Nectar Sleep Mattress

Nectar Sleep mattresses with their medium firm feel give good back support and contours well to the body. Reviews suggest that that these mattresses are also good at isolating motion transfer and provides minimum disturbance when two people share the mattress.

Pillows are the most comfortable huggy buddies and head supporters. A mattress is incomplete without a pillow. A comfortable pillow is like a comfortable lap on which head can rest in comfort and your head area feels very relaxed. Pillows have many purposes actually, the main purpose is to rest the head, then they are also used to sit on, to rest your lumbar area and some people even use it for playing! But whatever it is, like mattresses, pillows are a great part of the good sleep procedure. But like mattresses, pillows are good only when they are comfortable and supportive. Tempurpedic pillows are as good as the Tempurpedic mattresses. Tempurpedic is well known and the top mattress brand whose name and fame graph is in an ascending flight.

The Tempupedic Temper cloud breeze Dual Cooling pillow is made using the Tempur material. Tempur material is a type of soft and comfortable material that is visco-elastic in nature and very sensitive to temperature. The Tempur material easily contours and gives a hugging feeling. While your head rest on the tempurpedic pillow, your head will feel like its floating on a cloud. The Tempu pedic Temper cloud breeze Dual Cooling pillow is cozy and comfy. The Tempurpedic pillow is just not only for the head, it’s comfortable touch is experienced by the neck and the shoulders also. Your head, shoulders and neck region is provided with the correct amount of support and the comfort that is needed to relax by the tempur pedic pillow. After a hectic day just rest your head on a Tempur pedic pillow and let yourself get immersed in the comforting hug of the pillow, the experience becomes more blissful when combined with a tempur pedic mattress. A Tempur pedic mattress with a Tempur pedic pillow is the ultimate formula for a restful sleep!



The Features of Tempu pedic Temper cloud breeze Dual Cooling pillow

  • Tempur material is used in the Tempu pedic Temper cloud breeze Dual Cooling pillow
  • The upper portion of the body is aligned in the perfect angle and given the exactly needed support by the Tempur pedic pillow.
  • The support offered by the Tempur pedic pillow is soft and not of the firm type and not excessively soft as well.
  • Best suited for all type of sleepers (back, side and stomach).
  • The thread count of the Tempu pedic Temper cloud breeze Dual Cooling pillow is 300.
  • 100% cotton is used for the cover and the upholstery material consists of foam and synthetic.
  • The Tempu pedic Temper cloud breeze Dual Cooling pillow comes with a limited warranty of 5 years.
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The Tempur pedic mattresses and the Tempur-pedic pillow, everything is manufactured in United States of America.

Tempurpedic company is present in the industry from 1992. Tempur pedic is the standard setting mattress company. It was with Tempur pedic that memory foam mattresses rose to fame.