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Somnigel Mattress Reviews

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Somnigel mattress reviews explain that Somnigel mattresses are comfortable and are superbly supportive. Somnigel is not a foam that has been infused with gel. Somnigel is made purely of gel without a trace of foam. Somnigel has got a hollow column design that can also be called as diamond column design. The Somnigel like memory foam easily delineates the shape of the body without the body having to put the pressure, the Somnigel has the ability to self-reinforce. There are many more features of Somnigel that confirms that a person gets a comfortable sleep on a Somnigel mattress.

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The following are the striking features of Somnigel

  • When you lie on the mattress, the weight of your body gets equally distributed to different columns of the Somnigel. This way the pressure of the body’s weight doe not get concentrated on a single point. The equal distribution of weight also greatly helps the pressure points to relax and not get pressurized. The pressure points of the body are those points that are delicate and can become an easy prey to the pressure leading to pain in that area. Somnigel keeps the pressure points free of pressure.
  • Somnigel curves itself according to the body’s shape. This helps the body to be in right alignment while sleeping. While you are in your sleep world, your body should be in right alignment otherwise in the morning your back will start crying in pain.
  • The hollow columns inside the Somnigel create a way for a free flow of air. The free flow of air inside the mattress, the cool air from outside makes the inner of the mattress cool and also dries up the perspiration at the surface of the mattress. What usually happens with the normal mattresses is that the mattress surface absorbs the perspiration from the body and then the moisture gets accumulated on the inside of the mattress making way for mold. The problem of mold does not usually exist with a breathable mattress.
  • The Somnigel mattress at first takes the heat away from the body and the continuous air flow inside the mattress which is made possible by Somnigel takes it away from the mattress surface.
    The construction of Somnigel is in such a way that 22% of Somnigel is made of soothing gel and the remaining 78% is open air (hollow columns). This particular construction of Somnigel allows it to not push back when a body rests on it. So the body does not feel any pressure when it is placed on a Somnigel mattress.
  • Somnigel does not sag easily and neither does body impressions forms so easily on a Somnigel. Its firmness stays longer than traditional memory foam.
  • A real and pure Somnigel is free of toxins and by-products. It is hypoallergenic and has simply no odor.

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There are pure Somnigel mattresses available in the market. The new trend is to combine Somnigel with memory foam or other foams. King Koil’s Somnigel Vigor queen mattress has this type of combination in it.

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