Our mattress is one of the most cherished places. We share an emotional bond with our bed and why not? Almost all our emotions are placed on the mattress. Right from breakup sobs that call for a pillow hug to experimenting under the sheets with your partner to having a good night’s sleep, an average spends almost one-third of his/her life in bed. But your mattress is still a mystery to you. Here are some mind boggling facts about mattresses you never knew. I guarantee you will never see at your mattress in the same way again.


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Famous mattress, least preference

Very much true. Innerspring mattress are one of the most sold and reliable mattress. Approximately 80% of purchase goes to innerspring mattress. But they also possess the lowest satisfaction ratings, says SleepLikeTheDead.com.

In fact, 63% of innerspring mattress owners report satisfactory when you compare to 80% of memory foam/latex owners and 79% of waterbed owners. The amazing part is this “satisfactory” rating are remaining stable for some time now even though “quality” mattresses such as memory foam and latex see continual growth in their sales.

Jeepers Creepers Where’d You Get Those Peepers? – Facts about mattresses

Yikes, but crawling critters are right there under your mattress. One of the grossiest fact still remains that used mattress has thousands of dust mites that place their feces within fabric materials and other crevices surrounding your mattress. Dust mites are everywhere where there are animals or people and love humid climates. They eat up shed skin cells and while they do not bite, they are certainly detrimental to people with sensitive body. This is because they trigger allergies, asthma etc.

Pillows are the best hang out place for them since they find skin oils, drool etc. on them. It is best to retire your pillow every six months or at least a year.

They cannot bear hot temperatures so make sure to regularly clean the mattress and pillow by placing them under the sun at least once a week. You can even wash the bedding using hot water every fortnight.

Is it Illegal to buy a mattresses?

Third on the “Facts about mattresses” list seems weird. And, it’s true too. Among all the states of USA, its only Washington that seems to put a ban on buying mattress. While weekend is the perfect time to go shopping, an old law in Washington state says, that it is illegal to purchase or even sell a mattress on Sundays. Heck, even televisions and meat are banned on Sundays.

Though the reason is still murky, many sites claim this rule. However, it is not a hard and fast rule so I guess you won’t be having a problem there.


  •  20 year warranty

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  •  20 Years warranty

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Recycle your mattress

A general rule of thumb says that you should toss your mattress every eighth year or tenth – and that’s the max you get. However, majority of them don’t really know what to do with it. Here is an idea – recycle it. One of the best things you can do is to give it for charity (if in usable condition) but if not, recycle is the best option. Recycling is a growing industry. From the springs to metal to wood to fibers, almost all the parts are usable.

Researching spot for burglars

Ever heard of the adage – money under the mattress? If so, then you probably don’t want to hide your prized possessions under your mattress. It is one of the first places visiting thief will look into. Of course, sleeping on piles of cash is not good for your back too. Keep your valuables in bank, under heavy furnishings, inside clothes, attic etc.

Sleeping on ropes – Unknown Facts about mattresses

Our forefathers used to sleep on cross woven ropes across wood frames. That’s how the phrase “sleep tight” came into action because sleepers had to be vigilant enough to tighten their bed ropes or else would sink in.

As for the phrase ‘don’t let the bedbugs bite’, well, its still applicable today.

Flame proof mattress

As per law laid in 2007 by Federal law, all mattresses must be flame-proof if they are to be sold in US. Meeting these requirements can save up to 270 lives and approx. 1330 injuries a year, says Consumer Products Safety Commission. This is because smoking in bed, lighting candles and other possibilities can trigger off risk to innocent lives not to mention burning down the roof as well.

There are certain questions about using chemicals as flame retardant and their impact on people’s health. However, certain risky chemicals such as PBDEs are banned from using. Some manufacturers still use little other chemicals as flame retardant but are also turning to fabric as barriers or other greener as a safety measure.

Mattress Dominoes

You might have heard about Mattress Dominoes and its an actual record held by Guinness. If you haven’t know that its a game where it involves lining mattress and people up just like dominoes. The real fun is when they start getting knocked over as a chain reaction triggering amusement and excitement.

The current record is held by volunteers in Shanghai during the year 2012 where 1001 mattress and people set the record.

Shedding skins

Oh yeah, its true. There is a reason why dust mites settle beneath your mattress. They shed skin cells and sweat along with other fluids from your body.

Hard to believe, you shed millions of skin cells every day. As you spend one-third of your day on mattress, its viable that some of you wind up there. You also sweat when you sleep. So do your mattress a favor and use protective mattress cover. They will protect your bed from unbearable punishment such as shedding skin, sweating, spills. You can wash them regularly to keep your bed spic and span for a good life.

Messed up beds are good

Remember, when we were young and how our mom used to tell us to make the bed. Well, it’s time to prove it wrong. In fact, a study by Kingston University says that tidy mattress creates a humid atmosphere inside by trapping the sweat and moisture from your body. This is a great welcome for creepy crawlers. When you expose the bed to air and sunlight, it will kill the mites thus assisting in a good sleep.

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