Wright Mattress

Wright Mattress is available in only one perfect firmness level i.e. medium-firm. Rated at 6.5 out of 10 in terms of firmness, the W1.27 combines a plush top layer with increasingly stiffer and firmer lower layers.

The one thing you desire after a long hectic day is a comfortable mattress which gives you restful sleep all through the night. To help you sleep thorough, Sleep Creations offers a large variety of Memory Foam Mattresses in different sizes. It is a North American polyurethane foam manufacturer and supplier. Sleep Creations uses its patented foam production technology, Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF), for quality control and less off-gassing in the final products. This article describes the Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses By Sleep Creations. Read More …

Sleep Creations 12-Inch Ultra-Luxe Memory Foam Mattress with Aerus Natural Memory Foam Comfort Layer, Queen

The Ultra-Luxe 12-inch thick mattress by Sleep Creations includes a comfort layer of premium Aerus Natural brand. This memory foam contains plant-based ingredients instead of traditional petroleum-based ingredients. Moreover, the enhanced open cell, “breathable” technology provides greater heat dissipation and improved airflow, for a more comfortable night’s sleep. It also includes an IntelliForm support layer which ensures maximum comfort and support for every body types. Ultimately, the premium, natural rayon made from bamboo fiber cover provides a luxurious cashmere-like feel.


Nest Bedding® lasts longer as it comes with a solid 10 to 12 years warranty period on all their products. The breathable protector present in this mattress prevents the moisture and dead skin cells from accumulating in the form. Other than this, there are many other benefits reported. Look up!

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  • It contains 3″ of Aerus Natural Premium 4.0 pound density Memory Foam Comfort Layer and 9″ of IntelliForm support layer.
  • This unique open-cell, highly-breathable memory foam provides ultra comfort as well as heat dissipation and better airflow for a cooler sleeping surface.
  • This mattress foam is produce using Natural plant-based ingredients.
  • Its construction is using a patented VPFSM process which ensures that virtually zero emissions releases into the environment while it’s manufacturing.
  • The natural plant based ingredients and use of patented VPFSM process adds calling it a “green” mattress.
  • It comes with soft, cashmere-like Rayon made from bamboo fiber cover. This cover is build from sustainable plant material which helps to wick moisture away from the body’s surface for a cooler night’s sleep
  • The Sleep Creations 12-Inch Ultra-Luxe Memory Foam Mattress, queen prices are around $465.
  • This Item Weight and Dimensions are 82.6 pounds and 80 x 60 x 12 inches, respectively.
  • This 12-inch thick mattress can work with your current foundation or box-spring.
  • This mattress conforms to the Federal Flammability standard 16CFR1633.

Customer Reviews

The Sleep Creations 12-Inch Ultra-Luxe Memory Foam Mattress, Queen has received 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most of its sleepers find it very comfortable and reasonably price mattress. However few people complain about its expansion and natural ingredients.

PugPapa says his queen size mattress is simply the best bed at a fantastic price. He owns two of them, and whosoever sleeps in his guest room, all rave about this bed. Moreover, four of his friends purchased this bed on his recommendation after sleeping in his guest room.

John says this is an excellent buy which gives great support. Though its little warm but outside it is an amazing foam mattress and says would definitely buy one again.

Lou is happy with the mattress but have some issues with its cover. It does not match the picture on the site. Additionally, the cover sews across every 3 inches, but the sides contain a tan soft fabric. This causes them to pull the cover down from the sides as it bunches up and does not lay smooth. She also complains about the bed getting warm and not keeping cool.

The mattress label says 61% polyurethane 39% co-elastic polyurethane foam pad which is not Natural plant-based ingredients and this thing disappoints Rebot.

Sleep Creations 10-Inch Premium Memory Foam Mattress with Aerus Natural Memory Foam Comfort Layer, Twin

Sleep Creations 10-Inch Premium Memory Foam Mattress is an affordable mattress from a leading American polyurethane foam manufacturer and supplier. It uses two-layer design, 3″Aerus Natural Memory Foam Comfort Layer sitting on 7″ foam base. It also includes Rayon Made from Bamboo Cover which is as good as Cashmere cover.


  • This Not too firm or soft mattress includes 3″ 4 pounds Aerus Natural memory foam and 7″ foam base
  • Its comfort layer is not extremely firm or soft and its 4lb density foam supports your whole body in the right places to relieve stress on shoulders, back and hips.
  • This 10″ Premium Memory Foam mattress is very comfortable and comparable to Tempurpedic Cloud. But the major difference is the price – it’s about 25% of the Tempurpedic price.
  • This mattress works best for both side and back sleeper. The 4lb memory foam allows shoulder, arm and hips to get enough support to relieve pressure. This prevents arms from getting numb, making it ideal choice for side or back sleepers.
  • Whether you roll, toss and turn, in the bed your partner doesn’t feel it. It offers an undisturbed and sound sleep to couple.
  • The Sleep Creations 10-Inch Premium Memory Foam Mattress, twin prices are under $275.
  • The product dimensions and weight are 75 x 39 x 10 inches and 43 pounds.

Customer reviews

The Sleep Creations 10-Inch Premium Memory Foam Mattress with Aerus Natural Memory Foam Comfort Layer, Twin has received 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most people are happy with this product. They say it has great quality, great price, American-made and really improves sleep. It is just as advertise. Some people complain about sagging and sleep hot.

TFW bought his Twin bed over 5 years ago and it still gives him the best night’s sleep ever.

Emily is also using this mattress for years now and has absolutely no complaints. She previously had back issues but this bed gives her wonderful sleep at night.

AmazonDad says it was great for about 4 years. But now it is very stiff mattress with gives no support. There are 2 sink holes in the bed which is not comfortable for back or side sleepers

Chin Popo says it worked well at first but is sagging very badly after 18 months, causing the couple severe back problems. The couple only weighs 155 lbs and 120 lbs.

Sleep Creations 10-Inch Optimum Performance Foam Mattress, Full

The Sleep Creations 10-inch Optimum Performance Mattress is for individuals who require the pressure reliving capabilities from memory foam as well as prefer a more resilient, lively, less sinking-in feel from their mattress. This mattress has 2 layers –comfort layer memory foam and support layer. It is methodically design to provide relief, offer support or deliver better performance, to help in living a healthier, more active and pain-free lifestyle.


  • The unique waffle design cuts into memory foam and then fuse into high resilient foam to offer massaging support.
  • It comes with lively ultra-resilient foam and cushioned open cell memory foam to offer total body restoration.
  • The Memory foam layers work together to provide the perfect blend of pressure relief, responsive support and comfort.
  • This allows easy movement during the night and offers massaging support as you move, allowing you to wake up refresh and rejuvenated.
  • This mattress cover is removable and machine-washable.
  • This cover offers hypo-allergenic antimicrobial benefits to help control or even eliminate odors, stains and product deterioration.
  • The mattress price is under $395
  • The item weight and dimensions are 69 pounds and 75 x 53 x 10 inches.

Customer Reviews

The Sleep Creations 10-Inch Optimum Performance Foam Mattress, Full has received 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon, based on two reviews.

Pwnznewbz says this is an amazing mattress which has little motion transfer and makes less noise than his previous spring mattress. The bed firmness is just right and kids can jump on it without sag the mattress. He didn’t have a single bad night’s sleep since sleeping on this.

J is sleeping on this for about two weeks now and she is definitely getting better sleep. She is so happy that now it is even harder to get out of bed. J recommends this mattress to friends and family members. She advices to let it air out for at least 48 hrs as it comes straight from the factory.

Sleep Creations De Novo Collection 14-Inch Supreme Memory Foam Mattress, California King

Sleep Creations De Novo Collection 14-Inch Supreme Memory Foam Mattress, California King allows you to experience perfect sleep all night to have better performance all day. It contains inch-deep pillow top, which adds plush comfort to complete support. Its three layer construction includes – high resilient layer, comfort layer and support layer. This mattress allows you to enjoy every moment as the resilient foam and memory foam contours to your body all night, allowing you to wake up with new energy every day.


  • This 14-Inch Supreme Memory Foam Mattress hybrid bed actively helps trigger the onset of sleep
  • The blend of 3 layers – resilient foam, memory foam and support layer contours completely to offer pressure-point relief
  • Its breathable feature is for better air circulation
  • It is capable to intelligently reshape to support nighttime movement
  • This mattress nearly eliminates motion transfer giving you uninterrupted sleep
  • The Sleep Creations De Novo Collection 14-Inch Supreme Memory Foam Mattress, California King Prices are under $1000.
  • This mattress Dimensions and Weight are 84 x 72 x 14 inches and 148.1 pounds

Sleep Creations MemGel Collection Classic 11-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, California King

The Sleep Creations MemGel Collection Classic 11-inch mattress uses innovative MemGel foam. This enveloping memory foam infuses with innovative gel waves to provide the perfect blend of support and pressure relief. Its 2 layers design contours to your body all night long to give the perfect rest. In addition, the use of thermo-regulating technology in the cover design adds to your more comfortable night’s sleep.


  • The MemGel foam technology infuses high quality memory foam with a dual-wave gel, to provide pressure-point relief and firm support
  • Its thermo-regulating technology used in cover design helps keep the surface cool.
  • The foam mattress responsively contours to the body
  • The included memory foam is resistant to dust mites and is naturally anti microbial
  • The MemGel foam technology meets all flammability standards
  • The Sleep Creations MemGel Collection Classic 11-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, California King Price is around $750.
  • The mattress weight and Dimensions are 98 pounds and 84 x 72 x 11 inches, respectively.


Sleep Creations memory foam mattresses are American made and you can rely on their quality. Moreover, they adopt the safe technology to produce their final products. All their memory foam mattresses come with 15 years warranty. Buy one of them and experience to wake up feeling refresh and ready for new day jobs.