Simmons Kids offer the Simmons BeautyRest Recharge World Class series of mattresses. The BeautyRest World Class series of mattresses are one step ahead of the basic design and style of their mattresses. Plainly speaking it is a blend of memory foam and coil system. The foam layers form the comfort layer and the coil system makes the support system.

The World Class mattresses use higher quality material that provides luxurious mattresses. These mattresses are the perfect combination of comfort and support. The mattresses are all designed with durable materials that allow your body to be recharged with comfortable sleep, every single night.


  •  Organic Mattress

  • 100 night trial

  • 25 years warranty

  • Finance available


  • 100% Natural Latex
  • 2-in-1 Dual Comfort 
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 100% Joma Wool 


  • Free shipping and Returns

  • 100 night sleep trial

  • 20 year warranty

  • Certified organic wool , Latex and cotton


  • 120 Night Trial
  • 15 year warranty
  • Cooling Gel
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Flame retardant

Features Of Simmons BeautyRest World Class Mattresses

The Simmon BeautyRest mattresses all have the special mattress layers that have individual tasks and duty. These mattress layers are the pocketed coil system, air cool and gel foam, air cool memory foam, TruTemp technology layer and the air cool design for the extra ventilation.

  • The Air cool and gel foams are the plush comfortable foam at the top an then by the gel infused GelTouch gel foam layer. These layers provide the body conformity and for the plush feel. Thicker these layers softer the mattress would be. They also serve to provide pressure relief.
  • The air cool memory foam is the middle layer where the mattress temperature is regulated. This memory foam layer also adds freedom of movement by keeping them, individual. The motion transfer is almost nil with this that allows the partners to have undisturbed sleep at night.

Main Features

  • The TruTemp technology layer is added as an absorbent of heat and that dissipates the excess heat from the mattress. This is an added extra layer between the foam layers towards the bottom.
  • The pocketed coil technology is that the individual coils are wrapped to have their individuality while motion. There are about 800 coils that can work independently according to the weight and shape of the sleeper on top. The body contouring ability of the upper layers is finely countered by the coils, to have an ideal environment for sleep and a comfortable sleep posture.
  • The final feature is the air cool design that allows proper ventilation. The mattresses all have edge support with the high-density foam. This foam has smaller air holes throughout the length that allows aeration through the mattress. This will also protect the edge of the mattress and keep up its shape.

Depending upon the thickness of the comfort layers the mattress varies in their thickness and the comfort level. The comfort levels available are ultra plush, plush, firm and luxury firm.


  •  20 year warranty

  • Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex

  • Handcrafted in USA

  • Free shipping


  •  Lifetime warranty

  • 100 night trial

  • Finance facility

  • Affordably priced


  •  20 Years warranty

  • Free shipping


  • Non Toxic Green mattress

  • 100 night trial

  • Free shipping and returns

  • Lifetime warranty

Top 3 Memory Foam Mattresses By Simmons BeautyRest World Class

The leading mattresses from the Simons Kids are not the exclusive memory foam mattresses but they are the hybrid mattresses with both memory foam and coil system. The leading mattresses have the comfort level of luxury plush and luxury firm.

As mentioned earlier, the BeautyRest World Class mattresses are one step ahead with an extra number of coils in them. Extra number of coils offers better and wider support to the sleeping body and thus increases the comfort.

Here the aircool memory foam also has some extra with its micro gel in the foam that can deal with more amount of heat on the mattress. the extras and the luxury of the mattress do make it higher price, especially for the larger sizes. But that doesn’t stop anyone from getting them. Evident is seen in the leading mattresses which are all either queen size or the king sizes. They are

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge World Class Luxury Plush King Mattress & Queen Mattress

Simmons BeautyRest Recharge World Class luxury plush king and queen mattress are of the same make. They have a comfort level of plush that is about 4 on a scale of 10 where the lower value is softest. These mattresses are excellent choices for those who are looking for plush feel mattress that also has excellent support.

The mattresses use several comfort or plush foam layers to achieve this comfort level. The gel infused memory foam and the coil system keep vigil on the temperature of the mattress and the extent of support it offers. The overall thickness of the mattress is 11.5 inches.

The mattress layers used here are the 1 inch thickness each for the air cool foam layers 2 in number, 0.5 inch thick gel-touch cool memory foam layer. Moving upwards the mattress has a natural thick fiber layer that can resist the flames. The coil system is individually pocketed with about 800 coils and above for the queen size and over 1000 for the king size mattresses.

The other sizes available for these luxury plush mattresses are a twin, twin XL, full, and Cal King. The mattresses can make use of box spring for better results.

Simmons BeautyRest Recharge World Class Luxury Firm Mattress

This BeautyRest world class luxury firm mattress comes with a comfort level of 7 on the scale where the higher number designates more firmness. Here the mattress is firm but has a slight softer touch to it. It is a comfortable mattress for those seeking firmer surface to sleep with a softer top layers. It has an initial plush feel but firmer towards the bottom.

The mattress uses lavish foam that can contour and also keep the check on the temperature. It uses all the trademark features of the BeautyRest Recharge world class in varying thicknesses of the foam layers.

The foam layers used here are the 1.25 inches of air-feel foam, followed by the 0.75 inches of gel-touch foam for the cooing effects. The next layer is the 1.5 inches of air-cool memory foam.

The coil system stands standard with a coil count of over 1000 for the firmer support. The pocketed coils are safe and they also have the side paneling by the thicker memory foam for the edge support as well.

All these mattresses have 10 years non-pro rated warranty against manufacturing defects. They all can be used with box springs for good results.

The Bottom Line

These BeautyRest world class ranges of mattresses are hands down luxurious mattresses. They are expensive but not overly so. With a decent budget in hand, these mattresses are safe. They do not break your pocket and is worth every penny spent on them. One needs to try them to know better.