the best examples of their best selling luxury foam mattresses is the 12 inch gel infused memory foam mattress. Their memory foam mattress ranges are designed to provide relief from pressure points and is the ultimate solution to get rid of body aches. If you are looking for comfort and a cool design mattress then you can certainly rely on Serta.

The iComfort ranges of mattresses offers negligible motion transfer and even if your partner tosses and turns it won’t affect the others sleep. If you have muscle aches and strains then you can try this range of mattresses to wake up fresh and energetic. IComfort ranges of mattresses are great in terms of luxury and are truly comfortable as their name suggests. Overall customers seem to be satisfied with Serta’s memory foam range. Give a try at a nearest store. I am sure you will surely like one of their models which fit into your budget.

Sleep Innovations

Sleep innovations is another mattress brand that sells budget friendly luxury foam memory mattresses. The famous selling picks from their store are shea 10 inch memory foam, Shiloh 12 inch memory foam and the alden 14 inch foam mattress. Whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or if you like full coverage, then you have many choices from this brand. This is the only brand that offers way cheap luxury foam mattresses with all the comforts like that of a highly priced mattress.

ALDEN 14 INCH MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES from sleep innovations offers restful and deep sleep. It perfectly cradles your body and gives the support needed for the shoulders and legs. It also supports the spinal alignment and gives a comfortable feeling without producing too much heat or giving you a cold feel at night. This 14 inch mattress is durable. It has a medium soft feel which is perfect for people who are bit on the heavy side.

Again this medium firm option is ideal for side sleepers. It comes with a TriComfort design i.e. top layer is made of sure temp memory foam 2.5 inches. The middle layer air channel foam with 2.5 inches and the bottom layer with deep support foam of 9 inches. This mattress comes with a generous warranty period of 20 years. Another interesting feature about this mattress is that it comes with a luxurious quilted poly-cotton blend cover which gives a superb feeling while sleeping. Sleep innovations offers hybrid varieties of luxury foam mattresses depending upon customer preferences.


Tempur-pedic is again a very well known brand and they have wide range of memory foam mattresses. The only problem is that all their mattresses are a bit expensive and the reason being their quality and comfort levels. They have a luxurious look and are excellent when it comes to medical conditions like back pain and muscle strains. Many people choose this brand especially when they have body aches and suffer from various medical conditions. They perform well in terms of motion isolation and are pretty much durable.

Types Of Tempur-pedic

Tempur-pedic offers 4 types of mattress ranges in different sizes and comfort levels. The four types are TEMPUR-Breeze®, TEMPUR-Contour™, TEMPUR-Cloud® and TEMPUR-Flex®.

If you sleep hot and have been looking for a mattress that offers some cool solution to heating problems then tempur-breeze is the perfect choice you can go ahead with. All the mattresses from tempur-pedic is designed with an integrated system of technologies. Therefore it keeps the body cool while asleep and keeps off heat retention. The comfort layers are infused with a material called as tempur along with purecooltm for offering cooling comfort. The fabric used is light weight and breathable which makes it a perfect fit for the ultimate cool mattress. The comfort layers and support layers are designed in such a way that heat and humidity dissipates from the body into thin air.

Tempur-pedic has kept in mind various needs of customers and has given attention to details. You can find this in their premium fabric cover which is super stretchable and breathable. Also their mattresses are antimicrobial and resistant towards dust mites. In short their mattresses offer a soft feel with all the comforts of luxury memory foam. Most of their models are priced high but they have better features than the normal ones available in the markets. If you are looking for luxury over price point then you can surely go ahead and try this mattress range.

Dynasty Mattress

Dynasty mattress is another mattress giant and their mattresses sell like anything at the Amazon portal. They offer quality and economical luxury foam mattresses to their customers. One of their best selling products is the new cool breeze 12 inch memory foam mattress. I thought rather than talking about the whole mattress ranges it is better to speak about their benchmark mattress which is highly liked by customers.

Dynasty mattress new cool breeze has received lots of positive customer reviews which are evident at almost all mattress shopping sites. This mattress is a multi layered mattress in which 3 inches are taken by gel foam, 4 inches by cool airflow foam and the last 5 inches by high density foam which acts as the supportive base. All these layers are fused in such a fashion that they offer total comfort, support and ventilation. The best part is that dynasty mattress offers 120 days of guarantee period putting the customer on the safer side.

If you are fed up trying different mattresses which does not support your body or produces more heat while at sleep then you can try this luxury mattress. This mattress belongs to a medium-firm option and it is more suitable for people with above average body weight. If you are looking for a plush mattress then you can try other models. I choose to ink about this mattress here because I saw that this is one of the fastest moving mattresses from this brand and customers really recommend the same to others. I guess this is boldly a luxury foam mattress which is great in terms of quality and comfort.

Lucid – Luxury Foam Mattress

Lucid is the last brand in this list, and they sell pretty cool luxury foam mattress across the US. Their mattresses conform to the weight and body structure supporting each inch of the curves. Lucid have different models of memory foam mattresses. All of them distribute weight evenly and provide relief from pressure points. They perform well in terms of motion isolation and transfer. Lucids memory foam mattresses have better air circulation than other memory foam mattresses. The high density base foam in the luxury foam mattresses offers support from the base level. Overall their mattresses stand against wear and tear and are great picks for the price that is being paid. If you are looking for an uninterrupted sleep with proper spinal alignment then you can try mattresses from this brand.

Again I have picked a famous model from this brand which is actually a hybrid mattress which makes use of both memory foam and latex foam.

16″ Natural Latex Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is made up of natural latex. It is actually fused in between two layers of 4 inch memory foam and 10 inch high density foam. This is kind of a sandwiched luxury foam mattress that gives a plush feeling. The latex  improves the response of the mattress towards body movements. It sort of gives a bounce effect if you actually jump on top of it. The top layer of 4 inch memory foam is infused with bamboo and charcoal so that it helps to control moisture and odor issues. The overall built gives proper ventilation and breathability to the mattress. They have created a perfect environment for air flow so that heat retention is never a problem with this super thick mattress.

Those who love to experience a plush sleeping mode then this super thick foam mattress can be the right pick. It adapts to your body responses quickly and reacts in the best possible way offering great sleep and comfort. It also helps to provide relief from pressure points and the latex core offers support to the entire foam mattress. The top of the mattress is quilted to 1 inch thickness using bamboo charcoal and memory foam mix which acts as a protective layer. The mattress is made of soft fabric called as tencel. This accelerates air flow while asleep thereby reducing the heat issues. If you are looking for a luxurious and comfort mattress then this 16 inch mattress can be a great choice.

Bottom line

There is no other mattress that offers comfort as much as a memory foam mattress can offer. Speaking in terms of luxury, memory foam mattress is matchless. It has stood against time keeping its head high as the number one choice of customers. For those who feel tiring on old mattress and feel sagging, dump it ASAP. Gear up and bring home a brand new luxury foam mattress and enjoy your nights ahead. You can actually go for compromises with anything in your life but not with sleep.

Sleep is the only pleasure that god has gifted free of cost. So utilize it wisely and bring home your best foam buddy. The above mentioned five mattress brands sell top quality memory foam mattress. You can easily single out on one based on your choice. Whether you are looking for a budget friendly mattress, luxury mattress or comfortable mattress you have everything right there under these brands.