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Saatva Mattress
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Best Mattress For Spinal Stenosis

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It would be rude to tell you that these are the top 5 mattresses which are excellent, if you are suffering from spinal stenosis of any kind, Lumbar or cervical. The fact is that there are a lot more mattresses in the market and it’s impossible to tell which one is best for a condition or a problem. It’s even difficult to tell you that these are the mattresses which are good because what I consider good may not be what you really want or like. Maybe it’s not just the mattress you want. Brands are different but when it comes to mattresses , they are like clothes. We all have preferences when it comes to the fitting of our shirt to the material and even colors. It’s no different for a mattress and it’s even more important so when it comes to mattresses for special needs and conditions like Spinal stenosis. But I have a lot of 300 odd mattresses which I have reviewed and I can pick out 8 which are good from those. It may not be the best, mind you, but it’s the best among the list of 300 odd mattresses i have reviewed and it’s surely meets special needs, in your case, Spinal stenosis

Before we move forward its important to understand our requirements. When you intend to buy a mattress specifically for a purpose, things become clear. For spinal stenosis, the mattress would require to be

  1. Medium Firm
  2. Cool (in case you need to spend more time in bed)
  3. Compatible with adjustable bases
  4. No motion transfer
  5. Very good edge support (You dont want to slip off the bed when getting in or out)

The Best Brands of Mattress for Spinal Stenosis

Saatva Mattress – Hybrid mattress for Spinal stenosis

Saatva mattress is one of the first few mattresses which started doing business online. It was the only 100% pure online store. Today Saatva has 2 display stores where you can try out the product but not when they started and till a year ago, these display stores were not present. They relied solely on online sales and marketing. ITs one of the reasons that saatva is also the best selling mattress in the industry, But it’s not the only reason. Saatva has a reputation of creating quality products, Great business ethics and a lot of research. Their research in sleep and illness related to sleep has helped them develop mattresses which are suitable for conditions from sleep apnea, arthritis and back pain. This is also the reason why Saatva mattress is on the top of this list. Saatva mattress has been tested by professionals and customers for its effectiveness in helping you rest after a surgery or if you are suffering from a condition like spinal stenosis. They are certified approved by the Chiropractors to be effective in helping people with back related problems and spinal issues.

The saatva mattress is compatible with adjustable bases. This is crucial for people suffering from spinal stenosis as they need to have their head and feet elevated while sleeping to reduce pressure on the spine. Being a Hybrid mattress, it also conforms well to your body. The encased coil on col design is perfect for people who are looking for a bit of bounce. They come in 3 firmness levels and the best is the Luxury firm for most people. This falls in the medium firm category and is suitable for most conditions including back surgery, spinal stenosis, arthritis and spondylolisthesis. Saatva mattresses come with a 120 night trial and a 15 year warranty. The price of the Queen is $1199

Avocado mattress

Avocado mattresses are pure latex mattresses and 100% organic. They come with organic cotton, wool and Natural latex tapped from organic sources. The mattress is manufactured in the USA and is medium firm. Its a Hybrid Latex mattress which has everything you need for a comfortable sleep. What’s important is that its perfect for people who are suffering from back related issues including spinal stenosis. For back problems, most doctors and to be specific, your chiropractor will recommend a mattress which is medium firm. This is the most basic of all conditions. Doctors dont care if you buy a memory foam or a hybrid or latex. What mattress is that the mattress is of medium firmness. Sleeping position is always your preference. ITs hard to change positions and get a good sleep if you are not used to it. Most people sleep on their sides (63% according to WebMD) and 14% sleep on their back. If you are person who sleeps on their back you need to get your feet and head elevated. This will either require a couple of large pillows below your feet and your head or you could use an adjustable frame with an adjustable mattress. If you are a back sleeper, The avocado mattress is an adjustable mattress and is compatible with a range of bases. The avocado mattress is also great for people who spend longer time in bed. The mattress is cool and will not retain heat.

The avocado mattress comes with a 25 years warranty and a 365 night trial. It’s probably one of the longest trial periods of any mattress. Being a latex mattress, Life of the mattress is longer. They don’t sag or sink as easily as memory foam mattresses. The mattress is medium firm and comes with an optional topper with an extra cost. The topper is good if you want to make the mattress a bit softer. This is essential if the person using the mattress is below 150 lbs in weight. Most Light people find a medium firm mattress to be on the firmer side and a topper cushions the mattress a bit more.The avocado Green Mattress sells for $1399 for a queen.

Bear Mattress

The Bear mattress company offers 3 different types of mattresses. The Pro series is of interest for people who are suffering from conditions. The Bear pro Series of mattress is designed specifically for athletes who intend to recover faster from their workout. This is an advantage for people suffering from any form of conditions , Back pain, surgery or Spinal Stenosis for that matter. The Celliant cover of the bear mattress is the key to recovery. You could simply buy the celliant cover for your existing mattress but that would only serve half the purpose. The bear mattress itself is constructed specifically for athletes and keeping recovery in mind. They are firm and made of layers of foam. Copper infused, Gel Memory foam technology prevents bacteria and keeps the mattress cool.

The bear mattress is compatible with adjustable bases. It costs $827 For a queen and is a price which is much lower for the quality. The Bear mattress has its downside too , but only if you are looking for a mattress for regular use. For instance, the bear mattress has lesser bounce. This may be taken as a disadvantage for young couples who intend to use the mattress to make love. But for a person who is suffering from Spinal stenosis, Lack of bounce is often a blessing. This also means that the mattress has no motion transfer. If your partner is sharing the same bed as you, chances are that you will never feel him or her move around. This is a big plus in the bear mattress compared to hybrid mattress and coil beds.


Plushbeds offers 3 different Mattresses, Organic Latex, Natural Latex and they Latex hybrid. The hybrids have a problem when it comes to motion transfer. Apart from that , the Plush Beds Medium firm mattress is a perfect fit for people who suffer from back problems. They come in 3 thicknesses, 4 Firmness levels and all standard sizes including split king, split queen and split California king. The mattress is perfect for adjustable bases where you and your partner can have a completely different setting while sharing the same bed.

Plushbeds also come with a 25 year warranty but the trial is only for 100 nights. If you don’t like the mattress, you can exchange or ask for a refund in the 100 day trial period. The Natural Latex mattress is the most affordable and the perfect option for people who suffer from Spinal stenosis. The organic Latex is good only if you fancy an organic mattress and in general latex is not known to have allergens in it.

The interesting thing about plushbeds is that it comes in different heights. With added height, the mattress is capable of handling heavy people. So if you are on the heavier side, chances are the Plushbeds will be your best choice as compared to the other hybrids and foam mattresses.

Recommended by customers and featured on the ellen show. One of the best mattress for sleep problems

Puffy Mattresses

Puffy Mattress has 3 variations. The Royal is an over kill and the basic mattress is just foam put one on top of another. The Puffy Lux Mattress though is of interest for people suffering from spinal conditions. They are designed to relieve pressure and enhance spinal alignment. Some of the other features which are interesting is its gel infused foam which they call it Climate adaptive that helps reduce heat or rather maintain the temperature while you sleep. While this feature may seem unimportant, temperature problems are one of the main reason people cannot get sound sleep. If you toss and turn , wake up several times at night because its too hot or too cold, you would understand how important it is to maintain a temperature in the bed.

Not surprisingly, the mattress comes with a life time warranty, but only 101 night trial. The Puffy Lux is medium firm and is compatible with adjustable bases. This is surely not a mattress which you would buy if you are looking for luxury. Its perfect for people who have health issues but if you are looking for a wonderful mattress to jump on for sex, May be you would want to try the hybrids.

Loom and Leaf

The loom and leaf mattress is the full memory foam option of the saatva mattress. Its everything saatva has when it comes to warranty and guarantee but costs less and is full foam. But unlike other memory foam mattresses, the Loom and leaf mattress is a bit expensive . At $1599 For a queen, you could probably buy 2 memory foam mattresses from other vendors. But then you wouldn’t get the luxurious feel of the Loom and leaf. Yes, The loom and leaf is a luxury memory foam mattress. They come in 2 firmness levels where the firm is the best suited if you are suffering from back pain or spinal stenosis. They have anti microbial covers, its flame and allergen resistant and the covers are organic cotton.

The Trial period of the Loom and leaf mattress is 120 nights and the 15 years warranty covers all manufacture defects. They are compatible with adjustable bases and are perfect for any sleeping positions

Latex for Less

While there are plenty of Memory foam mattresses in the market , there are only a few notable pure latex mattresses. Unlike Latex hybrids, pure latex mattresses like Latex for less is less expensive and durable. The Mattresses by latex for less is made in USA and comes with organic Latex, Organic cotton and 100% Natural wool fiber. Add 20 years warranty and 120 night trial from the company and that should be sufficient to make most people buy a queen mattress for $999.

The best thing about the latex for less mattresses is that you get 2 firmness levels in one mattress. The mattress is flippable with one firm side and other medium firm. Chances are you will never go wrong with at least the firmness levels when you make a purchase from latex for less. Is the mattress too soft, Flip it around and you have a firm side. The Latex for less mattresses are compatible with Adjustable bases. Unlike Hybrid mattresses, the latex for less mattress does not have any springs in it. This completely removes the problems of motion isolation. Latex being conforming , makes it easier to move around in the mattress. Simply put, This is one of the best options when it comes to latex mattresses for spinal stenosis.

Certified by Doctors. Helps with Spondylitis, Scoliosis, Back Pain and more

Spine Align Mattress

Spine Align mattress is specially crafted for people with back problems. Once upon a time, it was one of the few mattresses which guaranteed relief from back pain or money back. Note that this mattress does not support Adjustable bases and are suitable only for side sleepers or for back sleepers who are willing to use a pillow to elevate their head and feet (The most comfortable position for people suffering from spinal stenosis).

Though spine align mattress comes with a lot of claims, there are a lot of shortcomings with their policies. The trials are for 100 nights but you are required to try the mattress for at least 30 nights before returning them. There is also a 25% charge for early returns, even if they are not opened. Personally, this is not the best choice if i had to buy a mattress, but i would surely look into it to see what features are required in a mattress for a person suffering from back problems.

The need for adjustable mattress for Spinal Stenosis and Back pain

Adjustable bases are expensive and adds to the cost. Considering that you already need to cover the cost of medication and the purchase of the mattress itself, adding an adjustable base would only add to the burden if your insurance does not cover it. But is an adjustable base a requirement or can you do away with it? This is a question which most people have in mind. Many , who can afford it will purchase it out of good intentions to find that its hardly used. There are others who find it a life saver. It all depends on how long you or the patient who is going to be in bed will stay in bed. If you expect to stay in bed for more than 12 hours a day, chances are you will need to sit up to eat and drink if nothing else. You could easily prop a pillow but this will end up as a ritual every time you need to eat or drink. You will also need assistance to place the pillows on your back. With an adjustable base, you could move easily without assistance. While you still may need help to move outside the bed, most of the time you could do away with help. You can comfortably watch television in a slightly inclined position and move away to a sleeping position when you are tired without help. No need for additional pillows either.

In general, adjustable bases are quite comfortable for people who stay in bed for an extended period. This is not a requirement for people who will be spending 10-12 hours in bed. Of course it can help you maintain an elevated position when required without propping pillows which is an advantage.

Some of the best Adjustable mattresses are

Best mattress for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Best mattress for cervical Stenosis

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