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Tempurpedic Mattress
  • Suitable For adjustable
  • Bed in a box
  • Eco friendly
  • Motion Seperation
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Tempurpedic Hybrid vs. Saatva, Sleep number Mattress

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  • Multiple Firmness Options
  • Good Back Support
  • Coil on Coil with Memory Foam
  • Green, Eco friently

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Tempurpedic vs. Saatva Mattress vs. Sleep number

SaatvaTempurpedicSleep Number
Dual AdjustabilityNoNoYes
Trial120 Night90 Nights100 Night
Warranty15 Years10 Years25 Years
For Queen10992199999
Sleep TrackerNoNoYes
TypeHybridHybrid, FoamHybrid, Foam
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Tempur-pedic Mattresses – A review

Tempur–Pedic: for those who are looking for memory foam mattress, Tempur–Pedic mattress is undoubtedly the one gaining good words for its high-quality foam among its competitors. One of the best features of TempurPedic is it contains high-density foam which makes a person ‘stay still’ rather than keeping them tossing and turning through the night. When compared with Saatva or Sleep number, they make lesser noise as they are made out of foam unlike Saatva that contains innerspring system or air pumps like Sleep number that leaves you with squeaky and weird noises when in use.

Tempur-Pedic also ensures long-lasting quality and a good lifespan compared to Saatva or Sleep Number. It even has the ability to ease away anybody pain from your body especially back, hip or shoulder.

But on the con side, Tempur-Pedic is quite pricey and also provide a “too warm” feeling when you sleep as it retains the body heat instead of releasing them to give you a cool feeling.

Saatva Mattress Sagging – A review

Saatva mattress’s innerspring and memory foam delivers a good combination that provides you excellent relief from pain. Saatva mattress has very good varieties of firmness levels for those with different tastes ranging from ultra firm to ultra soft. The best part of Saatva mattress is they promote ‘green’ products i.e. all their materials such as cotton are organic, steel is recycled and memory foam is bio-based. They only have the online website to shop from which also helps in less carbon footprint. Apart from an affordable price, they also give you a 30 day trial period so that you can return it if you don’t feel its worth it. Saatva mattress has also received its chiropractic seal of approval.

But on the con side, the individual coil construction makes their product less durable when compared to Tempur-Pedic or sleep number. The product which has inner coil beds with pillow tops are the ones that pose problems to consumers such as sagging.

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Sleep Number – A review

Sleep number mattresses are basically permanent air mattress. That doesn’t mean it works like an air mattress. In fact, they are quite comfortable by letting you adjust the firmness. This is one of the reasons people buy Sleep number beds so as to adjust their different levels of firmness as per their situation such as injury, illness or body pain. The best feature of the air mattress Sleep number is it contains its own air chamber that works solely to have fluctuating firmness. Sleep number also competes with its rival Tempur-pedics for reducing back pain or any other bodily pain by providing therapeutic relief. It is also the favored by pregnant ladies as it helps them move easily without any discomfort.

The best part of Sleep number is they have a good lifespan than other mattress and the mechanical parts can be easily replaced. The air of the sleep number mattress does not compress easily over time and provides good longevity for your money and product. As they are air, it is light in weight and can be moved easily.

On the con side, unlike other silent mattresses such as Tempur-Pedic or Saatva mattresses, it makes a noise because of the firmness level which requires an electric air pump. They are also a bit on the expensive side though only the highest level of the mattress. The air mattress is quite fragile as even a slight hole can make you lose the air of the mattress. As there are partially made out of mechanical equipment, they can wear out easily and does not have a long life, unlike Saatva mattresses or Tempur-Pedic.

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Luxury Mattress: Types and Its Features

About one-third part of a person’s life is spending on a bed. Therefore the overall health of a person is determined by the comfort and discomfort of the mattress. Mattress plays an important part in getting sleep and comfort. There are many different types of mattresses depending on the material, filling, and size.

  1. Size

The size of the mattress depends on the person who is sleeping on it. There are mattresses made for babies to those that can accommodate 3-4 persons on a single one. The child’s mattresses are made customized to the crib size. The adult mattresses come in sizes single, twin, double, queen size and king size. The length varies from 4 ft to 7 ft, while the width ranges from 2 ft to 6 ft. Mattresses have different thickness also. The thickness ranges from 4 inches to eighteen inches.

  1. Types
  • Innerspring Mattresses are the type that has steel springs that support the body lying above it. The mattress has three layers. The foundation is made of a wooden or metal frame that supports the upper layers. The next is the spring coils and on top of that is the insulation layer that protects the top layer from the spring coils. The next layer is the middle padding made of foam and the topmost layer is the ticking and quilting.
  • Foam Mattresses are made of memory foam or latex foam. The memory foam mattresses are made of visco-elastic foam over base foam. This type of foam is different under different climatic conditions, in colder areas the mattress is firmer, and in warmer areas, it is softer. The mattress softens with the temperature of the sleeping person. Latex foam is made with a blend of natural and synthetic latex. The mattress can be heavier or lighter with the make.
  • Air mattresses are adjustable and can be stored. They can be stored flat when not in use. They are air pumped when in need of use. The amount of air depends on the requirement.
  1. Features
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  • Innerspring mattresses must be rotated and flipped every 3-4 months otherwise it will sag too easily. This is good for heavy weighed persons as they get a firm support. But the spring coils do not spread the body weight evenly and do not support the back or spinal alignment. This is not suitable for people with back pain.
  • Foam Mattresses is helpful in distributing the body weight evenly. They are heat sensitive and will adjust with the boy temperature to give comfort. The other advantage is that it need not be flipped over. These mattresses will weigh more with the material and can cost higher than usual.
  • Air mattresses are adjustable with weight but the body will need firm support. So if someone fails to make the bed firm may end up waking up with back pain.

Choose the right one that the body prefers. All types of mattresses have their own lifespan. When the person sleeping on the mattress does not find comfort or finds any discomforts it is no longer suitable for them.


Basically, from the review of these three mattresses, one of the good products to choose would be Tempur-Pedic but if you are on a budget or a hate-to-shop personality, then Saatva would be great. Sleep number is best for those who want firmness while they sleep.

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