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Sweet Zzz Honey Hybrid Mattress
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 13″ Luxury mattress
  • Coil on Coil Design
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • 100% Organic
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Sweet ZZZ mattress & Bed Review – Compare Before You Buy

Sweet Zzz is a mattress specialty retailer based in Panorama City CA. Sweet Zzz tested great brand mattresses and collected thousands of customers’ feedback to produce “The Perfect Mattress.” In their testing, the company understood that people are different and so are their sleep patterns, so ‘One Perfect Mattress Fits All’ concept won’t work. So they started working on a line up – A Collection of Sweet Zzz Mattresses to accommodate everyone’s need. The company focuses on O-Cell Cooling Foam technology to provide you with peace of mind, comfort, and good health in their Collection of Sweet Zzz mattresses to make your lives comfortable. Keep reading to know the complete details about the Sweet Zzz Mattresses Reviews, where to buy, stores, technology and more.

Sweet Zzz Mattresses Size, Dimensions, and Weight

On an average, all Sweet Zzz Mattresses weighs around 80-120 lb. It comes in various Size and Dimensions  –

Twin39″ x 75″
Twin XL39″ x 80″
Full54″ x 75″
Queen60″ x 80″
King76″ x 80″
Cal King72″ x 84″

Lifetime Warranty/ 100-Night Trial

All Sweet Zzz Mattresses comes with a limited lifetime warranty offered to the original buyer of the product. The warranty is against certain product defects wherein the company will either repair or replace it.

All Sweet Zzz Mattresses comes with the 100-Night trial that begins after the product delivery. The company recommends you try your new mattress for at least 30 days to give enough time and adjust to the new bed. If you are not completely happy with the Sweet Zzz Mattresses result, initiate the return by using the ‘contact us’ page.

Jaden acquired Affinity Mattress a few months ago and felt a little firmer than his previous one. However, he quickly became comfortable with this new mattress and was sleeping more prolonged and more relaxed. Also, he would wake up without any lower back pains and stiffness that he had experienced in the past. He is genuinely enjoying his sleeping experience and recommends Sweet Zzz Affinity Mattress to everyone.

Issac is happy to found Sweet Zzz Hotel Choice Hybrid Mattress at an excellent price. The couple almost decided to buy a Beautyrest Black but considering its price; they finally ended up purchasing the Hotel’s Choice Hybrid. They are happy to save around $2000 and sleeping on a good quality mattress at a great price.

Charley had experienced other high-quality mattresses but says Sweet Zzz Nature’s Novel is a luxury mattress that supports the body’s anatomy in every way. This mattress is soft to the touch yet firm to help the lumbar area while relieving tension and stress. He would recommend Nature’s Novel to anyone who wants to experience a healthier and better way to relax and at just a fraction of the cost of the other premiums brands.

Sweet Zzz Mattresses For Most Comfortable Sleep

Sweet Zzz Mattresses ensures all your individual needs meet with their perfect range of exceptionally advanced mattresses.

Their bed uses O-Cell Foam technology to give you a comfortable, durable and safe mattress. This foam is treated with the extensive process to make it breathable, as well as pressure resistant. Also, the Open-Cell Structure of the foam keeps the mattress much cooler and allows the moisture and heat to escape fast. This Foam gains the pressure-relieving ability through a better glass transition process that keeps the foam breathable while being supportive and comfortable.

All foams in these mattresses are 4-5 lb density, as against some famously branded mattresses which use only 2-3 lb. Due to this, the Sweet ZZZ mattresses are much stronger increasing their durability and longevity. Additionally, mattresses in their collection are tested for years and proven to work for everyone – Side, back, and stomach sleeper. They are available in 10 or 12-inch thickness.

Moreover, all foams used in Sweet Zzz Mattresses are environment-friendly. And they are made with CertiPUR-US Certified materials only. To add peace of mind, all Sweet Zzz Mattresses comes with 100 days no-risk trial and lifetime warranty.

Why Choose Sweet Zzz Mattresses? – Features

Sweet Zzz Mattresses are the perfect sleep technology beds based on sleep science and crafted using the highest components in the industry.

  • High-Quality Materials – All materials used in these mattresses are of high quality and only American made. They use cotton or wool covers, 4 and 5 lb. Density memory foam layers and the 50 ILD base foam layer.
  • Unique O-Cell Cooling Technology – The Company designed a unique Open-Cell Foam Structure that dissipates heat three times faster than memory foam.
  • Perfectly Balanced Gentle Comfort – With just the right amount of conforming and softness, these mattress offers the comfiest night sleep
  • Pressure Relieving Body Support – Their O-Cell foam contours to the shape of your body to give you the support you need to sleep like a baby
  • Natural Cotton Cover – It is a known fact that cotton is very durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear. Hence, most Sweet Zzz Mattresses uses a quilted cover made of cotton which is both breathable and soft.
  • Extremely Durable – 4 and 5 lb density premium o-cell memory foam and 50 ILD base foam, ensures these mattresses are built to last. Also, these also help support and maintain a perfect spinal alignment during the whole night.
  • Made in the USA – All mattresses are crafted to perfection in the U.S with the highest quality standard
  • No Bad Chemicals/ Odors – All foams in these mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified and tested by a credible 3rd party for any known harmful chemicals and found to be completely safe.
  • Free Shipping And Return – All mattresses come with free shipping and return.
  • 100 Days Risk-Free – Take your time, and try your new bed in the comfort of your home in your bedroom for up to 100 days.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Based on Sleep science Technology, all Sweet Zzz Mattresses are build to last and comes with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Affordable pricing – From an economical to moderate prices, all mattresses are available here at ultimate prices that everyone can afford.

Sweet Zzz Mattresses Models

Sweet ZZZ offers a good range of models, classified into four categories as described in a table below –

Models – FeaturesThe Affinity MattressAffluent Rest Gel Memory Foam MattressHotel Choice Hybrid MattressNature’s Novel Mattress
IntroductionLuxury, Convenience, and Affordability is this mattress with its Premium 4 lb Memory Foam supports you for a comfortable sleep.Perfectly engineered, this mattress comes with Open-Cell Cooling Foam Technology that includes 5lb Density Memory Foam and a natural Cotton Cover gives you restful cool and comfortable sleep.A True Hybrid Mattress with a perfect balance of Foam and Innerspring. The responsive feel of the Quantum Edge Spring unit with the pressure relief of Cooling Gel Memory Foam works together to bring you the best of both worlds.The soft touch of a wool cover, the original mold of Talalay latex and the solid support of Dunlop latex, bring you restful nights and blissful mornings.
Construction and Layers1″ Cool Natural Cotton Cover1″ Cool Natural Cotton Cover1″ Cool Natural Cotton Cover1″ Natural Wool Fiber filled cover
3″ Premium O-Cell 4 lb Density Memory Foam2″ O-Cell Cooling gel 4 lb Density Foam2″ O-Cell Cooling gel 4 lb Density Foam2″ 100% Natural Talalay Latex
7″ Ventilated Edge Support Base Foam2″ Premium O-Cell 5 lb Density Memory Foam1″ Solid Transition Foam 2″ 100% Natural Dunlop Latex
 7″ Ventilated Edge Support Base Foam8″ Premium Quantum Edge Spring Unit7″ Ventilated Edge Support Base Foam
Number of Layers3 LayersFour layers4 Layers4 Layers
FirmnessLuxury Firm (Firmness Scale: 6.5-7.5)Medium firmness (Firmness Scale: 5.5-6.5)Plush(Firmness Scale: 4-5)Firm(Firmness Scale: 7-8)
Suitable forBest for Back Sleepers and Stomach Sleepers. Also accommodates Side and Back combo Sleepers because of its luxury firm feelBuilt with the majority of sleepers in mindPerfect for Side and back sleepersIdeal for back sleepers and stomach sleepers
DurabilityHigh-density foam and a 50 ILD base supports ensures ultimate DurabilityExtensively processed High-density foam with a 50 ILD base, will make sure it last as long as their lifetime warrantyHigh-density foam coupled with the Quantum Edge Spring Unit ensures this mattress will live under its warranty.100% Natural Talalay and Dunlop Latex with a 50 ILD base assuring durability and lifetime warranty.
PricesStarts From $465Starts From $799Starts From $799Starts From $1099
Customer Reviews4.7 out of 5 stars based on 188 reviews4.7 out of 5 stars based on 310 reviews4.8 out of 5 stars based on 101 reviews4.7 out of 5 stars based on 89 reviews

Sweet Zzz Mattresses Comfort and Support

For complete recovery rate and maximum comfort, Sweet Zzz Mattresses uses memory foam that passes through a unique process. It undergoes a process where lower temperatures are applied to the foam for more extended periods to achieve a much slower but better glass transition ensuring O-Cell Foam offers the coolness through its open cell structure while keeping the fantastic pressure-relieving feature for comfort and support.

Firmness and Edge support

The open-cell base foam is supportive without making the bed too firm. The quantum edge spring unit makes the mattress supportive without making the bed feel very firm. All these mattresses offer strong edge support to ensure a better sitting area.

Sleeps Cool

The company increased the size of the cell pores and cell openness to design a unique Open-Cell Structure for Sweet Zzz Mattresses to make the mattress cooler. This unique design increased the flow of air by 95% allowing heat to leave the foam through convection. This improved air flow caused moisture and heat to dissipate three times faster than regular memory foam.

Motion Transfer

These mattresses use high-quality memory foam that absorbs movements between couples. Also, the high-quality Talalay latex absorbs motion easily between couples making Sweet Zzz Mattresses couple friendly.

Smell/ Odors

Sweet Zzz Mattresses are virtually odorless. There may be little odor or natural scent when unpacking these mattresses for the first time. This smell is harmless and will dissipate very quickly with their unique Open-Cell Foam structure design. Allow the bed to air out in a well-ventilated area for the odor to evaporate in just a few hours.

Is Sweet Zzz Mattresses Safe?

All Sweet Zzz Mattresses foams are the USA made and CertiPUR-US Certified, toxic-free and pass all health standards. They are with Low Emission (low VOCs) for indoor air quality, made without prohibited phthalates, ozone depleters, PBDEs, Mercury, Lead and heavy metals, or formaldehyde. Also, they use deficient levels of amine in these foams. The company claims to use only the safest and healthiest materials in the mattress industry, guaranteed. Hence, Sweet Zzz Mattresses are entirely healthy and safe for you and your family to sleep.
Sweet Zzz Mattresses Customer Reviews

You will find an impressive number of positive Sweet Zzz Mattresses Reviews Online. Most sleepers define Sweet Zzz as high-quality mattresses at best prices were quality beyond compare to other branded mattresses. Many people love them for the great feel, comfort and support it offers all night to feel good to wake up and entirely rested. Some users appreciate these mattresses capability to remove back pain and neck pain. Some couples also mentioned that they are sleeping tremendous and experiences no movements and sleeps cool.

There are some Sweet Zzz Mattresses complaints from users. Some people got easily adjust to their new beds within a day or two, while for some it took 2-3 weeks because your body is used to the older mattress so will take some time to adapt to the new bed. Give it a few weeks, and then you will love sleeping on Sweet Zzz.


Where to buy Sweet Zzz Mattresses?

The best place to buy Sweet Zzz Mattresses online is from the manufacturer site Here you can get the benefit of Sweet Zzz Mattresses Coupon codes, promo offers, periodical sale, free shipping and more. Currently, avail Tax Season Special $50 OFF on any mattress – Use promo code CART50 at checkout page on

Can I buy Sweet Zzz Mattresses on Amazon?

No, at the time of writing this article, this product remains unavailable on Amazon.

After unboxing, how long should I wait to sleep on my new mattress?

Since Sweet Zzz Mattresses have no harmful chemicals in them, you can sleep on your new bed in just a few hours after opening. However, only allow enough time for it to be in shape. Sometimes, full expanding may take up to 48 hours.

Can I try these mattresses in a store?

Yes, you can visit one of their locations in the Los Angeles area. Sweet Zzz mattress Store Reseda location and sweet Zzz mattress Panorama City CA location are open Monday-Sunday.

Do I need to rotate Sweet Zzz Mattress?

Yes, rotating your mattress 180° every few months can help increase the life of your mattress.

What foundation/ base works best with Sweet Zzz Mattresses?

All these mattresses work great with flat box spring, slatted bed, adjustable base, or any flat surface.

How can I contact the company?

You can contact them via phone – (800)811-7514 or submit a form on their Contact Us page.


With unique O-Cell Cooling Technology, amazing features, world’s most robust Base 50 ILD, high density 4 or 5 lb in memory foam, Sweet ZZZ mattresses are for Comfortable Sleep and support. Sweet ZZZ mattresses are worth a buy Owing to several positive customer reviews, reasonable prices, lifetime warranty, and 100-night trial.