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Tempurpedic Rhapsody Breeze Mattress Reviews

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  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Masssive Collection of mattresses
  • Hybrid and Pure Foam

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Sleep lovers, the Tempur Rhapsody breeze mattress will make your sleeping hours the most restful and stress relieving ones. The mornings will be welcomed with a smile and the nights with comfort. The Rhapsody Breeze model is specially designed by Tempur-Pedic to offer the great 3C’s to the customer – Comfort, cooling, and contouring. Tempur-Pedic is one of those mattress companies that set the standard and has got a respected place and reputation in the field of mattresses. But as it is said that no single item can be perfect for everyone, the Tempur-Pedic Rhapsody Breeze mattress may not be able to occupy a space in everyone’s heart and bedroom.

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When you look at the Tempur-Pedic Rhapsody Breeze mattress reviews, you can see that apart from a few flaws, the mattress is simply great. The mattress does not have prominent negatives. The main problems that can be seen with this mattress are:

  • Weight: The mattress is likely to be more in weight than other memory foam mattress.
  • Off-gassing: Not all but, yes some customers have reported the problem of off-gassing with the mattress.
  • Expensive: It is a big brand, big money. Tempur-Pedic is one of those expensive luxurious mattress brands.

The Tempur-Pedic Rhapsody Breeze mattress in detail

Tempur breeze cooling technology: This technology helps in keeping the mattress cool, a characteristic that is different from the usual memory mattress. Memory foam mattresses are famous for heat retention. But Tempur Rhapsody Breeze mattress is a cool dude!

Fabric cover is of premium quality: Tempur-Pedic has used the fabric of COOLMAX. The COOLMAX fabric is soft, breathable, light in weight and moisture wicking in nature (i.e it absorbs the moisture from your body). The moisture-wicking property of the fabric used in the mattress cover absorbs the perspiration from the body and spreads it on the surface thus preventing the user from the discomfort of drenching. It also absorbs heat thus allowing the user to rest in coolness.

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Comfort layer: This layer takes the heat and moisture off the top layer of the mattress away from the surface area. This comfort layer is prepared out of Tempur-HD breeze material. These materials are created with the Tempur-Adapt technology. The usage of this technology is what makes the mattress very responsive to the body’s weight, shape, and temperature. This layer also very efficiently eases the pressure points. When the body comes in contact with the mattress, from that moment itself the user can feel the difference. The weight gets spread equally on the surface. Thus the user does not feel light while lying on the mattress.

The supporting layer: The Tempur Climate material is used in this layer. This material efficiently channelizes the extra heat away from the mattress, taking along with it, the problem of heat retention.

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The base layer: The base layer in unison with other layers of the mattress effectively keeps the mattress cool and comfortable. Every layer performs its task well. All the layers work as a group.

The company not only delivers the product at your doorstep, it will place the product where you want it to be placed. The company uses the White glove delivery services. The amazing thing is, delivery is free!!

Check out the Tempurepedic mattress official website for full details on all its products at

The other features:

  • 90 nights trial period
  • limited 10-year warranty
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