Spinal stenosis, the narrowing of the spinal cord at any region from the top to bottom is one of the serious problems of the spine. People who suffer from this problem will have difficult time sleeping in a comfortable position. The kind of mattress has a lot to do in providing comfort for them. This article is all about deciding the Best Mattress for Spinal Stenosis.

It is difficult to choose an ideal mattress for them. Not all types of mattresses would suit for spinal stenosis. The recommended and most voted best mattresses for this condition are the memory foam mattress and the adjustable bed with a medium firm mattress. But which one is the best?

Is Memory Foam The Best Mattress for Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is far worse than simple back pain, but the requirements are all the same. It shouldn’t be too firm or soft and will have to cradle the body well enough to ease the pressure and pain in the spine. Moreover, memory foam mattress is known for its lumbar supporting quality. The main thing to note is that the memory foam should have high density. Too thin mattress would not do well for spinal stenosis. The high density foam has better weight distribution to release the pressure points.

The variety of foam mattress that would be good for this condition is the one piece latex foam. The advantage of this mattress over the memory foam is that it takes lesser time for recovery when the person changes his or her position.

Puffy Mattress

Simple design with specialized features, that’s what Puffy Mattress is all about. Integrated to suit specific comfort needs, Puffy mattress comes with two powerful layers of foam that delivers optimum relief to users.

Adjustable Beds Are Also Good And Deemed Best Mattress for Spinal Stenosis

Some people feel good when the upper body part is slightly elevated to get comfort. This is the concept of adjustable beds where the upper region of the bed can be raised as in the hospital beds. It helps them ease the pain on the spine and makes it easier for them to get up and get into the bed. If your lower region needs elevation, this bed would be okay with that too. The only requirement here for the mattress is that it should be flexible as the raising of the bed can bend the mattress.

As For The Comfort Level, Medium Firm Is What One Should Look For

To the question whether Firm Mattresses are good for spinal stenosis, a medium firm mattress is said to be better.

There are votes for the tempurpedic mattress by many but that is not popular choice. That does not mean that it is no good. Ultimately, what makes a Best Mattress for Spinal Stenosis is the individual comfort. The mattress that is comfortable for one may not be the same for another.

In the case of memory foam mattress, majority of people are in agreement that it is comfortable for the back pain or any kind. The cradling effect of the mattress is what makes it so popular. The flexibility of the mattress makes it retain its shape even after a long time. It does not suffer the sagging or loss of support problems.

People who opt for adjustable beds might be comfortable if they want their body raised or lowered for comfort. Otherwise, the bed is not useful and you would lose the money as well. The best part is that, a memory foam mattress can go into this bed. So the best choice would be a memory foam mattress on an adjustable bed for spinal stenosis.