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The Best Bed Frames For Sex

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  1. Oslo Luxurious Looks & Performs GREAT 
  2. Avocado Green Bed Frame – Affordable
  3. Plushbeds – Wider Options and Styles
  4. Puffy – Reliable and Strong
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The Oslo Bed Frames – Luxurious Design, perfect for sex!

The Oslo by Saatva is one of the best bed frames I have come across. In terms of construction, Aesthetics and quality, the oslo is simply a beauty. Very rarely do you come across perfection and Oslo is made perfect. The construction is really strong and meant to last. The Mortise and tenon Joints are screwed and glued for stability. Unlike some of the beds which come with staple joints, these joints will last a decade of rough use and even more if you use it carefully. If you are looking for a bed frame For sex, this is the one which may just be right. The hardwood construction , premium plywood slats make the bed far more durable than most of the others in competition. 

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when it comes to design and finish, the vintage velvet gives a matte finish. its rich and stain resistant with the maximum durability. The natural linen is free from chemicals with a fine finish. The diamond tufting in the Headboard is elegant and the curved contours on the headboard and footboard makes it elegant and safe. The fully upholstered back ensures that the bed will look good wherever you place it. 

The Oslo Bed by saatva is simply the BEST Bed frame for sex. The legs are short, steady and stable. No amount of action is going to wear this bed frame down. The oslo comes only in the Queen size and fits almost all queen size mattress of any profile. You may want to opt for a mattress with a high profile though to make this bed frame look really good. Go for something 12 inches or even higher. 

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The Avocado Green Bed Frame

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The Avocado green Mattress company is known to make the most eco-friendly beds and frames in the industry. If you are one of those who want to contribute to the environment, reduce carbon emission and hate the idea that you have to cut trees for furniture, then the avocado may sit right with your ideals. Avocado Bed frames are constructed from reclaimed wood. These woods come from old construction sites. While they are old, they have their own set of benefits. New wood “may” contain sap wood which are usually not strong and are prone to decompose over time. With Reclaimed wood, you can be sure that there is no sapwood in your furniture. The grains are fine and clearly evident. You can also be sure that your furniture will last generations, not years or decades. 

The avocado Bed frames are strong, sturdy and made from reclaimed hardwood. No plywood or particle boards anywhere in the product. It looks Very simple, minimalistic and designed to be durable. The Frame is supportive and clearly able to take a good amount of weight. When it comes to sex, you can be sure that this bed frame is not going to let you down. You may even be able to pass it down to someone else when you are old enough in the same condition you purchased in!!

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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If you love a simple minimalistic design and a product which is durable, the Avocado green Bed frame is the best bed frame you can get your hands on. As for sex, You will be pleased you made the decision.

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The Plusbheds Bed Frame

Plushbeds is not really known for its beds but its mattresses. They have excellent quality mattresses, but their beds are equally good. The bed designs are inspired by Art deco designs from the 1920’s. Though it may sound a century old when it comes to style, Its really timeless. Simplistic design, Quality fabric and a durable construction makes the plushbeds Bed frames an excellent choice for young adults who intend to have a quality time in their bed room.

Simple construction and design features like the center bar, which makes the bed very supportive, increases comfort and extends life makes the plushbeds bed frame unique. The additional legs for the center bar adds stability. The Corner legs are short and holds the entire frame well. Plushbeds frame comes with a 15 year warranty. the beds come in 5 different colors and 4 sizes. 

the mattress design has a wide range of leeway. From simple bed frame to a platform bed without headrest and a bed with a bed rest, you can even customize some of the bed frames here. You also have an option for Bed frame with storage space.

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Eastman Platform Bed Base (can be attached with a headboard available)

Watson Platform Bed base ( Headboards available separately)

Scoresby Designer Bed

Blackwell Designer Bed

Puffy Bed Frame

The Puffy Bed frame is simple. When it comes to aesthetics, there is nothing to be at awe here. A very simplistic design. Decent construction, a lifetime warranty and a 101 night trial. The Bed frame comes with a  wooden foundation and Slats. Its simple construction does not mean its fragile and wont last. The bed frame warranty will cover most damages which are defects by the manufacturer. the bed frame is noise free & Easy to assemble. When it comes to styling, we wish there were more. Unfortunately, the design is between simplistic and modern. The fabric is good, NOT EXCELLENT. Overall, this mattress would have been rated 5/10 if we did not compare price and the “FOR SEX” category. This bed frame will last a decade. For a budget, this is a good bed frame. Don’t expect it to last for more than that. 

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Why Bed frames should be considered for Sex and Young couples

If you are a couple, you would know how important your bedroom is and how its setup. The lighting, colors on the wall and the pictures on it, are all important and key to not just good sleep but also good sex in the bedroom. A shabby bedroom is not very welcoming to you or your partner. Wild sex is thrilling but when you have a steaddy partner, you have to make things look good and feel good to set a mood. 

People think of a great mattress when it comes to sex. They overlook the frame most often. It’s usually not the most interesting furniture in your bedroom. But now, its time to make it look interesting and also help you perform better ! A great bed frame is important for sex because it adds accessibility, elevation and comfort. And Yes… it could make your bedroom welcoming. Your mattress may be 15 inches thick, bouncy and soft but without a bed frame, it’s just a mattress. 

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Bed frames are not just important for aesthetics but also for comfort. And when it comes to sex, It adds a lot more comfort than putting your bed on the ground or a shaky frame. A frame for a mattress usually meets a few requirements or characteristics depending on what you are looking for, your age and your lifestyle. For a person who is single and minimalistic, he could opt to put the mattress on the floor but when you are not a minimalist, even a single person prefers a queen mattress and a good frame or at least a box spring. For a family, you expect storage space under the bed frame and if you are old, you may look for an option which isn’t very tall.

When it comes to sex, there are a few requirements which needs to be met.

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  1. Material : Anything strong. Hard wood, Steel, Iron. almost everything works as long as its strong. No plywood or flimsy rot iron frames! The frame has to be heavy.
  2. Construction : The design is key when it comes to a strong frame. With even the best material, if the construction or design is weak, you are bound do have a bad bed frame sooner than you could think of
  3. Height : Too tall or too short is bad. You should get the right height. If you are young, try something a bit taller. If you are older, maybe knee height would be good.
  4. Headboard : Though it looks like the headboard is only for visual effects, they do have some benefits when it comes to sex. They add a lot of support when you need them most. 
  5. Aesthetics : Looks are important for a bed frame. You don’t want a bed frame which will occupy more space than required and you should make sure that there is enough space around the bed to walk. Too big is not good in some cases
  6. Budget : Don’t go beyond the budget. There are times when you see a bed frame which may be perfect for your room and meet all your requirements but is a lot more than you can afford. Ditch it. Though you may feel impulsive to purchase the bed frame now and you can convince yourself that its a good purchase, you may want to take a bit more time shopping to see more options.
  7. Mattress size : When it comes to the size of the mattress , Take your current mattress as an anchor. See how it fits in your room and how comfortable you feel with the piece of furniture in the room. If you think you could do with a smaller mattress, then you know that your next mattress would be smaller. If you intend to change your mattress, make sure that you purchase a smaller frame and the right mattress for it. If you want a bigger mattress or already have a mattress, make sure that your mattress fits the frame. Measure the mattress size before you go shopping and also note down the height of the mattress itself. The height of the mattress is often overlooked when purchasing a frame. In the end most people find that the frame is too tall after then have the mattress on it!
  8. Platform Beds : Go for Platform beds rather than box springs. Box springs tend to give in after a few years, but a platform bed will last a lot longer and requires little to no maintenance. Ensure that the slats have minimal space when you purchase your platform beds.
  9. Watch the Leg : Most beds and frames which have tall straight legs, end up shaky over a period of time. Make sure that the legs of the frame are strong, sturdy and whenever possible, short. Short legs means little movement and longer life for your frame. No squeaks, no shakes. Just a firm strong bed frame.
  10. Quality : Its not about where you buy and what brand the product is. Even some of the best brand names have terrible products which wont last a fortnight if you are young, heavy and active. And then there are some nameless products which are strong and can handle all night sex for a lifetime without a dent. Its all about the quality of the product. Check for the entire build. From the material used, the finishing , edges and mainly the Joints. If possible try lifting the bed from one side without the mattress on it, so that you can feel the product and how much it weighs.
  11. Weight Capacity : How much do you weight and how much weight can your bed frame hold? When you are involved in sex, there is a lot of movement and extra weight on the frame. Apart from your weight and the weight of the mattress, your bed frame should be able to handle your movement and pressure you put on it. Consider a few 100 pounds of extra weight capacity for your bed frame. 

Try the Saatva Mattress. A wide range of Luxury mattresses at an affordable price and recommended by chiropractors too!!!
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