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You are in dire need of a mattress. you don’t want to spend much on the same. But you definitely need a comfortable mattress with a fair support. If it is YOU, you could definitely try the Resort Sleep Mattresses.

Resort Sleep mattresses comes with high quality materials and is from USA. The greatest selling point is that you pay only for the mattress and the shipping is free of cost. There is no hidden charges that can trick you to pay more than you expect.

Table of Contents

  • Basic features of Resort Sleep memory foam mattresses
  • Top 3 memory foam mattresses by Resort Sleep
  • Resort Sleep Customer reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions

With Resort Sleep, you only stand to gain and there is nothing much to lose. You get better sleep and live the life comfortably and also sleep comfortably.

Resort Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses Review

  • Resort Sleep mattresses use visco memory foam that has perfect contouring abilities.
  • The visco foam and all other foams which we use for the mattress making have the CertiPUR-US certification. It is non-toxic and does not cause allergies or discomfort.
  • The memory foam in Resort Sleep is either air infused for aeration or gel infused for temperature regulation.
  • The mattresses use good quality materials that are soft, breathable and body conforming.
  • The mattresses can easily reduce the stress and also pressure points on the body.
  • There would be less tossing and turning during night. The comfort posture on the mattress allows less scope for any movement that might disturb the sleep.
  • The support foam is also durable to provide long term pressure relief all over the mattress.

All Resort Sleep mattresses come with a removable mattress cover. The mattress cover is made of knit fabric which is washable. Mattress cover is of cotton that can resist the microbes and other allergens such as dust mites.



Top 3 Memory Foam Mattresses By Resort Sleep

All Resort Sleep mattresses are memory foam mattresses. Depending on the model, the number of layers and type of memory foam vary from each other. The mattresses have the soft fabric covering to it. The top 3 of the memory foam mattresses by Resort Sleep are

Resort Sleep 10 Inch Cool Memory Foam Mattress With Bonus Memory Foam Pillow- Queen Size

  • Comfort: The Resort sleep queen 10 inch cool memory foam mattress is a balanced comfort mattress. The mattress is neither soft nor firm but stays right in the middle point where both these features are equal. To be exact, the comfort level is medium- medium firm.
  • Layers: The mattress comes with only 2 layers of different types of foam.

The upper layer is the cool memory foam with lots of air pockets by the air infusion. These air outlets circulate the air throughout the mattress making it breathable. A breathable mattress does not retain the heat and stays fresh all the while.

The support layer is the high density firm support base foam. This can relieve the pressure points and provide good and also firm support for the softer upper layer.

The top layer is 2.5 inches in thickness and the lower layer is 7.5 inches deep to make the 10 inch thick mattress.

  • Size: The popular size of this type of mattress is the queen size. The other available sizes are twin, twin XL, full, king and California king.
  • Warranty: The Resort Sleep 10 inch cool memory foam mattress comes with a 20-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • The Bonus: The mattress comes with a bonus addition in the form of a memory foam pillow. The memory foam pillow is the perfect companion for this cool memory foam mattress. The pillow cradles the neck area to relieve pressure there as well.


    Resort Sleep 10 Inch Luxury Memory Foam Mattress With Bonus Memory Foam Pillow

    Resort Sleep luxury memory foam mattress is 10 inches thick. This mattress is firmer with a 2 inch air infused visco elastic foam and a lower layer of thicker high density support foam.

    • Comfort: This mattress has the same comfort as of the mattresses in a hotel. It is firm with a value of 6-7 on the scale where the higher number designates the hardest.
    • Layers: The air infused layer allows air circulation and keeps the mattress cool and breathable. The harder base layer provides ample support to have a plush top and firmer base for the mattress.
    • For who: This mattress is suitable for people who suffer back pain or other joint problems. They would need a softer surface and a firmer support system. Both of these features are in Resort Sleep luxury memory foam mattress.
    • Bonus: The bonus for this mattress is the addition of a memory foam pillow that goes well with this mattress.
    • Size: The popular size being the queen sizes hints that the mattress is popular among couples. The memory foam nullifies the motion transfer and one partner can get up almost like a whisper. The mattress is available in all other sizes also.


      Resort Sleep 12 Inch Ultra Luxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress With Bonus Memory Foam Pillow- King Size

      • Layers: The mattress is made with 3 distinct layers. Top layer is the premium air flow visco foam with the air infusions and is also 2.5 inches in thickness. Middle layer is the gel infused memory foam for the extra cooling and comfort and is 1 inch thick. Base layer is the supportive, high density foam and is 8.5 inches thick. It is as good as any comfortable mattress in the luxurious hotels.
      • Comfort: This Ultra luxury gel memory foam mattress by Resort Sleep is the most luxurious of the 3. This mattress stays right in the middle of the comfort scale. On the scale it stays at 5 for the medium comfort.
      • Benefits: It can be plush when looked at and at the same time; it is firm enough for good support. It is equally effective for anyone with back pain or other joint issues. The mattress targets the hips, shoulders and feet to relieve any pain by the comfort. The mattress gives relaxation and support to the body parts effectively.
      • Sizes: The popular size of this mattress type is the king size. The mattress is available in all other sizes as swell.

      The mattress is suitable over any type of foundations except the futons. It is non-toxic and goes well in any households.


      Resort Sleep Customer Reviews

      Tabitha Meyers is a happy customer who got her money worth with the purchase. The mattress didn’t have any odor. The only problem she had with was the edge that sagged. There is no proper edge support to retain its shape. It is a bit firmer for her but nothing that can’t be solved with a softer mattress pad.

      Ray feels, this 10 inch luxury memory foam mattress is great for the price it comes. They can’t be happier than they are now. They also got it delivered as expected.

      Another customer found the chemical smell to be too strong for their taste. They had to open the windows to let the air clean it. As for the mattress, it is comfortable than the tempurpedic. It also puffed up rather faster with not much delay.

      Alisa finds the Ultra luxury memory foam mattress, luxurious of all. She states, it took 24 hours for the complete inflation of the mattress and did not smell anything nasty. She says, buy this mattress of you don’t want to be disappointed.

      Kelly Coral took 3-4 days to get used to her new mattress. They slept like rock without much tossing and turning as with their older mattress.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Should I use a mattress pad for the Resort Sleep mattresses, and what type should I choose?

      It is better to use a mattress pad over the mattresses. Although the mattress cover is removable and washable, it is not water proof. By chance, if there is any kind of liquid spillage, then it is better to opt for the water proof mattress pad of suitable size.

      How often should I flip the Resort Sleep mattresses?

      Never! Resort Sleep mattresses are one sided mattresses which are NOT supposed to be flipped. You may rotate the mattress from head to toe from time to time.

      Can I use the Resort Sleep mattress on an adjustable bed?

      Definitely! The Resort Sleep mattresses supports any type of foundations. Being made with complete memory foam layers makes it flexible and also suitable for the adjustable beds.

      Is it OK to use the mattress on my futon?

      No, the Resort Sleep mattresses are thicker to suit on the futon and hence it will not stay in place and can easily slide off.

      What is the weight limit of the Resort Sleep mattresses?

      These mattresses are proven to stand well at a higher weight of 700 pounds so no worries if you are on the heavier side of body weight.