Wright Mattress
What it feels like when sleeping on a Wright Mattress? With medium-firm rating, it combines a plush soft top layer with firmer supportive base layers, making it optimal for every kind of sleeper.

Spring Air Elizabeth Mattresses Review

Spring Air Elizabeth firm mattress has that perfect level of firmness that will not only provide support but will also be comfortable. The Spring Air Elizabeth firm mattress design consists of VertiCoil innerspring and memory foam. The mattress is efficient in offering support to the body wherever the body needs the support and at the same time it also gives the body the comfort it wishes for.

The Spring air Elizabeth firm mattress 360 foam encased edges provide strong support at the edges. A well-built edge and a good edge support makes getting off and into the bed easier for the user. There will not be the cases of the users slipping because the edges are not strong enough. The foam encased steel coil edges offer edge to edge space, thus the sleeping space gets extended. This less expensive high-quality mattress is one of the best choices if you are looking for a firmer comfort and support.

The VertiCoil innerspring used in the Spring Air Elizabeth firm mattress are all thickly encased in foam. The edges are encased in High-density foam in 3” thickness. The top of the mattress consists of 2” thick foam and the bottom layer also consists of a supportive layer of 2” thick foam. The coil system of the mattress consist of 460 VertiCoil and the quilt of the mattress is prepared using high-quality Dacron Fiber.

Since 1926, Spring air mattress has been giving its valuable services to the customers. Francis Karr is the founder and the innovator of this high-quality series of mattresses that has brought comfort and rest to the sleeping hours of its customers. The mattress cradles the user in its comfortable embrace and relieves the body from all the pressure and tension and the can sleep in peace and comfort.

Improvements have been a part of the Spring Air Elizabeth firm mattress growth. They keep improving themselves continuously and come up with innovative and creative ideas that create a benchmark in the journey of mattress developments. In 1940s Spring air brought the button-free technology, mattresses with quilted surfaces and bedding materials that are extra supportive. Then in 1953, it created a new series of mattresses called the ‘Health Centre mattresses’. This series consisted of mattresses designed specifically for individual areas of the body, Then in 1973, it came up with the famous and most sought these days, Pillow Top mattresses. Spring Air has been successful in spreading its empire worldwide. With 13 domestic factories and international licenses that work in 32 countries, Spring air is going stronger than ever before.

Why choose Spring Air Mattress? – Pros and Cons


This four seasons latex mattress are popular luxurious bedding options. It offers great comfort and can maintain the spine in proper alignment while sleeping. Equally, it helps reduce stress on the backbone and is considered good for people suffering from allergic reactions. Thus, worth at offering the ultimate needed support.


Few have questioned the durability of this mattress. Another issue is the sagging trouble associated with these beds. Further, you may visit their concerned website to check on spring air mattress review and know more on the comfort, durability and longevity issues.

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