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AiiLiving Pocket Sprung Mattresses Reviews & Comparisons

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Yes, because these mattresses combine the benefits from pocket springs and memory foam. It has pocket springs and also memory foam (better known as slow spring back foam). The advantage of memory foam material is that when pressure is applied, the cells of the foam distribute air pressure quickly and will then not come back to its original position in a hurry. This leads to better comfort when you lie down on these mattresses as the pressure on body pressure points also reduces.

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How is AiiLiving Mattresses Made

Ej. Life mattresses contain individual wrapped pocket springs, for giving independent support to every area of your body, and eliminating rolling. In addition, you get extra support and comfort from a deep layer of memory foam that provides a soft, luxurious feel.

  • Pocket sprung mattress – In these mattresses, the springs are sewn into individual fabric pockets. The fabric surrounding the spring acts like a shock absorber. It increases the firmness of the mattress and reduces bounce, which improves comfort. They provide better support, as each coil absorbs the weight individually to allow the contours of the body to uniformly support.
  • Constant Temperature Memory Foam – It automatically gets the human body’s temperature and creates a smart ergonomic shape to meet the optimum body stress allocation and slow down blood vessel & nerve compression. With memory foam, you can have a relaxing and comfortable sleep without constantly turning over a stiff neck in the night.
  • Individually wrapped pocket springs – Get support in the right places with the help of individually wrapped pocket springs that work independently and closely follow your body.
  • Breathable Brocade Fabric – This material at the top keeps you comfortable by reducing pressure points and properly aligns the spine. It also disperses body heat and creates a cool surface.
  • High-Density Base Foam – It provides comfort and support for an uninterrupted sleep by decreasing motion transfer between partners.

Stretch fabric on top of the mattress moves with you to maximize comfort.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the AiiLiving Mattresses

UK King Size Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam and Latex(Two-In-One)Single 9-Zone Memory Foam Mattress with Pocket Springs – Orthopedic Mattress – 10.6-InchDouble 3D Breathable Fabric Mattress with Pocket Springs and Memory Foam – 10.6-Inch
SizeRegular PriceSizeSale PriceSizeSale Price

Adjustable base For AiiLiving Mattresses

There is no information from the manufacturer related to these mattresses is good for use on an adjustable base or not.

AiiLiving Mattresses Cover

  • Top layer consists of breathable brocade fabric that keeps you comfortable by reducing pressure points and properly aligning the spine. It also works to disperse body heat and create a cool sleep surface.
  • It is a soft and comfortable, flexible and strong, anti-static, wear-resistant and anti-pilling material.
  • There are many breathable irregular rhombic shapes on the surface which enlarges the support capacity of the mattress and make you have a comfortable sleep.
  • It absorbs sweat and keeps moisture away to restrain the growth of bacteria and mold.

AiiLiving Mattresses Bedding Accessories

Buy Set of 2 Spring Pillows with Premium Polyester and Cotton for Sleeping Queen Size here. Available in Gray and Blue colors. Get up to 70% off on AiiLiving spring pillows.

AiiLiving Mattresses Firmness Analysis

Some people rate these mattresses as medium firm while some find it soft. Hence, the firmness entirely depends on the sleeper’s weight and bed capacity.

AiiLiving Mattresses Frames & Foundation

These mattresses can work well with any solid, flat platform base and frame.

The AiiLiving Mattresses Blog

This seller has no blogging site for you to view the latest sleep stories or related articles.

The AiiLiving Mattresses Showroom & Store Locator

AiiLiving Mattresses from Ej. Life brand is only available online and you cannot buy AiiLiving Mattresses in Stores located nearby.

AiiLiving Mattresses Customer Services Phone Number

Call – +86 18938835160 or Email –

Black Friday Deals & Sales on AiiLiving Mattresses

From time to time you can find AiiLiving Mattresses on sale and get up to 80% off. Check the ‘Sale’ tab on regularly.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to AiiLiving Mattresses

There are no odors or smell reported by users for the Ej. Life Mattresses from AiiLiving. However, if at all you notice the slight smell, allow the mattress to air out in a well-ventilated room.

Motion Transfer on a AiiLiving Mattresses

AiiLiving pocket sprung mattresses are ideal for a weight and/or size variation between you and your sleeping partner. The individual springs in each side will act to take the weight of just your partner so you won’t feel the movement or get rolling over feelings. Hence, if you or your partner moves around a lot in sleep, then it is less likely to feel the motion.


Top 3 AiiLiving Mattresses from Ej. Life brand combines the best of both worlds – Pocket spring and memory foam to provide you the best comfort and support to get restful sleep all night long. Buy AiiLiving Mattresses on sale for the best price today (Up to 80% off)!!

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