Latex mattresses are airy, natural, and good for the lower back health. Latex mattresses are very good for feel and health but are not seen as popular as other foam mattresses. The too soft core of latex may not go well with many and the fact that some people are actually allergic to latex makes things worse. Here we will look at 4 brands of Top Latex Mattresses

If you are not allergic to latex, it is the best material for the mattress. The natural ability to resist the microbes and other allergens makes latex dear for those who suffer from allergies. The dust mites are also not able to make their home in latex mattresses.

Overall, latex mattresses are good for pressure relief. Any mattress with a layer of latex at the top makes a comfortable sleeping surface with less heat felt and also giving the feel of a softer surface. It is also the best for those who love to have plush mattress but the back pain problem does not allow them to. The solution for them is to choose a hybrid mattress with latex at the top, followed by memory foam to give the support for the body.


  • 100% Natural Latex
  • 2-in-1 Dual Comfort 
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 100% Joma Wool 


  • 100 night trial
  • 20 year warranty
  • Free shipping and Returns
  • Flippable


  •  Organic Mattress

  • 100 night trial

  • 25 years warranty

  • Finance available


  •  15 years warranty

  • 90 night trial

  • Natural Latex

  • Free shipping

  • Handcrafted in USA


  • Free shipping and Returns

  • 100 night sleep trial

  • 20 year warranty

  • Certified organic wool , Latex and cotton


  •  20 year warranty

  • Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex

  • Handcrafted in USA

  • Free shipping


  •  Lifetime warranty

  • 100 night trial

  • Finance facility

  • Affordably priced


  •  100 night sleep trial

  • Free shipping

  • 10 year warranty

  • finance facility

  • Made in USA


  •  20 Years warranty

  • Free shipping


  • Non Toxic Green mattress

  • 100 night trial

  • Free shipping and returns

  • Lifetime warranty

Top Latex Mattresses Brands

There are not many manufacturers that make latex mattresses. The leading brands of these poorly populated mattress world are listed below.

LUCID Latex Foam Mattresses

LUCID latex mattresses come in two comforts of medium and soft, which are the popular from this brand. The medium comfort feel LUCID 10 inches mattress and LUCID 16” mattress which is the plush soft are the leaders of this category.

Lucid 10 inch mattress is made of only two layers. The top layer is 3 inch airy latex layer for the soft feel and the base layer is 7 inches thick high density foam. These two layers are together covered by a removable mattress cover made of bamboo fibers. This material is breathing and hypoallergenic in nature. Both the latex and base foam have the CertiPUR-US certificate for its hypoallergenic nature.

The plush soft Lucid 16 inches mattress has got more layers in the making. It has a top layer, support layer, transitional layer and a bottom foundation layer. The top layer is 1 inch bamboo charcoal memory foam for the cloudy feel. The second layer is the support layer of 3 inch memory foam that compresses when the weight is placed on and also relieves the pressure points. The third layer is the 2 inch thick natural latex for the bounce before the top layers hit the harder foundation layer. The final layer is the 10 inches thick high density foam layer for the stability. The mattress cover is made of polyester blended with bamboo rayon.

These mattresses do come with 30-day trial period and a whopping 25 years warranty as well. Price wise also, the LUCID mattresses are good for you.

Casper 10 Inches Latex Mattress

Even after being one of the newest in the market, Casper latex mattress is faster to gain popularity. The availability of different comfort levels with the advantage of latex being used made it look unique. The mattress uses premium latex for the top layer and a high density memory foam as a base layer. The mattresses are known as right enough sink with the right bounce. The use of latex really cools down the heating problem of the memory foam.

The anatomy reveals that the top layer of Casper mattress is 1.5” thick latex foam followed by a memory foam layer of the same thickness. The bottom layer is the support layer made of 7 inches thick high density foam.

The mattress has a medium firm feel to it making it acceptable for the mid range firmness lovers. It could also be felt as soft or on the harder side at times. The heavier person might sink too much than others and in that case they come in contact with the base layer too fast. This gives the mattress a firm feel no matter what the top layers are.

The advantages of Casper latex mattress is that it has 100 day trial period and comes at an interesting price for the delight of the customers. The mattress is available in all sizes.

Dream Foam Ultimate Dreams Total Latex Mattress

The Ultimate dreams total latex mattress from Dream Foam uses latex foam and high density base foam for the general design. The latex used in talalay latex which is 3 inches in thickness. The difference in mattress comes in the addition ofe hyper flex foam at the top. This layer is 1.5 inches thick. Even in the firm feel mattress from this brand, there is a soft feel at the top but overall, the firmness stays firm. The mattress cover is made of bamboo fiber.

Another model from this brand is a customizable mattress. This particular one has got three layers of latex foam inside it. Each layer is color coded. The color codes indicate that the blue stands for soft, white for medium, and red for firm. All these layers are separate. The person can rearrange these layers in any combination it needs to attain the desired comfort level. The respective layers being at the top gives the same firmness they seek. This latex mattress is otherwise known as 12 in 1 mattress as there are 12 different combinations one could try.

The customizable mattress is easy to carry through narrow spaces. Another advantage of this mattress is that it is double sided and can be flipped as desired. The foam used is durable and also comes at an economical price. This is one of those go-to-mattress for the students because of its low price. The foam used is all passed the CertiPUR-US certification so there is hardly any toxic emission.

Sleep EZ USA Roma Latex Mattress

The Sleep EZ USA is a company that offers both natural latex mattresses as well as the organic latex mattresses. There are different ranges of mattresses that uses only latex and also those with poly foam quilted to the top for extra comfort. Basically the core of the mattress is completely made from latex.

The Roma latex mattress is double sided mattress with the quilted covering on both sides. The 6 inch latex core is covered on both sides by quilted top that has poly foam attached to it. If the covering material uses cotton or wool, the product changes and this helps people to choose their preferred comfort.

The fire barrier here is the natural rayon and there are no chemicals additives. The latex used here is 100% natural Dunlop latex. The disadvantage of this mattress is that heavier people does not feel comfortable on this as it does not support the weight well enough.

Eco terra 11″ luxury latex mattress

Choose Eco terra 11″ luxury latex mattress that comes with supreme luxury and comfort of natural latex. The perfect balance of firmness and comfort, Eco Terra latex mattress offers you a firmness level of 5.5 out of 10 in the firmness scale. This gives you a cradled and supported feeling irrespective of your sleeping style.

It comes with fabric-encased coils that will offer you exceptional edge support. The individually wrapped coils offers you motion resistance so that you can sleep without any disturbance. Each latex foam ensures that you sleep 28% cooler than foam which will keep you comfortable all through the night. The mattress is made using 100% natural talalay latex that offers optimum supple comfort. The mattress cover is made using 100% organic cotton. The latex of Eco Terra has received several certifications which includes OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and is Class 1 certified. This means it is free from harsh irritants, heavy metals, and detrimental chemicals as seen in many commercial mattresses.

Available in all sizes, Eco terra latex mattress has received excellent reviews from users. Be it shoulder or back pain, you will find optimum relief with this product. Be it any foundation, Eco terra latex mattress adapts itself to bed frame, box spring, or slatted base.

Eco terra comes with 15 years of non-prorated warranty.

The bottom line

Latex mattresses, especially that made of only latex does not produce any unpleasant odor. The mattresses that use latex in combination with other foam types do not have this distinction but there, the latex acts as a nullifier of heat from the mattress at night. The cooling, breathable latex allows the air to pass through easily and dissipate the heat at the earliest. Unless you are allergic to latex, any mattress with latex as an added layer would be a healthy option.