Soft Sleeper Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress & Topper

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Soft Sleeper visco elastic memory foam mattress comes with wide choices and excellent features that not only precedes your expectations, but also falls in line with your budget. Read on to know more about Top 5 Visco Elastic Soft Sleeper Memory Foam Mattresses.

Looking for a memory mattress is difficult with many brands trying to “woo” you with their respective features. For those in search of memory foam mattress, we will help you in determining best mattresses for sleep.

Restlessness, low libido, back pain etc. are some of the responses we have been hearing from customers. Sadly, though, not many people are aware of the fact that the underlying reason for such stress levels might be because of the mattress.

Memory foam mattress, over recent years, have been quite popular for their exceptional deliverance in quality sleep. There are little brouhahas about memory foam releasing heat but it is certainly negligible.

We understand choosing between top mattress companies can be confusing especially for a person who is just looking for a “cheap memory foam mattress.” Hence, Soft Sleeper!!!

Soft Sleeper Memory Foam Mattresses is one of the rare mattress companies that not only exudes quality but also ensures that the pricing is just right for the customers. Since mattress is a big investment, many shrug off and try to adjust with their old mattress. But, as you are aware, even a good mattress can give you only a lifespan of 8 years (10 years, tops…!)

Features Of Soft Sleeper – Why Should You Buy Soft Sleeper Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattresses?

A person spends one-third of his/her life on mattress. Therefore, it is essential that you get your sleep right if you want other things in life to fall in place. Soft Sleeper offers you wide range of memory foam mattress based on your sleep position, comfort level etc.

Combining technology and comfort, Soft Sleeper delivers high quality price at an economical rate compared to other traditional memory foam mattress (almost 94% off on price).

Here is why you should buy Soft Sleeper Memory Foam Mattresses.

Thick Visco Elastic Foam

The memory foam mattress is a dense visco material. For instance, out of the 5.5” mattress, 4” is rich with visco elastic. The surface is smooth and you can actually breathe through the mattress. The material reacts to your body temperature. As a result, you will be cool during summer and warm during winter.

Body Contouring

The key feature of the Soft Sleeper Memory Foam Mattresses is the ability to take the shape of your body. The moment you lie down, it contours to your body posture, thus alleviating any pain in the pressure points such as hips or back. Once you are out of the bed, it retracts back to its original position.

All Sizes And Compatibility

The mattress is available in all sizes, King, Queen, Cal King and so on. If you are a small family, then King sized memory foam mattress would suffice. The best part of Soft Sleeper mattress is it goes with any bed frames. The mattress is currently available without any bed frame. Therefore, you need to purchase a bed frame separately. If you already have an existing bed frame/foundation which is in perfect condition, you can use it as the base for your Soft Sleeper mattress.

Soft Sleeper Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress For Side Sleepers, Stomach Sleepers And Back Sleepers

The Soft Sleeper mattress offers medium-soft support mattress. It goes great for sleepers who sleep on the side. Side sleepers will benefit a lot from soft mattress. Memory foam soft mattresses from Soft Sleeper will maintain the pressure points by acting like a cushion. It will also help in minimizing neck and back ache as the pressure is balanced during side sleep.

Just like other mattress brands, the Soft Sleeper Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattresses too comes with IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) [under the warranty] for one and a half inches of indention. IFD is a test that every mattress including the memory foam undergoes to measure its firmness. Though the company does not determine the density ratings, they do have an in-house indicator to determine the firmness. While 5.5” mattress indicates soft, 6.5, 6.8 and others stand for Soft support, Firm support and Ultra Support.

NOTE that the 5.5” memory foam mattress is not too soft but medium soft. Just like too much softness can make you sink in the bed, too much firmness can throw the spine alignment haywire. Choose the mattress that is best designed for your sleeping position and your spinal health.

Soft Sleeper 5.5 visco elastic memory foam

This 5.5 visco elastic memory foam is a beautiful mattress pad made using the next generation memory foam technology. Equally, the foam used in these pads are heat sensitive that helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. But, the unique feature of this visco elastic foam is that it easily contours to the shape of your body (when compared to the other brands). Thus, you can also use it as a mattress if you wish.

Excellent Reviews And Testimonials

Soft Sleeper Memory Foam Mattresses is getting a lot of excellent reviews from consumers. A general consensus opine that the mattress is by far the best mattress available at a cheap rate. In fact, few even compared the mattresses with Tempurpedic and asked for a softer version like the Tempurpedic. However, the quality is still fantastic and there is no compromise on that.

Some users of Soft Sleeper Memory Foam Mattresses complain about odor or a foul smell when the mattress is opened. But this easily fades away within a week. This is because the mattress is packed and shipped straight from the manufacturing unit. There are no off-gassing issues and the mattress delivers comfortable sleep just as promised.

Couple of users say that the cover is quite flimsy, like a thin membrane. In case of sudden spills or scratches, it can rip off easily. We advise you to get a mattress cover or a protector, preferably washable that will protect the mattress. This will also help in extending the lifetime of the Soft Sleeper Memory Foam Mattresses.

Another thing to note is that worn out bed foundation or frame might shorten the life of your mattress. Certain companies even chuck out warranty if you are using your mattress on an old frame. While there have been no complaints so far from Soft Sleeper owners, it is best to buy both frame and mattress from the same company to safeguard the mattress warranty.

Though sleepers were doubtful of ordering a product so cheap, they were left wondering about the high quality materials used. The customer service is excellent and there are happy sleepers who felt that any doubts they had in mind were cleared efficiently.

Trial Period And Warranty For Soft Sleeper Memory Foam Mattresses

The Soft Sleeper Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattresses comes with 30 day trial period. This gives you time to “get to know” the product. Sleep on it and check how it feels on your body. Don’t judge promptly. Give it couple of weeks to work on your body and then decide.

Soft Sleeper Memory Foam Mattresses come with 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses By Soft Sleeper

  • King 12” Inch Thick Soft Sleeper 5.5 Mattress With 4” Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Full/Double 8” Thick Soft Sleeper 5.5 With 4” Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Full/Double 10” Thick Soft Sleeper 5.5 Mattress With 4” Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • 12 Inch Soft Sleeper 5.5 Queen Mattress With 4 Inches Made From 100% Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • 10 Inch Soft Sleeper 6.5 Queen Mattress With 4 Inches Made From Visco Elastic Memory Foam

Note that few of the above three mattresses are medium-soft and goes great for side sleepers. It has received more than 4.5 out of 5 star ratings among users. If you are looking for a mattress that supports the spine, go with the 10″ 6.5 Queen Mattress With 4″ Made From Memory Foam. Best for back sleepers, it will alleviate any back pain giving the feel of floating on the bed.

Give any mattress 48-72 hours to expand and get rid of any smelling problems. Keep it in a room and let it “breathe” and relieve of any smelly problems.

Testimonials For The Above Mattresses From Soft Sleeper

Here are some actual Soft Sleeper reviews from users who have experienced the memory foam mattress.

“No complaints here. Great value and great product compared to others” – Amazon customer

We have had the bed for more than 2 years now and it still feels like new. My original review stands. An awesome bed. After doing lot of research, I went with the Soft Sleeper. I chose the mattress for two reasons – 1. price and 2. thickness that is input on the mattress compared to what others offer.

I chose this one because of the simple layer construction. In my opinion, simple is the best.

“Heaven” – Carla Estrada

Me and my husband are large people and I was really concerned whether the mattress would hold the weight. My mattress is firm and yet it takes the shape of our body. Once we are out of the bed, it returns back to the original shape. Its like sleeping on heaven. We are sleeping much more soundly instead of waking up with back pain and lack of quality sleep. My husband didn’t even snore as loudly as he used to. This is the best investment ever.

“Made a believer out of a skeptic” – Suzanne M

I wanted a kingsize bed but could not spend much. I am a very skeptical person especially when you are buying from online. The offer seemed too good to be true. My bed arrived within 4 days in a big box. It popped out of the shrink wrap and poof. It expanded right out. I put the sheets and within couple of hours we slept on it. We did not feel any smell as people quote here. The whole effect is firm and if you are dealing with any back pain, I suggest this. It is not too hard or too soft, just right.

To Sum It Up

You don’t have to take by my word. In fact, I suggest you to check amazon and several other blogs that rave about the memory foam mattresses from Soft Sleeper. A quality product at a cheap price (at less than $500) seems too unbelievable to be true. But, I stand by my word and this is by far the best cheap memory foam mattress seen in the mattress market.

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