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Bed Boss Rejuvenate & Revolution Hybrid mattress Reviews

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  • Multiple Firmness Options
  • Good Back Support
  • Coil on Coil with Memory Foam
  • Green, Eco friently

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These Top 4 Bed Boss memory foam mattresses can alleviate back pain. With many memory foam mattress companies available online, Bed Boss is one company that is slowly but surely trying to get on the way to the top with its own line of memory foam mattress.

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Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattress Company

A company located in Crossville, TN, Bed Boss is a mattress company that offers various types of memory foam mattress for utmost sleep quality. There are varied mattresses available that will assist in excellent back support as well. Based on the preferences of consumers, Bed boss offers distinctive memory foam, hybrid, innerspring, etc. that will give you the liberty of choosing a mattress upon your taste and comfort.

Manufactured using superior quality, the layers of comfort speaks for itself once you get the feel of the mattress. But since we are speaking entirely of memory foam mattress here, I am just going to stick with it. We give you the best ranked Top 4 Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattresses

Top 4 Bed Boss mattresses For You

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Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattress – Visco Heir ET Model

Among many Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattresses, the Visco Heir ET Model Memory Foam mattress is on the top list. The mattress features 7” of high resiliency base foam. The HR foam supports in extending the life of your mattress exceptionally well. The HR foam contains top-grade polyurethane foam. This means they can take good amount of punishment while blocking motion transfer.

The HR base foam comes with 3 inches of highly resilient memory foam. Memory foam mattresses provide you excellent comfort by taking the shape of your body and cradling you to deep sleep. The moment you hit the sack, you will find yourself dozing off to dream world. You will find one inch of padded bamboo infused euro-top foam for extra comfort that is quilted to the mattress cover for a feathery feel. This soft blended bamboo fiber acts as fire retardant. They also posses non-allergenic qualities going healthy on your skin and your health. This will keep respiratory conditions at bay. The mattress is of medium-firm nature. Visco Heir ET Model Memory Foam mattress from Bed Boss is available at an affordable rate based on your bed size.

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Soft Memory Foam Mattress Just Like Tempur-Pedic Allurabed – Bed Boss Visco Crown Pt

Live Life King Size!!! The saying ain’t for nothing. In fact, that is where the Visco Crown PT was inspired. A SOFT, plush mattress, Visco Crown PT soft memory foam mattress has many therapeutic features.

If you love a mattress that gives you the feel of cradling into it, then Visco Crown PT is best for you. A CERTIPUR-US certified memory foam mattress, it comes with nine different areas that boosts airflow while delivering optimum comfort. Hence, the name Contour9 memory foam mattress.

Features of Soft Memory Foam Mattress just like Tempur-Pedic AlluraBed – Visco Crown PT from Bed Boss include-

  • 7.5” HR-foam that features Contour9 support
  • 3” traditional memory foam that also includes the Contour9 feature
  • 2” higher density memory foam within the plush pillow top
  • 1” gelCore gel-infused memory foam cover

Bed Boss uses only natural materials giving you a product worth your money. The mattress cover is made out of soft blended bamboo fiber that is treated with Aloe vera. This will maintain your skin healthy without triggering any allergies. For protecting your skin and respiratory health, make sure to keep pets away from the bed. This is because pet danders, fleas and ticks that stick to their skin can initiate any allergic reactions on your body.

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Best Memory Foam Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress – Bed Boss – Hybrid Sleep (Bed Boss Hybrid Mattresses)

Challenging cliche rules of mattress making comes Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress from Bed Boss called the Hybrid Sleep. Combining innerspring and memory foam, this mattress is a must-have if you are spending the night tossing and turning.

Features of Best Memory Foam Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress – Bed Boss – Hybrid Sleep

The features of Hybrid Sleep by Bed Boss include,

The base begins with 2” of HR foam that is a solid foundation for the oncoming dense layers. The high resiliency feature of the memory foam ensures you have right comfort and support in the years to come.

The second layer features 6.5” of individually pocketed innerspring coil system. The innerspring mattress has a great history of excellent durability. However, they do tend to make some noise over the years. But, that’s not the case here. The innerspring is sandwiched between various memory foam layers. Also, individual coil springs promise great edge support and resistance to compression at all times.

Above the innerspring coil, layered is 2” of Ultracore high density (HD) memory foam. The foam has breathable air passages that helps with resistance during compression. This can prolong the life of your memory foam mattress while preventing noise of innerspring coils.

The 2” UltraCore HD memory foam includes another 2” of traditional memory foam and an inch of HD bamboo infused foam sewed with the mattress cover. These layers adapt to the shape of your body and help your cradle your way to sleep. Best for side sleepers, it can relieve strain from your pressure points (hips, back etc.) and motivates better sleeping posture.

The mattress cover features silk blended with poly-satin that gives a velvety touch. However, they are easily susceptible to spills and dust. Make sure to use a memory foam mattress protector to inhibit any damage to your mattress.

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Buy Cheap Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattresses – The Bed Boss Dreamer

Looking for an affordable mattress less than $500? Here is a cheap Memory Foam Mattress – The Bed Boss Dreamer.

Perfect for those who are living on a budget, Dreamer from Bed Boss is an affordable memory foam mattress that comes with simple yet quality features. There are no fancy talks here. You pay for what you get. That’s exactly what the mattress offers you.

The base layer forms 4.5” of HR foam that supports the memory foam mattress and provides optimum resistance during compression. Stating the obvious, higher the density, better the resistance. The 4.5” HR foam includes a topping of 1.5” of conventional memory foam. It contains air passages that help the mattress to “breathe” efficiently. A product made in USA, Bed Boss Dreamer is a FIRM mattress that is best for BACK SLEEPERS.

It works just like any tempurpedic mattress offering you therapeutic benefits to alleviate spinal problems and ease on the pressure points such as hips, back, waist etc. For those who are working for long hours, Dreamer by Bed Boss is best.

Why Buy Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattresses

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  • No-Flip feature – The Company offers no-flip mattresses that takes the pain of flipping the mattress every now and then. However, you need to rotate the mattress 180 degrees regularly to even out the edges and prevent sagging.
  • Warranty – Bed Boss offers you 10 year limited warranty on their mattress. Nevertheless, they do NOT offer any trial period. But you will get a “filter option” through which you can choose the mattress type as per your sleeping style.
  • Certification – All the mattresses of Bed Boss are CERTIPUR-US certified that says a lot about the company and the standard they have been maintaining to deliver efficient products to consumers.
  • Sleeping style – Choose from firm, medium-firm, medium or soft at your discretion. There is a filtration option available that can make your job much easier.
  • Availability – Bed Boss memory foam mattresses and bed frames are available at Amazon at respective sizes.
  • Edge support – The company ensures that all the mattresses come with proper edge support. Many users confirm this factor. Without edge support, your mattress can sag. Bed boss helps in delivering optimum support without making you feel like “rolling off” or less comfortable.
  • Better health – The mattress cover and other fabrics are natural that are soft on your skin. It also helps in preventing any respiratory conditions due to toxic flame retardants.
  • Excellent testimonials – Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattresses responses are pouring in. People say that this is one of the best they are sleeping on. Few users reported they actually noticed no back pain and waking up in the morning all refreshed. Bed boss mattress has received 4.2 out of 5 star ratings from users.

Few downsides of Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Develops Body impressions – Couple of users report the memory foam mattresses from bed boss leaves body impressions even when people are out of the bed. This is a big downside to the company and they better take care of such issues, if they do not want to lose consumers.
  • Bad Sleeping surface – While a general group claim that the surface of the mattress is becoming lumpy or uneven, another handful of users say that it feels like sleeping on a log.
  • Trial period – The mattress owner will not give away any comfort guarantee i.e. a trial period. While many mattress companies offer a decent trial period to the mattress a try-out, Bed boss WILL NOT offer any trial period.
  • Warranty issues – If you are purchasing directly from the company website, you will be getting proper warranty. However, if you are purchasing from affiliate sites such as Amazon, ebay etc., you will not be eligible for a warranty.

NOTE you need to dry clean the mattress cover. Do not use them in washing machine. To ensure healthy life of your mattress, make sure to regularly clean your mattress cover and look for hidden termites and dust.

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Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattresses Consumer Reviews

“Best mattress We have ever had” – Brenda S, Memphis, TN

We learned about Bed Boss when we stayed at a condo at Amdirals Quarters in Alabama. The owners had purchased the Queen Bed Boss since they thought it was wonderful. I did some research about the company and ordered one Visco Heir model for us. Its been two years since the purchase and its going good. I had earlier undergone a spine surgery and have rods/screws on my back. This mattress definitely improved my sleep. I actually awake with no back pain.

“Like sleeping on a board. We wake up now all sore and achy” – Andrew, Cincinnati, OH

I purchased the Visco Revolution from our local mattress store. We liked the floor model. We tested on the store and purchased it. It is a quite comforting bed but not soft. After a week, I spoke to the owner of the store who said that we can’t return the mattress. In fact, we can buy another one and put this one in a different room. They did not give me any warranty or receipt papers which made me go again to pick them up.

That’s when I was informed that there is no comfort warranty. Another point is we have received Visco revolution +gel. The one we tested and ordered did not have the “+gel”. We are left wondering if we have purchased the same mattress we saw in the retail store. To top the issues, the mattress was supposed to be a soft mattress. This one is quite firm. We are quite unhappy and wish we had ordered a well known brand name mattress.

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There is no perfect thing in the world and so is the case with mattresses as well. Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattresses has received both appreciation and backlash from its consumers. If you are sure about your sleeping position and hold minimal knowledge of how mattress works for you, then Bed Boss is for you. Therefore, I must say there are lot of users who love the Bed Boss Memory Foam Mattresses and still have a good run with it. Its all gambling when it comes to buying from Bed Boss.

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