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Top 5 Ameribeds Memory Foam Mattresses

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Luxury mattresses generally have a mandatory look of deeper, plush feeling at the top, and real box like. The only difference between the leading luxury mattresses is in their price. Internally, the mattress may or may not have spring coils. The Ameribeds mattresses are all memory foam mattresses to make the luxurious surface for sleeping. There is no use of spring coils.

Ameribeds memory foam mattresses are no way inferior to any mattress. They are made of high quality memory foam and support foam. The mattresses are made to keep the cool and serve as a comfortable platform for quality sleep.

Top 5 Ameribeds Memory Foam Mattresses

Each type of memory foam mattress from Ameribeds are different from each other. Each has its unique characteristics and structure. Let us see what they are made of.

New Yorker, 12-inch Ultra Premium Memory Foam Mattress with Coolmax

The New Yorker is the best seller among the memory foam mattresses by Ameribeds. The mattress is 12 inches thick and uses the AmerifoamHD foam to protect the edges also. The mattress uses 3 different foams in a combination to make the comfort and technology go hand in hand.

The Mattress Layers

The New Yorker memory foam mattress uses the top layer in the form of 1-inch thick ultra premium supportive memory foam. This is super soft with a density of 7 pounds. The second layer is the pressure relieving, body conforming memory foam. This is 2 inches thick and made out of 4 pounds density foam.

The base supportive foam is 9 inches in thickness. This high-density foam is solely for the support. The softer upper layers are duly complemented by the core support from this base foam.

The middle layer has open cell technology that allows aeration through the mattress. It helps to reduce the mattress temperature and maintains the cooler feel.

Covering Material

Covering material of this mattress is the coolmax fabric that can keep the surface dry and cool. Any moisture on the mattress is wicked away faster and the surface is kept dry all the time. This mattress cover is zippered. It is removable and washable.

Mattress Sizes

The New Yorker memory foam mattresses from Ameribeds are available in all standard sizes. Twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes are all made in standard dimensions. This is not a highly priced mattress and people prefer the largest sized mattress.

The Verdict

The top layers of the mattress are softer and can reduce the motion transfer tremendously. The cool air flow technique and the thicker firm foam make it suitable for all with back problems. It will not be wrong to compare it with the comfort of a Tempurpedic mattress. if anything it is not a plush mattress as it may seem.

Revolution, 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Revolution mattress has the simple anatomy for the memory foam design. It has a softer top layer, transitional foam in the middle and base foam at the bottom. The mattress does have a plush feel with an ideal height. It also looks luxurious for the price it comes at. This also happens to be the second popular memory foam mattress by Ameribeds.

The Mattress Layers

The topmost layer of the mattress is the AmerifoamHD visco elastic foam with a density of 3 pounds. This layer is 2 inches thick to form the softer feel at the top.

The next layer is the transitional foam. This layer is 1.75 inches in thickness. The foam has open cell technique to have air flow through it. This helps in the heat dissipation that comes from the sleeping body. The memory foam that tends to retain the heat will no longer have to do so. The heat will be removed by the continuous air flow. It is also the transitional layer that relieves the pressure points and reduces the tossing and turning during the night. The body is relaxed that allows quality sleep.

The base layer is higher density foam with a thickness of 6 inches. This is for support and stability. It also helps in maintaining the shape of the mattress.

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Covering Material

The mattress cover used here is simple stretch knit fabric. The fabric is soft and provided with a zipper for easy removal for washing.

Mattress Sizes

You are at the liberty to choose any of the standard sized mattresses of this Revolution model of memory foam mattress by Ameribeds. All the standard sized mattresses comply with the standard dimensions. They also are the lower priced mattresses that offer the same comfort as any high priced luxury mattress.

The Skyline, 14-inch Coolmax¨ Quilted Memory Foam Mattress

The Skyline coolmax quilted memory foam mattress from Ameribed is 4 layered in make. The layers are added as a transition from soft to firm from top to bottom. Each layer gets firmer as it goes down. This helps make the mattress more comfortable and does not cause a sudden sink or harder when the body weight is placed on.

The Mattress Layers

The mattress layers starting from the top is the 1-inch memory foam layer that has very low density. The density of this layer is 7 pounds that makes it one of the softest of the foams. The second layer is 2 inches in thickness. This memory foam layer is also low density at a value of 5 pounds that is a little firmer in comparison.

The third layer of the Skyline mattress is the 5 inches thick transition foam. This foam layer is almost half the way in firmness that can act as a smooth transition between the soft and firmer layers. It is also this layer that helps in relieving the pressure points and balances the softness of the top layers.

The base layer is the high-density support foam. The support foam is 6 inches in thickness. This layer adds stability to the mattress. It is also the responsibility of this layer that maintains the longevity of the mattress. The softer layers of the mattress can be too soft and succumb to sinking. It is up to this support layer to counter this effect and maintain a steady platform for peaceful sleep.

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Covering Material

As the title suggests, the Skyline memory foam mattress has a quilted top. The covering fabric is Coolmax that can remove the moisture away from the surface and helps in cooling down the surface. People who sleep sweaty can benefit from this mattress. The mattress cover also has a special border to improve the quality.

Mattress Sizes

The Skyline mattress from Ameribeds is available in all size. It is made in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. The Cal king size seems to be the most popular. The price of the mattress is in compliance with the luxury it offers, yet people preferring it hints the real feel of it.

The Verdict

The Skyline memory foam mattress from Ameribeds is comparable to the comfort of the Tempurpedic mattress. The mattress is body conforming and can also provide the firm support from the bottom.

The Standard, 8-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Standard is the thinnest memory foam mattress by Ameribeds. The comfort level of the mattress is firm. It has a thin soft foam layer and then the high-density base foam layer. The top layer is ideal for body conformity and allowing a softer surface.

With the standard memory foam mattress here, all you would get is a mattress that can conform to every curve of the body to help it relax. The top layer is not too soft that can make you sink into the mattress. The top layer is softer material but not overly so.

The Mattress Layers

The top layer is 2 inches thick foam. This foam is lower density with a value of 3 pounds. This layer can also eliminate the motion transfer and makes it ideal to be used by more than one sleeper in the bed. There would also be less turning and tossing during the night, allowing you a better time. This memory foam also flaunts the open cell technology that allows airflow through the mattress. the mattress no longer has any excuse to stay warm during night.

The base layer is the higher density foam with a thickness of 6 inches. The base foam is for the support and stability of the mattress. Together these layers make one ideal mattress with a firm comfort to sleep on.

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Covering Material

Covering material used here is the stretch knit fabric. The fabric here also helps with the contouring effects of the top layer. The mattress cover has zipper attached that helps in removing it when needed. It is completely washable as well.

Mattress Sizes

As in the case of other memory foam mattresses here, this standard mattress is also available in all possible standard sizes. The most popular of all is the cal king size. The mattress is also one of the cheapest of all and it wouldn’t hurt to have the largest size.

Cali Dreamer, 13-inch Pillow Top Memory Foam Mattress

Cali Dreamer is the pillow top mattress with more softness to it. The foam layers are added systematically to allow the pillow top mattress soft at the top and with ample support from the base foam. The mattress does have a dream like fell while lying down.

The softness, in no way, compromises the body conformity or the pressure reliving ability of the memory foam. To say the least, this Cali dreamer has far better durability than any other expensive pillow top mattress in the market.

The Mattress Layers

The top layer is the 3 inches thick memory foam. This layer has a density of 3 pounds to make a softer surface. The second layer is even sifter with a density of 7 pounds. This is just 1 inch thick to complete the pillow top. Both these layers together make an ideal surface for comfort and relaxation.

The base layer is the 9 inches thick high density foam. The softer layers have this perfect landing on this thicker base foam. The overall feel of this mattress could be compared with that of the tempur-cloud mattress. Though the latter is highly expensive, the Cali Dreamer is very much within the reach and budget.

Covering Material

Cali dreamer memory foam mattress by Ameribeds has this soft and luxurious feeling stretchable knit fabric. The fabric is from bamboo silky fabric that can add to the body conformity of the foam layers. A non conforming fabric could compromise the effects of the foam layers and that does not happen here. The mattress cover has the zipper attached to it to help remove it for washing.

Mattress Sizes

The Cali Dreamer 13 inch thick mattress is available in any standard size that you want. The measurements are standard and all type of bedding fits them. Cali Dreamer is not the expensive mattress so people do prefer the larger sizes. It can offer the same comfort as any other expensive mattress, so why pay more?

Care And Maintenance Tips

The Ameribeds memory foam mattresses all have the 20-year warranty to it. The mattresses also have the removable cover that can be washed. But it not recommended removing the mattress cover and washing it repeatedly when needed.

The ideal way is to have a water proof cover or mattress pad over the mattress. When you need to clean the mattress cover, simply stick to spot cleaning. The memory foam can get wet so use as little water as possible.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Ameribeds memory foam mattresses ranges from high priced to economical mattresses. They are also available in different thicknesses. Not many mattresses have this luxury of choosing the thicknesses. Of course, the mattress layers and comfort level may also differ with the thicknesses, but except for one, all these mattresses are in the range of medium firm to firm. They help in relieving the back pain.

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