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A part of us always craves for naughty erotic “adventures” be it real life or in dreams. While it is a known fact that cheese, before bed can give you ghastly dreams (nightmares basically), sleeping on your stomach can make you a sex god or goddess. How? Research claims that people who sleep on their tummy are likely to have best sexy dreams than others who go to sleep in other positions. Obviously, this can lead to better performance in bed and leaving your partner seeking for more.

Calvin Kai-Ching Yu, author in Shue yan University in Hong Kong tested nearly 670 people, of which two-thirds were women. The participants were asked to complete a survey about dreams. Results showed that one common sleep posture is the key to weirdest, sexiest and scariest dreams – i.e. tummy down. People who sleep in such prone position feel more sensations that are connected to sex, having an extramarital affair, seeing an UFO, or just being naked.


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What Studies Say About Sleeping On Your Stomach

The underlying reason is because you don’t get much air while sleeping on your stomach. This can lead their unconscious brain to imagine that they are feeling restricted, such as, being tied up or unable to move. At times, the brain try to decipher these external stimuli and utilizes them in your dream. It has been mentioned in the journal called Dreaming, that was recently published. (

However, experts claim that there is no perfect sleep position. It is ultimately the comfort, that delivers restful night of sleep. As a matter of fact, Americans were asked by the top brand Tempur-pedic regarding their sleep positions. While approximately 2000 people slept on their sides, 17 percent slept on their backs and 11 percent makes up for the stomach sleepers. Though stomach sleepers are only a minor group, other position-sleepers claim that they do change postures before going belly down.

The mattress you sleep-on also makes a dramatic impact in the way you sleep. There are many best mattresses for stomach sleepers such as Saatva, Tuft and Needle or even an adjustable bed that will give better orgies than Fifty shades of grey. Think!!!

Other findings say that, if you change your sleep positions, your dreams will change as well. However, we do not advise it. This is because sleeping in an uncomfortable position can interfere with sleep quality. Each position can influence dreams and your sleep quality in different ways. Stomach sleepers experience erotic dreams. Right side sleepers have more of positive dreams while, left side sleepers tend to have a few nightmares.

You should avoid sleeping with your face down. Stating the obvious, prone stomach sleepers, though erotically charged in their dreams report restlessness throughout the night, not to mention toss and turn to find the right position.

Health Issues For Stomach Sleepers

Let’s be honest. After a day’s work, we are happy to see a welcoming bed, that lets you relax, albeit an awkward pose. But, does it really effect the body in any way, as long as we get good sleep?

Actually it does. You might be thinking what’s wrong with my position. Though, there are benefits of stomach sleeping such as reduced snoring, sleep apnea etc., it can put a lot of strain on your spinal area and neck. And, if you are pregnant, you need to be more careful and avoid sleeping on stomach.

  • Bang on the back – According to Mayoclinic, sleeping on your tummy can stress the back. This is because the middle of your body carries most of the weight. When you are sleeping on your stomach, it becomes difficult to maintain a more neutral spine position. The spine also has many pipelines that connect to the nerves. It can trigger numbness or tingling pain, at any given point.
  • Then comes the neck – Unless, of course, you have any other trick to breathe through the pillow, you have to keep your head tilted to the side. Without a doubt, this throws the head and spine out of proper alignment twisting your neck. It is easy to ignore the initial damage over a period of time, that can prove problematic. How you may ask? Weird neck position for a long hours can give you a herniated disc, that can lead to rupture in the gelatinous disc. As the gel starts leaking, you may feel an irritation in the nerves.
  • Pregnant women, beware – Since you are sleeping for two, you need good quality rest. As the stomach is on extra weight, it will put extra pressure on your spine and pull it downwards. Also, the baby needs to have more room so that she/he doesn’t feel squeezed. A study shows that sleeping on the left side during pregnancy can increase the blood flow and provide more oxygen.

    Do I Have Any Other Alternative?

    Despite the warning bells, if you still feel helpless and want the belly down position, then, here are some tips to avoid complications.

    • You can either use a thin pillow or no pillow at all. The flatter the pillow, lesser the weird angle of your head and neck.
    • Put a pillow under the pelvis. It can help to keep the spine in a more neutral position, thus relaxing the spine without any stress.
    • Stretch once you are up. Spend some minutes to stretch your body that can fix the spinal alignment and supporting the muscles. Make sure to warm up before stretching and remember, be gentle.

    Bottomline, while erotic dreams are part of stomach sleepers, make sure you are not compromising on your health. It certainly does not undermine your performance in bed, whatsoever. Nevertheless, consult your chiropractor for therapy and try to sleep in best position. Ensure that you keep a check on your mattress quality, or else, you will be losing much more than sleep.