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The Best Latex mattress For Heavy People

Our recommended Latex Mattresses which can hold Better weight limits

Weight Limit500 Per side275 lbs Per side
Thickness11” thick9,10, 12 inch Options
FirmnessFirmMedium, Medium Firm
TypeHybridPure Latex
Adjustable FirmnessNoYes (Split Firmness Adjustable)
Price For Queen$2745$1599-$2299
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Do Mattresses have weight Limits? How much weight can a Latex mattress handle?

All Mattresses have a weight limit they can carry. Too much weight will reduce the life of the mattress. Indentations on the mattress will start to form a lot faster with heavier weight on it for extended period of time. A few factors make a mattress better at handling weight.

Things that make a mattress good to handle better weight limits

  1. Material
  2. Height / depth / Thickness
  3. Firmness


The Material of the mattress is the most important factor which comes into consideration when choosing a mattress. It really doesn’t matter what weight you are, the type of mattress and the material used gives the mattress its unique qualities. If you are above the normal weight, you would want to consider a mattress which has a more durable material. This may be the best of the foam , Gel foam or Latex. In this article we will discuss Latex mattress and in Latex there are 2 varieties. The Dunlop, firmer latex and Talalay, much softer version.

A mattress which is durable can be from either of the latex material as long as its does not contain a lot of fillers. Fillers usually make the latex firmer and helps bind,  but they also make the latex brittle over time. Its more or less like the Steadler eraser your child takes to school. When you purchase them its soft and rubs well. Over time, if you leave it in the open, it tends to break instead of bend. The rubber tends to be more hard and brittle. The same thing happens if your have more fillers on your latex mattress. Over time the latex becomes brittle. Most mattress companies, specially the latex mattress companies will give you good quality latex if they provide you with a 10 year or more warranty on the product. The latex is usually good and contain no fillers or very less of it.

Talalay latex is much softer from the dunlop Latex but the talalay layers are not suited for heavy weight handling unless it is very thick. Dunlop layers are better at handling heavy weight because it much more firm. A heavy object won’t sink in too much. The layers is more or less the factor of comfort when it comes to the user. A talalay mattress would make the person sink if he is too heavy. This may feel good for some time, but spending the entire night in a mattress like that for years will give you health problems, often related to the back. On the contrary, the Dunlop mattresses are firm. They can handle more weight and be comfortable without compromising on comfort with a pillow top.

Zenhaven Mattress Latex mattress for Heavy People with Back pain

Very few latex mattresses are advertised as being good for the back or is designed for people with health problems. The zenhaven mattress is different and is one of the best mattress for the state of the art lumbar support , pressure relieving capabilities and ability to handle weight. The zenhaven mattress can easily handle weight upto 500 lbs and is a great mattress for heavy people with lower back pain.

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  • Lifetime Warranty,365 Night Trial
  • Lumbar Support Quilting
  • Natural Latex 5 Zone Construction

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 Height / Depth  / Thickness

The thickness of a mattress plays a major role when it comes to weight limits. A thicker mattress is known to handle more weight than a thinner one. It doesn’t matter if its a memory foam, latex or innerspring, with the right quality of material, and better thickness, the mattress will handle a lot more weight. So if you are a heavy person, be sure to look for a mattress at least 9 inches thick. 12-14 inches would add a lot more life to the mattress and ability to handle weight.

A thinner mattress will hit bottom with a heavier object on top of it. A thicker one will have more space and will not hit bottom as fast as its thinner counterpart. Of course, the density of the material plays a major role, but if the mattress layers are dense, it would be too uncomfortable to sleep on. A balance of right density and thickness is required. A thicker mattress with good height and medium density to above medium density will hold on to heavier objects better and maintain comfort equally.


The Firmness of a mattress is related to the density of the mattress layers . For a latex mattress, if the density of the latex is low, it will be too soft. The higher the density, the firmer the mattress becomes. For a heavier person, a medium firm layer to a bit firm would be on the comfortable side. If the mattress is not firm enough, the person will sink into it. This will not be a comfortable bed to sleep on and will affect the life of the mattress too. You should be looking at a mattress which is a bit firm. While Most people who weight below 150lbs find a mattress uncomfortable, the same mattress would be very comfortable for a person who is 150-200 and a bit too soft for someone who is 235lbs.  The firmness of the mattress is based on how much weight you place on it and is a relative measurement. But if you are looking for a mattress which can handle more weight, you should be looking at one on the firmer side.

Other Considerations 

A mattress may be able to handle more weight based on how much support it gets from its base. A box spring shares the pressure on the mattress and is known to help the mattress spread the weight, but if the box spring is not in its best shape, the mattress could be prone to damages. A flat and sturdy surface, a slatted foundation or an adjustable base works well too but be sure to check out the warranty and the mattress type for what kind of foundations are supported by them. A good foundation for your mattress will give an extra bit of life to your mattress.

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