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Loveland Innomax Mattress Reviews

Innomax Company offers all types of mattresses, of these mattresses, the Innomax Memory Foam Mattresses  or the memory cell mattresses stand out. These mattresses use the NASA raised technology of extra comfort and contains fewer toxins in the making. This helps to reduce the pressure felt by the astronauts during the lift-off and this serves great for all to have a comfortable sleep at night. Innomax also makes luxury Air Beds, water beds, Latex mattresses and other mattress accessories like mattress pads.

Innomax have 4 stores located at Denver, Las Vegas, Clearwater, and Loveland. You may fix an appointment at one of the stores so as to have a look at your desired choice of mattress and so in person how it looks and feels.

Innomax Mattress – Viscoelastic Memory Foam Sleeping Mattress Ultra-Pedic

Innomax Ultra-pedic is an eco-friendly mattress. It uses memory-cell foam and a covering of natural organic cotton material. This memory foam mattress is for proper contouring and thus helps in regulating the night time temperature on the mattress. It uses eco-friendly viscoelastic foam with open cell structure for breath ability of the mattress.

Features Of Innomax Ultra-pedic Mattress

  • All the raw materials used are renewable.
  • The mattress has many layers of memory foam in it.
  • The first layer is the memory cell foam that can contour to the body. The material is temperature responsive and can form into the shape of the body in no time. This can control the motion transfer also.
  • The second layer is the waffle cut design of Flo-Thru memory foam. This layer controls the temperature on the mattress. Memory foam helps to retain the body heat on the surface. This particular foam has many open pores through which the heat dissipated. This keeps the sleeping surface cooler.
  • The next layer is the Ultra-form high resilient core material for the proper spinal alignment. This layer is made of bio-based materials.
  • Progressive support layers consist of Reflex high density cushioning foam. This provides the hardcore support and at the same time providing a cushioning effect. This layer is zoned with the support it can provide.
  • There are side panels to protect the sides of the mattress.
  • A cotton cover encases the whole mattress. The fire retardant layer comes under this cover which is a barrier fabric.
  • The Innomax Memory Foam Mattresses are available in the sizes twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. All the sizes are standard.
  • The mattress is vacuum compressed and rolled for shipping.

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The Eco-Friendliness of Innomax Memory Foam Mattresses

The materials for the mattress making are mostly plant-based and there are no petroleum-based products. The fire retardant is also organic based. Even the core support layer is bio-based to avoid as many pollutants as possible. To top all, the mattress is covered in organic cotton material. The side panel is sage faux suede material.

The cotton used is hypoallergenic and has natural wicking property to keep the moisture away from the surface.

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Why Choose Innomax Ultra-Pedic Mattress?

Ultra-pedic is a memory foam mattress, but not the ordinary type. Innomax Ultra-pedic mattress contains all natural materials from top to bottom. First of all, this eco-friendliness is one reason why you should choose this one. Furthermore, the mattress can contour to the body and with the zonal discrimination, it provides enough support to each part of the body as required. Since the motion transfer is controlled very much, it is considered to be an ideal mattress for couples. Subsequently, the zones also help in preventing back pain. Finally, this Innomax memory foam mattresses does not cause the mattress to be heated up like other types. It has a temperature control layer where the heat is dissipated. The final point is that it does not emit any kind of environmental pollutants.

Innomax Comfortable Pressure Relief Prelude

Innomax Prelude mattress uses higher density memory foam for the top layer. This memory foam is heavier and hence can quickly respond to the body heat. It creates an ideal cradle for all the key body parts to have the proper spinal alignment. It is also the most original design for the memory-cell mattresses.

Features Of Innomax Prelude Memory-Cell Mattress

  • The basic characteristic of this mattress is that the material is temperature responsive and therefore can pass the heat to the exterior to keep the surface cooler.
  • Memory foam mattresses tend to provide heat during the night as the open cell technology in the memory foam eliminates the risk by having proper aeration inside the mattress.
  • The memory-cell technology keeps a neutral temperature on the Innomax Memory Foam Mattresses.
  • It can absorb the motion transfer to prevent disturbing the partner on the bed and thus provides an undisturbed sleep.
  • The mattress relieves pressure points and thus ideally prevents the risk of getting back or neck pain.
  • The Prelude mattress consists of 2 layers. The upper layer is the memory-touch contouring layer made of high-density memory foam. The lower layer is the base support layer, which is even higher density.
  • The upper layer has numerous open pores to allow aeration in the mattress. It is also this layer that prevents the motion transfer.
  • The bottom layer is mainly focusing on being a cushion to the sleeping body and aligning the body.
  • There are side panels with the top enclosure to add style and beauty.
  • The covering material is the soft, stretchable, and hypoallergenic material. It can also resist the microbes and provides a better environment for sleeping.
  • Innomax Prelude mattress is available in the sizes of twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California King.
  • The mattress has CertiPUR certification for being low in toxic emission.
  • The Innomax memory foam mattresses manufacturers are within USA, Colorado.
  • The mattresses have compatible foundations available. The foundation for the king sizes supports comfortable handling.

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Innomax Comfortable Pressure Relief Mattress Memory-Gel – Phase Change Thermal-Cell Temperature Regulating Technology

Memory foam mattresses are notorious for the nasty chemical smell from them. A majority of these mattresses need airing to be useful after purchase. As a result, the Innomax memory-gel phase change thermal-cell temperature regulating mattress comes as a boon. This mattress is added with features that not only keep the nasty smell away and keep the mattress fresh and pleasant but also uses some temperature regulation methods to keep the surface temperature neutral. The mattress is available in all the sizes and suitable foundations are also available. The king mattress gets the foundation as a split for convenience.

Features Of Innomax Phase Change Thermal-Cell Mattress

  • It is a gel infused memory foam mattress. The gel layer stays at the top that also has the thermal cell temperature regulation facility.
  • It has better compression than other memory foam. The better compression also makes way to thermal conductivity. This heat is readily dissipated and therefore keeps the surface cooler. This thermal-cell technology has many open cells that pass the air through it to cool off the heat.
  • The open cell technology also helps to remove the moisture from the mattress surface. This is especially useful in the summer days.
  • The conformity of this memory foam mattress is faster and thus can attain the body’s shape in no time for extra comfort. This also helps in pressure relief and motion transfer.
  • This mattress provides supreme and also even weight distribution all over. The mattress has 5 zones ventilated posture grid for the body support.
  • The stay fresh technology eliminates the harsh odors if any left in the mattress. Thus it helps maintain a fresh feel of the mattress.
  • The major layers are the topmost cotton cover and the gel infused memory foam layer that conforms to the body and relieves pressure. The third layer is the open cell thermal layer where the heat disappears and thus keeps the mattress fresh smelling. It is this layer that provides the proper body support and pressure relief. The base layer is the high-density foam which is resilient and cushions like for ample support for the upper layers.
  • The covering material of this mattress has got 3 zones of compression. The material is organic cotton and this zonal separation provides pressure relief right from the first layer. This covering material wicks the moisture away from the surface faster.

The Saatva Solaire Mattress. Luxury Air Beds with 50 Custom Firmness settings, 25 year warranty and 180 night trial. Visit
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Customer Reviews Of Innomax Memory Foam Mattresses

Sheryl suffered from back pain until she came across the Innomax. She was so pleased with the purchase that she recommended a new one for her mother also. She also felt the customer service is best.

Derek has been using the memory foam mattress for the last 4 years. They are not only satisfied with the comfort of the mattress but also with the staff, merchandise, and the price that it is offered at. He also managed to get 3 of his family members to go for the same mattress.

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The Bottom Line

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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Bottom line is that the Innomax memory foam mattresses are comfortable for everyone who prefers a firmer surface to sleep on. These mattresses are more towards the firm comfort than soft feel. It is also the firm feels that the body needs to avoid any back pain. In that case, this is the best product one can get for proper body contouring and pressure relieving facilities and not to mention temperature regulation on their sleep surface.

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