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Top 6 Tips To Find a Back-Friendly Mattress – Mattress & Sleep Positions For Spinal Support

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Studies show that your mattress can play a vital role on your health especially your spinal cord. A good sleep is undoubtedly affected by the mattress you choose. Note the fact that any mattress cannot offer you proper pressure that is necessary for the body to relax. The result is can cause neck or back problems that can hinder proper sleep which is just as important. A Back-friendly mattress can solve many of your problems by alleviating the pressure points in joints and muscle areas.

Best Time To Change Your Mattress

  • Restless sleep or insomnia
  • Strain on your back
  • Morning pain/strain on neck, spine
  • Mattress sagging

How The Body Works

As you fall into deep sleep, you have less control on your body. A good back-friendly mattress will support the spinal cord and help in promoting healthy sleep without imposing pressure on your body when you move at night. Based on people, their nature and their bodily position, mattresses are different and respond to back conditions differently.

Dr. Rob Dickerman of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Plano, who is a neurosurgeon says that 50 percent of his patients complain waking up groggy and irritated not to mention feeling tired and achy every day that is a signal that is a sign to reflect on what is going wrong. If this is not enough research shows that 31 million Americans suffer from low back pain and other health issues. This is one of the reasons I say that a mattress can actually influence your body.

Best Mattress For Back Problems

6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Back-Friendly Mattress

Thankfully, there are myriad choices available at both retail stores and on online for choosing the right back-friendly mattress. Many chiropractors recommend firm mattress to their patients due to its stability to support the spine.

So next time you are buying a mattress here are top six tips that will help you to zero in on the right mattress.

  • Take your time in doing your research and get to know the back-friendly mattress. Wear comfortable clothes when you lie down in different positions. Check how the mattress feels and how your body is adapting.
  • Know your body type while considering the mattress. For instance, if your hips are wider than your waist, then a softer mattress can withstand the width of your pelvis. It also helps the spine to stay neutral. If your hips and waist appear in a straight line, a firm surface can offer you good support.
  • Make sure there are good number of coils. More coils mean proper firmness and support that is necessary for your spine. These heavy duty coils give you optimum support. Do not choose mattresses that come with fewer coils as they can sag within a short time. A box spring delivers a softer mattress and can even increase the life of your mattress. It also retains the shape of the mattress. As per Consumer Reports, a brand new mattress can live up to 10 years on new box spring but will last only 3-4 years on an old box spring.
  • Be it online mattress or retail store, make sure the company offers a return policy in case you find the product uncomfortable.
  • Many mattress brands provide unwanted fabric layers that might seem luxurious at first but can get compressed easily. Though it will act as a cushion between the body and the mattress spring, they can make you feel saggy even before the actual springs give up. Foam mattress toppers are not only affordable but are the best alternatives since they can be easily changed once the foam withers off.
  • For better spine support, sleep on your side and DO NOT sleep on your stomach. Side sleepers make sure that you keep your legs bent at the knees and hips to reduce stress on your lower back.

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Best Mattress For Back Problems

Before You Go

If you are opting for a good mattress, make sure you are taking your own time in selection. Research and get to know the product and do not forget to ask a lot of questions. Selecting a mattress is an important decision as it is going to be with you for prolonged period to aid in proper sleep. Remember a positive day always begins with a happy sleep.

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