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Comfort Dreams mattresses are almost like an entry level mattresses into the memory foam world. The mattresses hold almost 80% of customer satisfaction and not much problems with that. The mattresses also have a decent period of durability. The price of the mattress is another high point. The Comfort Dreams mattresses are suitable for all types of sleeping positions.

The main advantage of Comfort Dreams mattresses is that there is very less off gassing and less heat on the mattress. Let’s have a look at the leading mattresses from this brand.

Top 3 Comfort Dreams Memory Foam Mattresses

Comfort Dreams Organic Cotton 10-inch Twin-size Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are the greatest tools that can enhance the sleeping experience. These Comfort Dreams 10 inch mattresses also look well with any twin size bedroom set. The memory foam used here is resistant to microbes and dust mites. The foam is sensitive to temperature and adjusts to the body. The body when comfortable improves the blood circulation and allows peaceful sleep.

This elegant mattress, 10-inch twin-size memory foam mattress crafted by Comfort Dreams is made using organic cotton to make it eco-friendly and user friendly. The mattress uses 2 layers of foam. The upper layer is the 3 inches of memory foam and the lower layer is 7 inches thick. The top layer has a density of 4 pounds and the lower layer is higher density support foam.

Customers have mostly bought it for their children’s bed and are quite satisfied with the comfort. Although there are those who felt it to be too firm for their taste, majority of them have approved of the comfort level of this mattress.

Comfort Dreams Select-A-Firmness 11-inch Queen-size Memory Foam Mattress

The Comfort Dreams select-a-firmness 11 inch queen size memory foam mattress allows you to choose the firmness that you prefer. The mattress can cradle the body that lets you drift into your dreams. The foam used here are resistant to microbes and dust mites that helps keep the allergies away.

This all-foam mattress uses 3 different types of foam. Together they eliminate the pressure points and make sleep comfortable. The mattress uses a layer of memory foam, conventional foam, and base foam for its making.
Mattress thickness

As mentioned earlier, you can choose the mattress comfort or firmness. Depending upon the firmness the thickness of the foam layers differ. There are 3 options of the firmness; they are soft, medium, and firm.

Soft mattress has the mattress layers 2 inches, 2 inches, and 7 inches for the memory foam, conventional foam and the base foam. The density of these foams is 3 pounds, 2.5 pounds, and 1.5 pounds respectively.

Medium mattress has the layers at 4 inches, 2 inches, and 5 inches in thickness. The density if these layers are 3 pounds, 1.5 pounds, and 1.65 pounds respectively.

The firm mattress has the memory foam layer at 1 inches, 2 inches of the middle layer and 8 inches of base layer. Their densities are 4 pounds, 2.5 pounds, and 1.65 pounds for the top, middle, and base layers.
This mattress is queen size, suitable for couples. The mattress can nullify the motion transfer effectively. The mattress is made in standard size to suit all the bed foundations. The best options are box spring, platform, or slated beds.

Comfort Dreams 4.5-inch Full-size Memory Foam Sofa Sleeper Mattress

Sofa sleepers are the biggest blessings for the small apartments. Should there be an unexpected guest, you can simply unroll the mattress and have the bed ready for the night. This 4.5 inch queen memory foam mattress is dust mite resistant & is also comfortable enough giving you a deeper sleep guaranteed.

The mattress is made of visco elastic memory foam only. It has 1.5 inches of visco memory foam at the top and 3 inches base foam to make it perfect. The mattress also has a covering made of cotton ply. The cover is zippered so that you can remove it for any washing.

This mattress is comfortable enough to sleep and is also able to fold into the sofa when not in use. The queen size mattress fits the standard sofa. The dimensions are 54 x 72 inches.

Comfort Dreams mattresses: Customer reviews

A customer sums up the mattress as very comfortable to sleep. It is good for the nightly use for the price it comes in. it is also lot better than the older spring mattress he had. The problem he faced was that the mattress leaves some space between the sofa and mattress and is not entirely full. Also that the ends takes some while to unfurl when to open. The biggest problem he has that there are no straps to keep the mattress folded.

The Bottom Line

Bottom line is that these one sided mattresses are comfortable for sleep. The facility to choose the desired firmness is a big advantage. The mattresses are worth the money spent. If you are ok with a comfortable mattress and is not keen on having a luxurious mattress, Comfort Dreams memory foam mattresses are for you.