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RV vacations should be 100% trouble free and relaxing. But the saddened truth is RV, Trucks and other personal travel trailers have a horrible quality of mattresses, depriving you of a peaceful sleep. 25 years ago, the makers of Tochta understood the need to provide beds that allow quality sleep which you deserve while on vacations. They are making comfortable and customized mattresses in any size and shape you need. Hence, you have an option to go for three Tochta bed designs – Journey, Cortana, and Utopia. Or customize any of these three mattress designs by size and shape for the Tochta Custom RV Mattresses. Continue reading to know more about Tochta Mattresses Reviews, Tochta Custom RV Mattresses Reviews, Models, Specs and more.

Tochta Custom RV Mattresses

Tochta Mattresses User Reviews & Ratings

People share impressive Tochta Mattresses Reviews Online. They are pleased and impressed with the quality of product that fits perfectly in RV. Many customers feel that a good sleep is important during travel but is also difficult to achieve. So most of them were looking for a replacement RV mattress and ended up buying either Tochta RV Mattress design or Tochta custom RV mattress.

People are happy to own a very comfortable mattress with exact dimensions and made from high-quality materials. Some users say it keeps them cool throughout the night for much needed restful sleep during travel. Almost all users appreciate the company’s capability of delivering the mattress within a week or so of ordering. Majority users strongly recommend Tochta Mattresses and are looking forward to buying more Tochta mattresses if needed. On, it has received TrustScore 8.7 out of 10 from 9 reviews.

Best Mattress Models from Tochta Custom RV Mattresses

Tochta Mattresses Models

Choose the perfect fit for you from the Tochta Standard Mattress Design Models

Tochta Journey Mattress – This is a comfortable and long-lasting mattress which comes with an amazing value. It gives you a medium firm feel with strong construction.

Features –

  • Gel Visco Comfort Layer
  • Sturdy 3 layer construction
  • Best price (Queen size starts from $378)
  • Support firmness level rates at 8
  • Comfort level firmness rates 7

3 Layer Construction and Materials

  • Gel Visco Comfort Layer – This gel-infused memory foam layer at the top is perfect comfort layer. With “hug factor”, this layer won’t bottom out. Plus it has that slow recovery feel which is common in memory foam mattresses. This blend gives you the feeling of excellent support and superior “hug” while the gel infused beads absorb excess heat to keep sleep surface at a perfect temperature.
  • Transitional Layer – This superior transitional foam layer adds to the quality of the mattress. This special foam provides the perfect amount of support while distributing your weight and allowing your spine to rest in its proper alignment.
  • Base Support – The Tochta foam base is a powerhouse which allows the other layers to do their work properly. The high-density foam blend will provide years of support and durability.
  • Tochta Cortana Mattress – This is a firmer mattress with a little bit of “bounce.” It is built with responsive latex layer on the top to provide full body support, firm comfort, and supreme durability.


  • Latex comfort layer
  • Bounce and firmness at the surface
  • 3 layer luxury firm mattress
  • Best Price (Queen Starts at $460)
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic
  • Mold, mildew & dust mite resistant
  • Support firmness 9
  • Comfort level 8

3 Layer Construction and Materials

  • Latex Comfort Layer – Tochta’s latex comfort layer is breathable, bouncy, firm, comfortable and supportive. It contours to your body perfectly and provides a bounce and firmness, unlike traditional polyurethane foam. It also offers instant supportive response and minimal motion transfer. This material also allows improved air flow for breathability on the sleep surface to ensure you rest at a neutral temperature.
  • Transitional Layer – This is a memory foam layer that provides the perfect amount of support and distributes weight evenly for proper spine alignment.
  • Base Support – This base layer is the workhorse for the other layers to work perfectly. It is a high-density foam blend that offers support and durability.
  • Tochta Utopia Mattress – This is the Tochta ‘most popular model’ designed for those who want a true luxury soft mattress. It uses premier dual phase change “quick recovery” memory foam as its top layer. And latex layer underneath which perfectly complements adding unparalleled resiliency, durability, and a little bit of bounce.


  • Most Popular Model
  • Premium comfort, supportive and responsive memory foam
  • Tochta’s memory foam provides incredible luxury soft comfort, yet still be responsive
  • Quick recovery Cooling & supportive Gel Memory foam
  • Thousands of Gel beads wicks away body heat for optimal sleep temperature
  • Latex transition layer adds “bounce” and support
  • Best Price (Queen size starts at $479)
  • 4 Layer Construction to provide firm support and luxury comfort
  • Support firmness 9
  • Comfort level 10

4 Layer Construction and Materials

  • Premium Gel Visco Comfort Layer – This premier dual phase change ‘quick recovery’ memory foam will not bottom out. Quick recovery means, unlike other memory foams that “sink in”/ bottom out and make you feel like you’re sleeping in a pit, Tochta memory foam has that slow recovery feel. This blend gives you the feeling of luxury soft comfort while at the same time providing incredible support. It will let your pressure points dig in, yet still be responsive enough to support you from every weight, pressure, and angle. It is absolutely perfect comfort layer for all sleepers (side, stomach, and back).
  • Latex – Latex layer provides incredible durability, support, breathability, and increased air flow, with a little bit of “bounce” to compliment the top layer. This latex layer is 10x the cost of regular foam but is important in providing superior structure, support, and comfort all at the same time.
  • Transitional Layer – This superior transitional foam provides the perfect amount of support distributes your weight and allows perfect spine alignment.
  • Base support – The high-density foam base layer supports all the upper layers to provide durability and support

Tochta Custom RV Mattresses – Enjoy sleeping in perfect comfort with Tochta custom-built RV mattresses. They create any size, any cut mattress made with the highest quality materials that ship directly to your door. They cut out all the middleman and all mattresses are delivered directly to you from the factory. Made in-house, compressed, packaged and shipped directly – order standard sizes, custom sizes or special cuts, free delivery within 10 days.

Tochta Mattresses Return Policy/ 100 Night Trial

You can try your Tochta mattress for 100 nights, risk-free. If within this period you are not completely satisfied with the mattress, contact customer service by sending an email to with your problem and they will try best to “quick fix” your issue. However, if you are still not satisfied, they will provide you with an RMA number along with an address for you to ship back the mattress. They will initiate the refund process within 7 days after receipt of the returned mattress.

Tochta Mattresses Warranty

These mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects including body impressions of greater than 1 1/2″.

Buy Tochta Custom RV Mattresses

The best place to buy Tochta Custom RV Mattresses online is directly from the manufacturer – Here get the benefit of free shipping, 100-night trial, 10-year warranty, best price and great customer service. Tochta Mattresses in Amazon is currently not available.

Independent Reviews On Tochta Custom RV Mattresses

  • Mallorie spent a couple of weeks looking into companies who make replacement mattresses for RV’s. She ended with Tochta, who helped them get one of the most comfortable mattresses. This new bed keeps the couple cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  • Chris feels very glad to find Tochta. He is super impressed with the price, speed of delivery, and quality of the product.
  • Marianne says her mattress was delivered within a week of ordering it and is exactly what she was expecting. It is extremely comfortable memory foam mattress.

Bad reviews of Tochta Custom RV Mattresses

There are no Tochta Custom RV Mattresses complaints or bad reviews available online.

Tochta Custom RV Mattresses Comparison

Comparison Tochta Custom RV Mattresses

Tochta Journey RV MattressAmeena Mattress
Mattress TypeGel Memory Foam MattressThermaphase Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Layers3 layers foam3 layers foam
Quilted FoamNoYes
Comfort levelMedium firmMedium
SizeCali King, Eastern King, Full, Full XL, Queen, RV Bunk, RV Full, RV King, RV Queen, Short King, Twin, Twin XLKing, Queen, Twin, Twin XL
CertificationsCertiPUR-US certifiedCertiPUR-US certified
Trial Period100 nights120 nights
Price starts from$583$800
Weight69 lbs65 lbs
Fits Adjustable BedYesNo
BuildMade in the USAMade in the USA

Tochta Custom RV Mattresses Shipping & Delivery

Tochta mattress is compressed and rolled in a box for convenient shipping. Free shipping applies to all orders shipped to the continental United States. However, shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is available for an additional charge which you will be notified before checkout.

Your mattress will be typically delivered between 3-14 days after the order was placed, depending on size, style, and location in a box measuring 20” x 20” x 42”.

Tochta Custom RV Mattresses Setup & Installation

You will receive your new mattress compressed, rolled, in a well-packaged box directly from the factory. The setup is easy –

  • Take the box to the room you wish to place your mattress.
  • Remove the compressed mattress from the box, and carefully cut open the outer plastic wrapping of your mattress.
  • After removing the outer plastic, cautiously cut or tear away the plastic covering your mattress. Your mattress will immediately begin to expand.
  • After removing the plastic, set and position your mattress in its place and allow it to fully expand. It will expand fully and will be ready to use within minutes.

Tochta Custom RV Mattresses BBB Business Profile

Tochta Mattresses BBB Business Profile: This business is not BBB Accredited

Are Bed bugs in Tochta Custom RV Mattresses a Possibility

Tochta Cortana Mattress is naturally hypo-allergenic. It is mold, mildew & dust mite resistant, keeping your sleeping environment healthier and cleaner.

Is Tochta Custom RV Mattresses Good For Back Pain Problems

Tochta Utopia Mattress uses Premium Gel Visco Comfort Layer with “push back” feature. It knows how much to respond to every part of your body. This material is soft enough to let your hips and shoulders dig, and supportive enough to support the arch or your back and other parts of your body which needs proper support. Thus, this model is great for all types of sleeping position and who want relief from back pain.

Is Tochta Custom RV Mattresses Non Toxic

The company claims to not treat any of their mattresses with any chemicals. The fire barrier used is an inherently retardant fabric and functions without the aid of fire retardant chemicals. Also, they use only CertiPUR-US foams so you can be rest assured there are no harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, ozone depletes heavy metals and certain flame retardants. These foams meet CertiPUR-US program standards for content and emissions and are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

Are Tochta Custom RV Mattresseses Any Good

Yes, all these mattresses are manufactured from high-quality materials. These beds use top quality foams for maximum durability and support. In addition, they are manufactured in the U.S.A in their own factory and delivered directly to you.

How is Tochta Custom RV Mattresses Made

Tochta Custom RV Mattresses are made of any size, any dimensions, and any cut. They use Premium Gel Visco memory foam, latex, and sturdy support base materials for maximum durability and support.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Tochta Custom RV Mattresses

Size, Dimensions, Thickness, and Weight of the Tochta Mattresses

The following Size, Dimensions, and weights are listed for 10” Standard Tochta mattresses. However, the weight will vary depending on size and thickness for Tochta Custom RV Mattresses. You can create Tochta Custom RV Mattresses between following Dimensions:

  • Thickness – anywhere between 2” – 12”
  • Width – 2” – 88”
  • Length – 2” – 100”
Twin38” x 74”40 lbs
Twin XL38” x 80”
RV Bunk34” x 74”
RV Full48” x 74”
Full53” x 74”58 lbs
Full XL53” x 80”
RV Queen60” x 74”63 lbs
Queen60” x 80”69 lbs
RV King72” x 78”
Short King72” x 80”
Eastern King76” x 80”88 lbs
Cal King72” x 84”88 lbs

Adjustable base For Tochta Custom RV Mattresses

All Tochta mattresses including the Tochta Custom RV Mattresses will work on an adjustable base as well as a flat surface.

Tochta Custom RV Mattresses Factory Location & Headquarters

Each of Tochta mattresses is proudly handmade in the USA in a factory based out at Southern California.

Tochta Custom RV Mattresses Customer Services Phone Number

Call at (888) 690-1081 or Email at or Message them using the ‘Contact Us’ form on their website.


Tochta Custom RV Mattresses Safety & Certifications

Tochta Mattresses meet the fire barrier requirements of the Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR Part 1633 and 1632. In addition, all foams used in Tochta’s mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Tochta Custom RV Mattresses

The odors or smells from the Tochta Mattresses will be similar to a new couch or a new car. Since all these beds are made to order, they are only boxed for a short period of time and sent to you immediately. Other companies store their mattresses in warehouses or have them shipped from overseas, where they acquire container smells, become stale and may have unpleasant odors.


If you are looking for affordable custom size mattress for your truck or RV, check no other than Tochta Custom RV Mattresses.

Tochta Custom RV Mattresses


CERTI-PUR certified


Free Trial Period & Warranty


Edge Support




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Life Span



  • High quality mattress
  • 10-year warranty


  • Cortana - Not ideal for side or back sleepers


Any Size, Any thickness Any Shape

Custom RV Mattress , Free Delivery and Certi-Pur Certified