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Do you know Tanda mattress is all about keeping you cool? Every layer of this mattress is beautifully crafted to offer an even, cooling surface to the users. So, if you are wishing a cooler night’s sleep then Tanda beds could be a perfect option for you. Further, read out a detailed review of this hugging comfort mattress to know more. Check out the customer testimonials, pricing policy, and other related info


  • White Glove Delivery
  • Mattress Removal
  • Finance Available
  • 15 Years warranty
  • 120 Days home trial


  •  Organic Mattress

  • 100 night trial

  • 25 years warranty

  • Finance available


  •  365 night Home trial

  • Forever warranty

  • Tencel cooling cover

  • Certipur Certified 

  • Gel Memory foam

Tanda Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

Overall, these Tanda beds have received 4.49 stars out of 5. Most of the honest reviews have stated – Tanda is a solid bed made with quality foam and is best at offering a consistent feel across the entire surface. Visit the site for more!


Independent Reviews On Tanda Mattress

  • Maeve B says “This is the solid bed which arrived promptly as advertised. It is firmer than my expectation and quite affordable too.”
  • Bobby V says “Great purchase! I am very glad to get this mattress.”
  • Lisa V says “Excellent, all is what I can say. In the beginning, it took around 2 weeks for me to adjust from my old coil spring mattress to these Tanda beds. Now my joints won’t ache and I am getting a better night’s sleep with this new sleep bed.”
  • Ted M says “Bought them online and I am glad it could meet my expectations. It offers a great quality for the price and is very easy to set up.”
  • Amy A says “Offers best sleeping experience ever. Now I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to go.”
  • Bella G says “I bought this mattress a month ago. It offers me a comfortable support without motion transfer or overheating.”
  • Marie M says “For me, this is an all-around wonderful mattress. Firm and curves your body without any sinking feeling. Love it to every extent.”
  • Sam S says “Firm and good. Nothing much to exclaim…”
  • Katrina A says “I got an instant comfort as soon as I laid on these beds.”
  • Joe M says “Best mattress I have ever owned in my life. Not too hard, not too soft, 100% recommended.”
  • Tania A says “Simply perfect all is what I can say.”
  • Brianna H says “I would say this is a good quality mattress that lives up to the hype.”

Bad reviews of Tanda Mattress

There are no bad reviews stated for these Tanda beds. All you will find only positive reviews stated for this Tanda mattress as it ideal for the light sleepers.

Tanda Mattress Comparison

Well, you won’t find much on brands equivalent to Tanda beds. Altogether, the mattress is good and softer enough for your hips and shoulder areas.


  •  Free and fast delivery
  • 100 night trial
  • Free returns
  • Celliant Technology
  • 10 years warranty


  • Zip and wash cover

  • 100% made in usa

  • Stain resistant fabric

  • 101 nights sleep trial

  • Lifetime warranty


  • 365 night trial
  • Everlong warranty
  • Free shipping and Returns
  • Financing Facility

Best Mattress Models from Tanda Mattress

This Tanda mattress is available in two choices namely –

  • Comfy Cool Mattress
  • Complete Cool Mattress

Both these mattresses make use of the Opti-Breeze foam technology for superior comfort and airflow. Further, refer the site.

Tanda Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Yes, this Tanda mattress is available in the following sizes namely:





Twin XL








Cal King


Tanda Mattress Specifications

Comfy Cool Mattress

  • Made in USA.
  • This is a cozy, supportive mattress that helps you fall asleep faster.
  • It uses opti-breeze foam in its design for superior comfort and airflow.
  • Equally features a Tencel infused fabric for breathability, which keeps you cool and comfortable everytime you sleep on it.
  • Breathable layers feature a cooling gel technology which offers a complete sleep experience to the users. It is well known for its temperature regulating and support features.
  • Besides, it is affordable and super convenient in nature.

Complete Cool Mattress

  • Features tencel fabric infused with breakthrough ATROS technology.
  • This is proudly made in America and comes with a 100-night sleep trial offer.
  • The special opti-breeze cooling gel foam added in these beds offers pressure relief without any sinking or overheating trouble.
  • Offers an overall cool sensation for thermoregulation.
  • 10” high with four layers of comfort for the ultimate support and breathability.
  • Environmentally safe, made with Certi-Pur certified foams, free of ozone-depleting chemicals, highly regulated for low emissions standards.


  • 120 Night Trial
  • 15 year warranty
  • Cooling Gel
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Flame retardant


  •  100 night sleep trial

  • 10 year warranty

  • Finance facility available

  • Free shipping


  •  100 night trial

  • 25 years warranty

  • Free shipping

  • Certified organic 


How is Tanda Mattress Made

Comfy Cool Mattress

  • Top layer – Features 1.5” opti-breeze foam
  • Transition layer – 1.5” blue gel swirl Visco memory foam
  • Foundation – 7” conventional base foam
  • Features a Tencel fabric cover

Complete Cool Mattress

  • Cooling cover – Features an ultra soft fabric cover, made using ATROS cooling technology and natural Tencel fibers.
  • Comfort layer – Includes opti breeze foam along with latex and memory foam. But it’s not hot or constricting in nature.
  • Transition zone – The open cell foam offers continuous air flow and low motion transfer.
  • Support base – This is durable, long lasting in nature.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Tanda Mattress


75” X 39” X 10”

Twin XL

80” X 39” X 10”


75” X 54” X 10”


80” X 60” X 10”


80” X 76” X 10”

California King

84” X 72” X 10”

Adjustable base For Tanda Mattress

This adjustable base is one of the best choices to improve your sleep experiences. Besides, it helps at pressure absorption and evenly spreads the weight across the entire body surface.

Mattress Pads by Tanda Mattress

Yes, you can use a mattress pad with these Tanda mattresses. It offers cooling properties to the beds and minimizes hot flashes and overheating troubles. But, currently, there are no mattress pads available at Hence, it is suggested you refer other sites for more info.

Tanda Mattress Cover

This Tanda mattress cover is removable and washable in nature. It is constructed with tencel, equally stretchy and stays tight on the mattress.

Tanda Mattress Bedding Accessories

Comfy Cool Pillow

  • This Tanda comfy cool pillow uses comfort technology in its design and construction.
  • It features a breathable cover, made of a naturally cooling tencel material. The specially developed foam added in these pillows creates airflow to minimize heat retention.
  • Equally, the bed is hypoallergenic and made in the USA.
  • The pillow is soft and huggable which makes it ideal for all kinds of sleepers.

Complete Cool Pillow

  • This Tanda complete cool pillow provides a brand new cooling technology ATROS. It pulls cool air from the room and transfers it back to the sleepers for a more comfortable sleep experience.
  • Equally, the breathable foam added here helps at minimizing heat retention.
  • Proven best by the top sleep experts at offering the coolest sleep experience to the users.

Tanda Mattress Firmness Analysis

This mattress offers a medium firm support to the users and thus it has been ranked 6 out of 6.5 on the mattress scale. Overall, the mattress is good for the stomach, back and side sleepers. Further, check their site for everything.

Tanda Mattress Frames & Foundation

Well, this Tenda mattress works great on any solid surface. You can use them on the floor, platform slats, box spring/foundations or any adjustable bases.


  • 100% Natural Latex
  • 2-in-1 Dual Comfort 
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 100% Joma Wool 


  •  20 year warranty

  • Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex

  • Handcrafted in USA

  • Free shipping


  •  Free 100 night trial

  • 10 year warranty

  • Perfect hybrid mattress

  • Excellent reviews

Tanda Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

  • Trial period – The company offers a 100-night sleep trial on all their Tanda mattresses. So, you can return them at the earliest, in case you are not happy with quality sleep offered by this bed.
  • Guarantee & Warranty – Tanda comes with a 10 year limited warranty period. Thus, there’s nothing to worry in case any damage or repair happens to your bed.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Tanda Mattress

You can avail $150 off on any mattress with Tanda beds discount and promo codes, $200 off with Tanda sleep special sale, 10% sitewide off along with free shipping deals, complete cool pillow from $75. Further, you may also login with your personalized email address for more info on upcoming deals and offers.

Tanda Mattress Return Policy

Tanda provides 100 nights risk-free trial on these beds. It helps you remain supportive and balanced for a long period of time. But, in case if you are not happy with these beds then you may return them at the earliest.

Tanda Mattress Shipping & Delivery

Tanda mattress uses UPS shipping mode for delivering their products to the user. It won’t cost much and the products will be shipped to anywhere in the continental United States.

Tanda Mattress Setup & Installation

Tanda mattress is quite easy to set up for a cooler night’s sleep. It’s quite easy to set up. All you need to refer the instruction manual available with this mattress or check on the video link for more details on unboxing.

Tanda Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

So far there are no complaints or any bad statement listed for these beds. Better your refer the seller’s website for more understanding on this subject.

Tanda Mattress BBB Business Profile

No, this Tanda mattress is not BBB accredited. But nothing to worry as you will not find any negative comments stated for these beds. Altogether, it’s a cooler bed that offers only positive support to the users.

Tanda Mattress Scam

No, Tanda mattress is not a scam. They are made by top-selling companies like Tanda who are purely committed to providing a cooling sleep to the users.

Are Bed bugs in Tanda Mattress a Possibility

Hard to exclaim! As bed bugs and their eggs often hide in the mattresses. Hence, it is suggested you make a bed bug free zone or heat them to get rid of the bedbug infestation.

Is Tanda Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

The memory foam and latex materials featured in these beds is a perfect combination of adaptable responsiveness and contouring pressure relief.

Is Tanda Mattress Non Toxic

This Tanda bed is CertiPUR US certified in nature. It is free of chemical flame retardants, colorants, VOCs and all kinds of allergenic dyes.

The Tanda Mattress Blog

There is no Tanda mattress blog featured at their site. So, you may check with other popular websites for interesting articles on sleep troubles and much more.

The Tanda Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

No specific detail is stated on Tenda mattress headquarters. You can visit their online store at New Jersey:

91 New England Ave,

Piscataway, NJ, 08854

Further, just check out their site for in-depth analysis.

Tanda Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

Yes, their customer service number is 888-339-1604. You may call them anytime for all your doubts and worries on these Tenda beds.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Tanda Mattress

With Black Friday deals and Cyber Mondy offers you can avail 50 to 60% off on all their best selling mattresses. Visit the site for more info…

Tanda Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

Generally, it would take about 5 to7 days to deliver these products at your doorstep. It’s absolutely free and no special charges are applied to these shipments.

Tanda Mattress Financing

Tanda doesn’t offer any financing support to their customers. Better, you refer other top-selling websites for a basic understanding on these beds.

Tanda Mattress in Stores

No, Tanda beds are not available in the local markets at your destination. Thus, the only option left is to check with the online stores at

Tanda Mattress Safety & Certifications

This mattress uses CertiPUR US certified foams in its construction. It is less noxious and won’t produce any harmful effects on the user.

Maintenance On Tanda Mattress

Caring this mattress is quite easy. Just rotate the mattress and never flip them out.

Odor & Smell in Tanda Mattress

Yes, initially you might find a slight odor emitted out of this mattress. But it will dissipate quickly if kept in a well-ventilated area.

Motion Transfer on a Tanda Mattress

Well, motion transfer is excellent in these bed. But, initially, you may experience little vibrations when your partner moves or rolls on the mattress.

Sagging Problems in Tanda Mattress

You will not experience any sagging troubles in these Tanda mattresses. However, the bed offers a solid edge support that helps you stay firm (whenever you sleep on these beds).

Tanda Mattress Video Ads & Promo’s

For video ads and promo’s on these Tanda beds. Just refer the following links

All these above-mentioned links could help you with a detailed review of Tanda beds, unboxing and installation process.

The Tanda Mattress Giveaway

With this giveaway offer, you could win a Tanda mattress absolutely free. Just type your name and email address in the form listed at their site or login with your facebook account to know more. But at present, there is no giveaway offers available with Tanda. Hence, you may check up with other relevant websites.

The Tanda Mattress Lawsuit

So far, you will not find any legal complaints or criminal issues launched against these Tanda mattress sellers. Just get into the site and check whether Tanda is good at providing a contouring support.


In conclusion, Tanda mattress is a cozy, breathable comfort mattress for warm sleepers. It is specially designed using the ALTROS technology needed for optimum support and temperature regulation. Try them! As it’s confident enough to live up to your expectation.