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Eco-Lux memory foam mattresses offer a wider variety of mattress thicknesses. These mattresses are suitable for toddlers to as high as 11 inches in thickness. There is really nothing fancy about these memory foam mattresses. They are simply memory foam mattresses with one exception that they use some eco-friendly foam in their making.

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The Eco-Lux memory foam mattresses use the eco-friendly foam to save the environment from unnecessary chemicals. The mattresses will have less off-gassing and safer in comparison. Each of these Eco-Lux memory foam mattresses has their specifications to make a different type of suitable sleep surface for different people.

Top 6 Eco-Lux Memory Foam Mattresses

6 Inch Primrose Memory Foam Mattress King Size

Primrose is a thin memory foam mattress with just 6 inches depth. It is suitable for children or as a guest bedroom mattress for temporary uses. For children, it makes a comfortable bed with soft cushiony feel at the top and firmer foam at the base.

The mattress has a comfort level of firm. It is gentle on the children’s body and helps improve their blood circulation with pressure relieving tactics. It has 1 inches of soft memory foam layer at the top and 5 inches of support foam. The foam used has low emissions of harmful chemicals so safe even for allergic people.

The mattress is eligible for 20 year warranty period by the manufacturer. The Primrose memory foam mattress is available in all sizes and even the king size mattress is loved by many.

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Customer Reviews

The mattress is worth the price, is what the customers have to say about this. The only problem faced by almost everyone was that it had a plastic smell initially and needed some good airing out to get rid of it. People have mainly used it for their children’s beds and they seem to be satisfied with the comfort.

Another problem a customer mentioned was that the memory foam layer should have been another inch thick then just the 1 inch. But since children mainly use the mattress and they need a firmer surface, this part could easily be neglected.

8 Inch Tulip Memory Foam Mattress Full Size/8 Inch Tulip Kids’ Mattress In Blueberry Twin Size

Both these 8 inch Tulip memory foam mattresses flaunt the same features. They just differ in their size and color of the covering fabric. They are mattresses with an overall comfort of the firm mattress. The mattresses have 2 inches of memory foam for the softness at the top and then the 6 inches of high-density polyurethane foam at the base.

The base layer of the mattress is made with open cell technology to allow aeration. This allows for better support as well. The sleeping body can feel the relaxation creeping in and the body being cradled.

This Tulip memory foam mattress is ideal for the children’s beds as well as for adults. They are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and even California King sizes. The mattresses have a removable cover to it which is machine washable.

These Tulip memory foam mattresses can be used on a box spring, slated bed, platform beds etc. The mattresses also have a warranty period of 20 years.

Layla Mattress Sale

Customer Reviews

Tiya was looking for a low price good quality memory foam mattress. She is happy that she found this mattress which is comfortable, low price and was able to get good sleep when she tried it for herself.

Sean, a student, loved this mattress for its low price and comfort. The only problem he had was it took some time for him to break in, get used to the mattress. He says it may not be good for odor-sensitive people as the odor is too strong.

9 Inch Lido Foam Mattress Twin Size

9 inch Lido foam mattress is a medium comfort mattress. The mattress uses both memory foam and latex foam for the construction. The mattress has a tight top for a cleaner look.

The top layer of the mattress is the 3 inches thick latex foam that also has channels for ventilation. This layer is also enabled with 3 zones for the heat dissipation and ideal support for the body. The base support layer of the mattress is 6 inches of polyurethane foam. The base foam is also zones for the proper spinal alignment and support.

The mattress is covered with eco-friendly antimicrobial fabric from bamboo that is soft to touch and cooling in effect.

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Customer Reviews

Jibal bought it for her mother. She compares the comfort of this mattress with that of a Tempurpedic mattress. For the price it comes at, it hardly has any offensive smell but provides good support and comfort as well.
As for the comfort level of this mattress, there are mixed reviews, someone felt it be too soft while there are customers who felt it be too firm for their taste. So the conclusion is that the firmness is really a personal thing and has nothing great to do with the actual firmness of the mattress.

Bundle-2 items: Eco-Lux 10 Inch Geranium Memory Foam Mattress And Easy Adjustable Bed Frame

The Eco-Lux Geranium memory foam mattress is a medium comfort mattress. It also comes with its own adjustable bed so that you don’t need to look for the suitable foundation for it. The mattress uses foam from top to bottom.

The mattress has a layer of cool memory foam layer and a 2-inch layer of gel engineered latex foam for the extra cooling effects. The core of the mattress is made up of 7 inches of high-density polyurethane foam. Together these layers can get you a cool and comfortable bed.

This memory foam mattress from Eco-Lux has the open cell technology and temperature sensitivity to contour the body and to support it as well. The mattress is well ventilated and does not allow the heat to accumulate. It has contouring effects in the key areas like hips, shoulders, and neck along with good enough support to the head, back and the leg regions.

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The mattress is available in all sizes with a tight top and fire resistant feature. The mattress cover is removable.

The bed frame that comes with the mattress is manual adjustable. It is made of heavy-duty metal that can carry a weight up to 600 pounds. It does not take much for assembly and is easy to do so. The bed allows storage space below and you could use rollaway storage drawers.

11 inch Roma Latex Foam Mattress Queen Size

Roma latex mattress is a plush foam mattress with memory foam and latex foam in its construction. The mattress uses 3 layers of foam. The top and bottom layers are channeled for air flow and the middle layer is the cool memory foam layer.

The latex foam being at the top makes it softer and cloud-like. The cool memory foam keeps the heat away. The channeled layers are also divided into zones to have better support to the body zones according to their weight.
The top layer and middle layers are 3 inches in thickness while the base layer is 5 inches in thickness. The mattress is available in the larger sizes only, only in queen, king, and California king sizes.

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Customer Reviews

John bought it and used it to find that he has no difficulty in moving around on the mattress. Even if it was made of latex foam the mattress has some firmness to it. It also didn’t take much time to expand nor had any smell.

Judith sums up that the mattress is outstanding value for the money. She found it to be too spongy so she flipped it over and is now sleeping on the underside. Even that is fine with her.

Some customers felt that the mattress is not the 1 inches thick as mentioned but is more than that. Some even say it is as high as 13 inches. So have a care while purchasing the sheets.

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