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SpineAlign Pillow Reviews, Discounts, Features

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the latest in Pillow technology, A hybrid pillow with the best breathability and comfort

Do you know that pillows play a significant role in your sleep? Unfortunately, many people don’t realize its importance and its specific role in sleep behavior. But, it offers a better level of comfort by providing significant support to the sleeper’s neck and upper back. However, it helps in maintaining proper alignment of the areas of the spine. Check Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign pillow available online. It’s a customizable cervical contour pillow featuring a unique, patented design. Keep reading to know more on Spine Align pillows, contour pillow reviews, discount, Amazon and much more.

This SpineAlign Pillow is a cervical contour pillow specially created by Dr. Jason Loth (a sports chiropractor). The filling is adjustable and is best suited for all body types in correcting the head, neck and spinal postures.

Why SpineAlign is the best when compared to other pillows that don’t work?

  • Most of the pillows use non-conforming materials in its design, and it won’t support the head, neck and correct posture.
  • Similarly, many pillows don’t allow correct posture on the side and back position.
  • They feature improper orthopedic or biomechanical design.
  • Sometimes, the pillow is the wrong size for the person.

But SpineAlign is different in these cases as it helps you attain a right sleeping posture by allowing you to achieve an exact fit. Besides it never makes use of the non-conforming materials like those available in the local pillows.

Check the hybrid pillow with the best breathability and comfort

Loth’s SpineAlign contour neck pillow features

This Spine Align contour neck pillow is the top-rated pillow for a headache, neck pain, and insomnia – Specially designed for both the side and back sleepers. Some of its best features include:

  • Well developed by a sports chiropractor – After treating several patients with neck and back pain, Dr. Loth helped patients to get the best possible sleep ever.
  • The pillow is fully adjustable to your body – It is specially designed using a proprietary mix of CertiPUR US internal fill and strategically placed zippers.
  • Works for both side as well as back sleepers – Features two sleep systems, which helps in achieving the correct sleeping position.
  • Breathability and Comfort – The outside area of this pillow soft Tencel blended fabric with strips of mesh built in the sides for better comfort.
  • Healthy and safe – It is free of highly toxic chemicals found on the market today.
  • Appropriately fits in a queen size pillowcase.
  • 23” x 17” x 6.”
  • 100% money back guarantee and 90 nights free trial.
  • Do not wash the pillow or spot clean them.
  • Designed in the USA with imported materials.

Who should try Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign Pillow?

  • Good for people who sleep on their back or side – The design is suitable for both back and side sleepers. It’s contoured shape, and shredded foam works well for neck and neutral alignment.
  • Individuals who love the idea of an adjustable pillow – The zippers on each chamber can be opened to access the internal fill.
  • Works for sleepers who run hot – Yes, the outer fabric of this pillow is known for its breathability. Besides, the open cell structure of the internal fill helps in the regulation of temperature.
  • People wishing to keep their eco-footprint small – The fabric cover of this pillow is designed using a Tencel fabric (which is both recyclable as well as biodegradable in nature.

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SpineAlign body pillow construction

The unique design of the pillow with two outer chambers benefit the people who prefer side sleeping.

The outer pillow covers are soft textured fabric built with Tencel blended fabric (37% Lyocell, 61% polyester and 2% spandex).

The bottom of the pillow showcases zippers around several pillow chambers. So, you can unzip the pillow to access the filing.

The pillow is adjustable. Thus, you can remove or change the filing to get the right loft and height (to make your head, neck, and spine neutral).

The Best pillows ever,

SpineAlign Pillow cover

Dr. Loth’s Sspinealign pillows are soft and breathable designed using sustainable fabric named Tencel (Including two strips of mesh paneling along the sides).  Tencel’s chemical processing is nontoxic.

SpineAlign Pillow feel and support offered

the nature of the shredded foam used in this pillow provides quick recovery and excellent pressure relief.


  • Adjustable filling.
  • One size fits most designs suits every body types.
  • Includes soft, breathable cover designed using Tencel fabric.
  • Trial offer.


  • The filling can be messy many times.
  • You can only spot clean. It is not machine washable or dryer friendly.
  • Not meant for stomach sleepers.
  • However, it takes time to find the right or loft support for an appropriate sleep posture.

SpineAlign Pillow set up and installation

This therapeutic spinal alignment pillow is the best pillow for back sleepers which can keep your neck in the correct position. Let’s have a look at the following steps that lets you properly adjust your SpineAlign pillow.

  • First, you need to find out which side of the pillow you would be using.
  • Then decide whether you are a back or side sleeper (even though it is difficult to determine).
  • In this step, you need to adjust the filling and this, in turn, makes the pillow more customizable.
  • Keep on adjusting as needed, because it might take you a few days to get acclimated to a proper sleeping position.

However, it’s best you refer their website for more information on set up, installation process or watch the link

SpineAlign Pillow reviews

This cervical spine alignment pillow designed for a headache and neck pain has received 4.5 stars out of 5. Most of the honest reviews have stated it works as promised. Further, check a few honest reviews stated below:

5 stars! An amazing pillow which is firmer and comfortable than anything else. I suffer from cervical lordosis, and this pillow helps me sleep sound on my side.

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I love this pillow very much.

Amazing pillow! Now my neck feels great and perfectly cradled with this.

One of the best pillow ever. With this, I couldn’t find any nausea, headaches or neck pain.

Nice! I have been using this pillow for the past three months, and now I completely love it for side sleeping. Even my neck and head are no longer in pain.

Really worked great for my stiff neck. Now no worries anymore…

All thanks to the manufacturer’s, and I loved this concept very much.

Recently I realized that a pillow could make a lot of difference, after getting my all new Spine Align travel pillow. It is good at supporting my neck. Thus, I wake up refreshed every day in the morning.

“I highly recommend this pillow. Overall it’s awesome.

SpineAlign Pillow maintenance and cleaning

Well, not that hard to maintain. But still, this Spine Align Pillow cannot be washed or dried in a machine. All you can spot clean the cover with soap and water.

Is SpineAlign Pillow non-toxic?

SpineAlign pillow designed in the USA is CertiPUR US certified. Third party users conduct tests for the use of any unknown chemicals.

SpineAlign Pillow discount, coupon, promo deals

You can avail 5 to 10% or $30 off on every purchase of this SpineAlign contour pillow from their site. Just look into the website for coupon redeem offers and much more.

SpineAlign Pillow shipping and returns

The company uses FedEx shipping system to deliver their products.  Besides, they offer 90 days returning policy and $14.95 flat shipping fee on everything. Further, look at the site for more basic info.

What is the cost of this SpineAlign contour pillow?

Well, the price is reasonable. It may cost around $129 when you purchase them from its official website.

Does the company offer a sleep trial?

Yes, the manufacturer offers 90-night sleep trials on all these pillows. So, hurry you refer their site at the earliest.

What about SpineAlign Pillow blogs?

For SpineAlign Pillow blogs, you may refer their website and check related articles on comfort sleep and much more.

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