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Puffy Mattress

No morning aches or pains with Puffy Mattress”. The puffy bed is lovely as the foam added contours you in a very adaptive way, doing a good job of keeping your spine aligned. Order one now as the price is really cool.

Who doesn’t love mobile living, tiny houses and a high density mattress to sleep around? Now, we have them all at the new Napmobile launched by Casper Mattress. The company is basically from New York that has come with a brilliant idea with a team of designers to market their mattress. Introducing the Napmobile that features four different mattresses set up on a trailer all set to hit the road.

Casper Mattress Launches Napmobile

Casper Mattress have designed the trailer in such a way that people can give these mattresses a try. They look quite cozy and create a tiny home with ceiling. However, it does seem to waste a lot of space of the trailer and placing the mattress inside the octagon shaped box is quite a uphill task.



They even have bedtime stories for taking us back to the old days of being a kid and spare us enough time to take a nap. However, I am not sure how much time they give us to doze off.

A latex foam on top of memory foam was quite a head scratcher. I felt that memory foam tends to emit some pungent smell during the initial days of use; not to mention that polyurethane foams are flame retardants. But, it seems Casper mattress is here to prove us wrong. They have manufactured a CertiPUR-US foam which is made without the flame retardants such as PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP. They have actually used a fire retardant knit sock which can actually subdue the flames.

Knit sock is a yarn that contains silica core and polyster/acrylic/nylon/rayon wrap. This material when burned the silica holds everything together that the char becomes a barrier and alleviates the flames. The yarn and sock have been Oeko Tex Certified which makes sure that there are no toxic chemicals or coatings that can be detrimental to human health.



Bottomline: Casper Mattress

Both these standards seem to be genuine and tough so you can be rest assured while taking a tour of the Casper Mattress. You will be investing in a good mattress company that puts customer satisfaction first. However, it is better not to use inflammatory products on your mattress.

Napmobile from Casper Mattress