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Amerisleep Mattress
  • Designed for Deep Sleep
  • Zone Pressure Relief
  • Cooler With Ecofriendly Bio-Pur
  • 100 Night Risk Free Trial
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Amerisleep Revere 12 natural memory foam mattress

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  • Designed for Deep Sleep
  • Zone Pressure Relief
  • Cooler With Ecofriendly Bio-Pur
  • 100 Night Risk Free Trial

It is not just our gadgets that need some recharging. Our body also needs the recharging every single day. The recharging period is the sleep which is most often interrupted by the uncomfortable mattress. This is the main reason why the mattress purchase is a very sensitive issue. The Amerisleep memory foam mattresses are restorative for the body that offers peaceful sleep at night.

The Amerisleep Revere 12 Inch Mattress is Now the Amerisleep AS3, Upgraded to a better version and a new look

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Amerisleep mattresses are all memory foam mattresses that are made of breathable material. The breathability does not confine to the foam but also to the covering material. Amerisleep uses a special type of fabric that recycles the thermal energy from the body into infrared light.

Features Of Amerisleep Memory Foam Mattresses

  • The speciality starts from the covering material that is made of 13 different thermo-reactive minerals in it. These minerals help in recycling or converting the thermal energy from the body into infrared light. This way the heat does not accumulate to make the mattress hot. The fabric used here is known as Celliant fabric.
  • The foam used here is made by the VPF- Variable Pressure Foaming that has zero emissions and does not cause any pollution. This process allows air to pass through and carbon filters that remove all traces of chemicals filter passing air.
  • The types of foam used for the mattresses are Bio-Pur memory foam and Bio-PUR + memory foam. The Bio-PUR memory foam is highly responsive to the body. It is basically a plant based material that has large open pores for breathability. Bio-Pur also has faster responsive time. It relieves pressure points and allows better blood circulation in the body.

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More Features of Amerisleep Memory Sleep Mattresses

  • The Bio-PUR+ memory foam is advanced form of the Bio-Pur foam. It is made the same way as Bio-Pur except that this goes through an extra process of reticulation to remove unnecessary foam membranes. This foam has extra spaces in it for better air circulation and thus provides better comfort as well. Bio-Pur+ can also remove the excess moisture while you sleep. So there are no more drenching in sweat during the hot season.
  • There also is the Active flex foam that allows more bounce to the mattress. This is added as the top layer is some mattresses and suits for those who wants some extra bounce.
  • Amerisleep uses some affinity layers in between the top and bottom layers. This is seen in certain models. The objective is to have a smooth transition between the different foam layers.
  • The support foam used is the Bio-Core that supports the hips and shoulder well to have uniform weight distribution. It also complies with the natural spinal alignment.

Top 3 Amerisleep Memory Foam Mattresses

The top 3 mattresses have a ranging comfort level from firm to medium comfort. The firm and medium firm mattresses are especially good for the back sleepers while the medium comfort mattress is comfortable for all others.

Amerisleep Americana 10″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress (California King)

Amerisleep Americana 10” natural memory foam mattress is the firm mattress. It suits for the back sleepers. The 10 inches are formed by the 2 inches of Bio-Pur memory foam and 8 inches of the Bio-Care support foam. The top layer is highly responsive and conforms to the body readily. It is also faster in recovery time. The Bio-care is sag free and has durability than normal support foam.

This model of mattress is available in all standard sizes. There is also the split king size mattress. This is not one of the cheap memory foam mattresses. It sure is economical in many ways. The popular size of this model is California king size.

Customer Reviews

Pete suffers from fibromyalgia and is quite happy with the comfort of the Amerisleep Americana memory foam mattress. It doesn’t sag ad there is less tossing and turnings. The sleep quality has also improved. He uses it with an adjustable bed and is stays in its shape.

Tia was looking for a firm mattress and ended up here. She finds it here and vouches that the mattress is firm. She got the split king size. Although the mattress didn’t work wonders by making the discomfort disappear, it did allow her and her husband to have peaceful time with their sleep.

Amerisleep Revere 12″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress (Twin)

Amerisleep Revere 12 inch natural memory foam mattress is a double layered mattress. It used only 2 different foam types. This has a comfort level of medium firm, which is a mid ranged comfort with a slight deviation towards the firmer side. This mattress suits for the back sleepers than other sleep positions.

The top layer is the body conforming Bio-Pur foam which is 3 inches in thickness. The bottom layer is Bio-Care higher density memory foam. The support foam is 9 inches thick, also made of natural materials to reduce the use of petroleum products.

The mattress cover is breathable for sure and can also resist the dust mites to have no allergies. The pressure relieving abilities of the mattress reduce the instances of neck or back pain upon waking up.

The mattress is available in all sizes and the twin size seems to be most popular of all. The mattress has 20 year limited warranty and a 90-night return guarantee. Further, refer to the Amerisleep Revere review for more detailed analysis.

Customer Reviews

Mary who often wakes up in the middle of the night no longer has trouble falling back asleep. The only problem she feels is that it is more firmer than a medium firm mattress.

Kathy finds this mattress comfortable even though the cooling effects are not that effective for her. She suffers from multiple joint issues and still able to sleep comfortably on this mattress.

Eric was in dire need of a mattress replacement. He bought this mattress because of its return guarantee. He was decisive within 60 days and is happy with the comfort.

Amerisleep Liberty 12″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress (Twin XL)

Amerisleep Liberty 12 inch natural memory foam mattress is a 3 layered mattress with an additional layer of foam. This is not visible with the other types. Adding the third layer, in the middle, is to make the transition from the softer layer to the firmer layer smooth.

The comfort level of this mattress is medium to medium soft. The mattress is made with a layer of Bio-Pur soft memory foam, a middle layer of affinity transition layer and the Bio-Care base layer. The top layer is 3 inches thick, the transition layer is 2 inches in thickness, and that of the base layer is 7 inches.

The presence if the transition layer makes the comfort smoother. It also helps make the mattress softer. It can make you feel like floating in the air rather than sleeping on a hard surface.

Get this mattress in any size that you prefer to enjoy 90 days of guaranteed return if you are unsatisfied. The covering material is comfortable and can keep the cool, throughout the night.


Amerisleep Vs Leesa :

Customer Reviews

Joe is very happy that he no longer wakes up too often with pain. He sleeps longer and peacefully. He is also able to wake up with more energy than before after the restful sleep.

Bandy suffers from degenerative disc disease. He found major difference within a week after using this Amerisleep Liberty mattress. He is also able to walk longer before he needs the assistance of his mobility scoter.

Suitable Mattress Foundations For Amerisleep Memory Foam Mattresses

The Amerisleep mattresses are suitable to be used with any type of mattress foundations. Place it directly on the floor, this mattress works well. it also suits with the box spring so that you don’t have to look for a new one. It also suits with flat frame or slated frame. Just make sure that the slats are not too far apart from each other. These are memory foam mattresses and are well suited for the adjustable beds as well. in fact the adjustable beds can improve the comfort.

The Verdict

The verdict is that the Amerisleep memory foam mattresses are good for one and all. You just need to pick the suitable mattress for your sleep position. The reviews show positive remarks and there hardly are any cons that can make you think twice. Do remember, these are no cheap mattress so keep the money ready. From what we just saw it seems worth for all that is spent on them.

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