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Saatva Latex Hybrid
  • 180 Night Trial
  • 15 Year warranty
  • 5 Zone Talalay Latex
  • Organic Cotton Cover & New zealand Wool
  • Zoned Pocket Coil Unit
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Top 3 Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers

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  1. Latex Mattress Factory Custom Made Talalay Mattress Toppers
  2. Plushbeds Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers
  3. Sleep Ez Talalay Mattress Toppers

Make your own Latex Mattress Now. Choose between Talalay and Dunlop, Adjust firmness levels and add pocketed coils or Just go Pure latex. Visit DIY Latex Mattress from for deals and prices Now

The Best Talalay Latex Toppers for your mattress can increase the life of your mattress and add comfort to your existing one without replacing the existing one. If you feel your mattress is in good condition and are not ready to replace it but a bit of change to your existing mattress is welcome, try a Mattress topper. With a Talalay mattress topper, you can have the feel of an entirely new mattress at a fraction of the price. 

ModelThicknessStarting Price For QueenMaterialComments
NaturepedicAdagio2″$749Organic Latex
HappsyMattress Topper2″$399Organic Latex
Ecoterra Mattress Toppers2″,3″$259Organic Latex
Amore Beds2″$300Organic LatexComes with an organic cotton cover, 2 firmness options
Latex Mattress FactoryTalalay2″, 3″$194Organic Latex4 Firmness Options
Dunlop2″,3″$334Organic Latex4 Firmness Options
Plushbeds4″ Quilted Topper4″$499Organic Latex2 Firmness options
Organic Latex Topper2″,3″$334Organic Latex5 firmness options
Handmade Natural Wool Toppers$749Organic Wool with cotton covers
Brentwood HomeOrganic Latex Topper2″,3″$229Organic Latex
Sleep & BeyondLatex, Wool1.5″ – 3″$149
Sleep EzNatural Latex Topper2″,3″$279Dunlop, Talalay, GOTS Certified Latex option4 Firmness options
Wool Latex Topper$640Dunlop,Talalay4 Firmness options
SaatvaLatex1.5″$445Natural Latex

Mattress toppers are not a new concept and there are a wide variety of mattress toppers available. From memory foam, Dunlop latex and of course the talalay Latex Toppers, almost all companies recommend their own varieties of mattress toppers. Toppers are often used to adjust the firmness levels to the needs of a customer. You can make an already firm mattress soft or vice versa with a small addition of a topper. 

Talalay , by itself is softer than dunlop and a bit more springy! If you love the bounce in your mattress and currently feel it lacking, the Talalay Mattress toppers are a welcome addition. 

While most toppers come without any additional covers, some do come with a cover and look more or less like a thin mattress. The Sleep Ez Talalay Mattress toppers come with covers and are more expensive than the other Talalay mattress toppers listed here. Though the covers are a welcome addition, it adds up to the cost of the topper and the price is clearly more than double of a mattress topper without a cover. With that said, you can use the Sleep Ez Latex topper as a makeshift mattress on the floor in case of an emergency!

#1 Plushbeds Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers

  • 5 Year warranty
  • Pure Talalay Topper
  • 4 Firmness options
  • Available in 2 inch and 3 inch Thickness profile

Plushbeds Latex mattresses are one of the best sellers. They are organic and natural. They manufacture some of the best mattresses in the industry. The Latex mattress toppers by plushbeds match the comfort and quality of the mattresses they sell. Though they do look a bit raw, without a cover and the good looks, the comfort of the Talalay Latex mattress topper is impeccable.Apart from coming with a 5 year warranty, the Talalay latex mattress toppers come in a range of sizes and 4 firmness options. Most mattress toppers come in 2 or 3 variations. The extra step to create one more firmness option makes it easier to choose between the best firmness levels you need.

100% Natural Talalay Latex Mattress By saatva. Join Pain Relief and Comfort for your back , healthier for the planet and Cooler with Quited Organic Cotton Cover. 180 Night trial and 20 Year Warranty. Visit for deals and discounts

While most people will tell you that a latex mattress will outlast most memory foam or spring mattresses, the Plushbeds only offer a 5 years warranty on the toppers but assures you that it will last a good 20 years. Latex mattress toppers are very durable and really do last that long. Being just latex rubber moulded with precise methods to make it airy and bouncy, there is nothing else which goes into the toppers. There is no spring which will lose its tension and unlike foam, Latex retains its buoyancy for a lot longer period. 

Add a 3 inch topper if you think that you want a real distance from your mattress surface. This adds more cushioning effect and more support. Of course, the most important thing is to choose the right firmness level in a topper. Check out the ILD of your existing mattress to compare with the ILD on the Plushbeds topper page. If you are looking for something firmer or softer, the ILD of your mattress can help you decide on the same.

The Plushbeds Talalay latex Topper can extend the life of your existing mattress and add comfort at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress. Think about it. A latex topper could cost you $300 while a mattress of the same size would cost you $1400. If your mattress is any lesser than 4 years, opt for a topper, unless of course your mattress is beyond repair!

#2 The Latex Mattress factory Talalay Mattress topper

  • Available in 3 firmness levels
  • Choice of 2 inch or 3 inch profiles
  • Cotton covers for an additional Price
  • Pure Talalay Material

The Latex mattress factory creates bespoke latex mattresses. You can adjust the mattress to your preferences and order a custom made mattress online. They are one of the few custom made latex mattress companies online. You can create your own Pure latex mattress, Latex Hybrid mattresses, Choose among a wide range of Quilted wool covers and also choose between Talalay and Dunlop Latex. Apart from DIY Mattresses, They do sell Toppers separately in Dunlop and Talalay. The Talalay Latex Mattress toppers are 100% natural and come in 3 different firmness levels. You can opt between a 2” or a 3” profile for your mattress. All 6 Standard sizes are available and it usually fits any mattress of the same length and width. 

While the Talalay Topper may seem a bit raw, you can add a Stretch Cotton cover to the topper for an additional price. 

The Latex mattress factory provides the most affordable mattress toppers. While the Toppers may be slightly expensive for the twin and Full size, the prices are much more cheaper for the Queen, king and California king sizes. 

#3 The Sleepe ez Talalay Latex Mattress toppers

  • 2 Options
  • 4 firmness levels
  • 2 thickness profiles
  • With and without covers

At first look, you find the talalay Latex mattress toppers from Sleep ez to be a bit more expensive and a lot to the high end. For a moment it did seem like I could get a mattress at that price. But if you look close and purchase a talalay mattress topper to the same specifications as the competitors, there isn’t much difference in price at all and the quality of the product is simply the same. 

The sleep Ez Talalay mattress toppers come in 2 types. The wool latex topper and the Natural latex topper. If you are looking for a normal Talalay Latex mattress topper, opt for the Natural latex topper option. They have 4 firmness levels and a range of sizes to choose from apart from the 2 inch and 3 inch Thickness profiles. The Wool Talalay latex mattress toppers usually cost a bit more. The Queen Size Wool Latex mattress topper in Talalay comes at $540. That’s nearly half the price of most luxury mattresses online. Of course the price is clearly for all the extras on the topper. The wool topper has a 1 inch thickness with the wool padding and the covers. It does look like a thinner mattress and I could surely use them as one on the floor in case of an emergency. But most people don’t really need a wool top mattress topper. The Normal, natural Talalay latex mattress topper should do just fine.

Make your own Latex Mattress Now. Choose between Talalay and Dunlop, Adjust firmness levels and add pocketed coils or Just go Pure latex. Visit DIY Latex Mattress from for deals and prices Now

The Sleep Ez Latex toppers come with a 1 year warranty and 30 day trial period. This may not be a lot for most people, but latex mattresses and toppers have a life of 20 years in average. Chances are, if there is a manufacturing defect, you would be able to know in a year and thats covered. As of the trial, its more or less about comfort. Chances are you purchased a firm instead of a medium firm or something like that. Exchange is possible in such cases and returns are FREE, just in case you decide not to keep it.

Things to consider before you purchase a talalay latex Mattress Topper

  1. Thickness
  2. Firmness
  3. Covers
  4. Price

The design of a Mattress topper is usually simple. The material, whatever they may be, usually come with a cover or without one. The choice is yours and the budget/price will vary depending on your choice. Talalay Latex mattress toppers are durable and last a good 10-20 years. With a cover or without a cover, these products will last you a long time. But there are a few other factors you may want to consider apart from the life of the topper itself when purchasing a latex topper.

Thickness : Most mattress toppers come in a 2 inch or 3 inch profile. If your mattress is lesser than 8 inches, opt for a 3 inch topper to add more comfort and bounce. Some mattresses are uncomfortably firm and you may feel as though you can feel the slats on your bed. These are the times when you really need a thicker profile and a 3 inch on top can really help. But when your mattress is already comfortable but you intend only to change its firmness level a bit, the 2 inch profile may be best suited. Opting for something more thicker may actually ruin the right setting for your mattress by either making it too soft or take away the support your mattress already provides.

Firmness : Some people purchase a mattress topper to add life to the mattress but most people purchase a mattress topper to add comfort and change the existing firmness levels of their mattresses. Talalay latex mattress toppers are more bouncy and add the desired comfort levels like most other mattress toppers. Choosing the right firmness level is as important as choosing the right thickness for a topper. Understand your mattresses firmness and check out the ILD of your existing mattress whenever possible. This makes decisions a lot easier. Most older mattresses , even with the ILD available would not make any sense or be entirely obsolete with a few years of usage. Now , this is the time to make a decision based on your judgement. Always opt for a firmer level than what you decide. Expect the toppers to be a bit softer over time.

Covers : While some Talalay mattress toppers come with covers, you can opt for a mattress topper without one. Covers are usually stretchable cotton. The covers don’t add any form of comfort to the topper and you could , in most cases simply opt out of having one, unless its removable and washable. A fully stitched cover is harder to remove and wash and you may want to have that flexibility. Some companies do offer really good covers and they are more or less paddings than covers. These mattress toppers are often more expensive but feel and work a lot like mini mattresses.

Price : You should always be looking for a mattress topper to be a lot less expensive than a mattress itself. If you had the budget and need for a new mattress, it would have been better to get a new mattress instead. A good Talalay Latex mattress topper should cost you not more than $350 for a queen. Memory foam toppers are a lot cheaper and dunlop latex mattress toppers fall in the mid range. Expect to pay a bit more for talalay products. 

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