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Yaasa One Adjustable Bed

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The Yaasa adjustable bed is very sturdy with an aluminum frame. The frameworks stand strong and durable. It is also lighter to move with ease.

The Yaasa adjustable bed is the modern age bed with numerous benefits and options with the adjustment. It is good for quality sleep and can relieve the pressure on the back. This is ideal for those suffering from ailments like restless syndrome, sciatica, pain in the hips or shoulder etc. It can even minimize the snoring and acid reflux.

Is Yaasa Adjustable Bed Good For Back Pain 

With a flat bed or mattress, it is not easy to get the alignment right. The yaasa Adjustable beds allows the body to be more comfortable in each position and ease the pressure points. Users have complemented it on the overall comfort along with support for back and neck.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed User Reviews & Rating

I liked the USB charging ports on the sides. I use it with my flatbed with no issues. It is slightly higher when put together but I am happy with the outcome. The customer service is very good and they helped me through my issue continuously until it was resolved

It feels good to get up from this adjustable bed. My wife and I have been sleeping peacefully even since this adjustable bed. Assembly takes longer than anticipated. It took me 45 minutes to put it together.

The best thing about this adjustable bed is that I got it into my apartment which is a small place. It came in boxes that were easy to carry. It is also easy to disassemble when wanted. It looks cool. I do not need pillows to pop myself up.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

The Yaasa adjustable bed is available in the 4 sizes including the split king size. The dimensions of each size of the Yaasa adjustable bed are,

TWIN  XL79.25” X 37.25” X 15”140 lbs
QUEEN79.25” x 58” x 15”176 lbs
KING79.25” x 74.5” x 15”198 lbs
SPLIT KING79.25” x 74.5” x 15” In 2 pieces140 x 2 lbs

The compatible mattresses for the bases are Yaasa mattresses of the same sizes with 6 inches in thickness. The spilt King bed needs 2 Twin XL mattresses.

The Yaasa adjustable bed warranty

The Yaasa adjustable bed has a 10-year limited warranty. The first year has a full warranty against manufacturing defects. The customer needs not pay any return shipping costs in any event. From the 2nd year onwards the warranty covers any replacement parts for the steel or aluminum parts and not for the electronics defects.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Shipping & Delivery

The Yaasa adjustable bed is shipped for free within the USA. The shipment is sent through FedeX Ground service. The shipment starts from the Michigan factory.

The delivery would be done within 3-5 business days.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Yaasa Adjustable Bed

You may get a few coupon codes and promo codes to get discount on the Yaasa adjustable bed. From Sleepopolis you get the SLEEPOPOLISADJUST code that gets you $100 off on this smart adjustable bed. Coupons are also available from,, etc.

Yaasa Studios customer service number

The Yaasa Studios customer service 
Phone : (855) 622 3711
email :
Yaasa Studios Inc, 511, Olive Street
Salta Barbara, CA 93101

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Setup & Installation

The Yaasa adjustable bed comes in different parts that you need to assemble. There would side rails, crossbars, corner connecting wheels, leg screws, corner covers, cables for the connection etc.

The Yaasa adjustable bed assembly instructions are provided on the shipping box itself. There is also an assembly video available at the manufacturer’s site as well as on the YouTube. Check the link for the video.
If the instructions are not clear, you could also contact the customer service at 855-622-3711

Yaasa Adjustable Bed financing

Yaasa Studios offer the financing option to get the adjustable beds or mattresses from them. The financing is taken care by the Affirm. You can check prior to checkout, whether or not you are eligible for the financing option.

The financing helps you pay the amount for the Yaasa adjustable bed in installments. It allows you paying in 6, 12 or 18 months time instead of paying the whole amount at a time. There is no extra interest in such options for the first 6 months. Later on, the interest would be 10-30% depending on the credit score.

Prices On Yaasa Adjustable Bed

The Yaasa adjustable bed is easily available in the queen and king sizes. The twin XL size is preorder size as it is also part of the split king size. The prices are,

  • Twin XL- $1199
  • Queen- $1499
  • King- $1799
  • Split King- $2299


The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is a compatible bed for all types of modern mattresses which broadly includes the memory foam, latex, and the likes. As opposed to the traditional spring mattresses, these modern mattresses have a smaller coil if any and the majority are made of memory foam for its flexibility. It is this flexibility that is suitable for the Yaasa Adjustable bed. There is the Yaasa mattress that is made to match the Yaasa Adjustable Bed. You can either buy this or use your mattress on this cool bed. As with the other adjustable beds, the Yaasa adjustable bed is also slightly higher in price. But this bed is worth the money and you can have a really cool and modern looking bedroom with this bed.

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