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SOL Organics – Organic Cotton Bedding Reviews

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SOL Organics – Hemmed Sheet Sets

This is our review of SOL Organics, that offers one of the best organic sheets of 2017.

An Overview of SOL Organics

For those who are looking for cheap and low-priced bed sheets, SOL Organics is NOT for you. The price of SOL Organics sheets is affordable but definitely not cheap. It is best for those who are willing to make an investment. A true Eco-friendly product, SOL Organics ensures that even the bag of your luxury sheet set is re-usable. In fact, it is available in the same color as you purchase and not to mention, the bag and its ethnic design makes it a fantastic gift to anyone.

Currently, the colors available are White, Blue, Ivory, Sand, Dove Grey and Steel Grey. You can choose the shade that matches the tone of your bedroom.

The SOL Organics sheet set or Bedding set comes with 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases and are available in different sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Queen, and so on. The manufacturer offers a plain set and a hemmed set. The prices are quite similar and are made using same materials…

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Sol Organics Bedding & Sheets Reviews 2017

Overall, SOL Organics Reviews have been good. Be it comments on Facebook or Amazon, the products have been well-received. The SOL Organics customer support is also commendable and if you check the Facebook page, the company does offer a response (if not prompt) to almost all the users’ comments. This says a lot about the company and its keen interest in satisfying the user’s needs.

SOL Organics offers you organic cotton bedding, duvets, and pillow covers that have been 100% certified organic. It is made from the finest non-GMO long-staple cotton seeds derived from India. These organic bed sheets possess many features that make it durable, lightweight and soft to sleep on.

SOL stands for Sustained Organic Living. Ethically made from high-quality cotton, SOL Organics comes with 300 thread count and 60s yarn count. The yarn count is a measure of how fine the yarn is. 60s is closer to the high-end yarn counts.

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What makes SOL Organics so popular?

SOL Organics is one of those companies which goes that extra mile to offer absolute organic products to their customers. This ensures optimum satisfaction.

For instance, the cotton plant grows on rain-fed irrigation. The cotton seeds are provided with only natural fertilizer and the company ensures that there is no child labor involved in harvesting.

SOL Organics has taken the initiative of “Fair Trade at a Fair Price”. To make this work, the company ensures that right from soiling to laboring, all the procedures are strictly adhered as per the social, economic, and environmental standards.

Unlike conventional cotton materials that are not only derived from pesticide-induced cotton seeds but also filled with flame-retardants, SOL Organics invests in environment-friendly resources that are free from pesticides, fertilizers et al. The company does NOT use any flame retardants that can be detrimental to the user.

You will love SOL organic sheets if you

  • Love eco-friendly products that are made using organic cotton fabric with non-GMO seeds
  • Looking for a budget-friendly price without any compromise on quality.
  • Do not prefer any middle-men and want to purchase directly from the company
  • Want lightweight, soft beddings that feel cool to sleep in especially in warm weathers.

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You may not like SOL organics cotton bedding if you

Are looking to buy sheets at a cheap rate. While SOL Organix offers you economically-priced products, it still asks you to make a necessary investment for sleep.

Desire percale – the sheets of SOL Organics are sateen which makes it silkier, an altogether different finish than percale (which makes the fabric crispier).

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Features of SOL Organics bed sheets

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Sateen Weave with 300 thread count and 60s yarn count
  • Certified Fair Trade Organic
  • Is free from any harmful flame retardants and chemicals that can be allergic to the health
  • Manufactured right in the USA
  • Different color shades available
  • Free shipping and superb return policy anywhere in the USA

Risk free sleep trial


Shrinking is definitely a crucial factor for those who are looking for long-term investment in bedding. Most of the users need constant reassurance that these luxury organic sheets will not shrink after a couple of washes.

Another important factor is to check the threads of the sheets. This requires you to check the stitching of the sheets for any loose threads after few uses and standard washing.

SOL Organics, when put to test, shrunk 4.5% (flat sheet) and pillowcase by 3.7%. This is common and hopefully won’t shrink any further.

NOTE that shrinkage under 5% is very good, especially for organic cotton sheets.

Sol Organics Bedding specifications analysis

As mentioned above, all the products of SOL Organics are manufactured using 100% organic cotton which is absolutely compatible with both the user and the environment. The benefits of cotton are numerous. Right from skin-friendly to improving airflow, cotton wicks away excess heat and keeps the skin cool to help you to sleep better.

The sheets are light in weight, thin, and makes the skin breathable. Shorter fiber strands can stray out the weave that gives rough fabric. SOL Organics bedding comes with long staple fibers. As a result, the fabric, when strung together gives excellent resistance, and a fine and smooth feel.

Get maximum comfort with the organic cotton sheets that are made using single ply yarn and 300 thread count. Thread count is basically the number of threads that have been woven together per square inch of the fabric. Higher the thread count, softer the sheet. Good sheets range from 200-800.

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SOL Organics Complaints

Every company has to deal with praises and complaints now and then. SOL Organics is not an exception. This company, too, has few disgruntled customers who are not happy with the performance of the product.

Common complaints received include wrinkles. Users say that though they fit great, the sheets came out wrinkled even after following the instructions. Another issue seen is the price. Few say that the cost of SOL Organics sheets and pillow covers are expensive when compared with other brands. Even the durability of such thin fabric is questioned by a group.

  • Joan Leof – “Sheets feel rough even though I have washed it several times.”
  • Lillie – “The king sheets fit great. But washing the material makes the fabric rough on the skin. Hopefully, they will go soft with more washes. I did follow the instructions but the sheets and pillow covers came out wrinkled.”
  • Amazon customer – “The sheets look pretty thin.”

Sol Organics Bedding Company

The light colors are achieved using low impact dyes. This means that they are free of azo compounds. Many SOL Organics reviews state they noticed ZERO TRANSFER of color. This means that the quality infused by the company is high. This also ensures that the colors stay long and do not fade away easily unlike other bed sheets.

SOL Organics Shipping and Return Policy

The manufacturer offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the USA which will be delivered within 4-5 days.

SOL Organics comes with the 30-night trial period. This means if you are planning to return, make sure to do so within 30 days from the date of delivery. Any returns more than the specified period will not be considered for a refund. This is a pretty good deal to test out the material.

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SOL Organics Discount Coupon Code

There are many websites that offer SOL Organics discount coupon codes. Use these codes to buy your desired product at a cut-off price.

Simultaneously, subscribe to the newsletters and you will be notified whenever the SOL Organics launches any promotional deals and offers.

SOL Organics Vs Boll and Branch

Both companies SOL Organics Vs Boll and Branch offer organic cotton plain/hemmed bedding sets, duvet covers, baby crib sheets and much more online. Both the companies had their start-up in 2013 and is popular in the market for their eco-friendly and Fair Trade methodologies.

The manufacturers are keen to break the conventional concept of making cotton duvet covers and pillow sets that are proven dangerous for the health.

Boll and Branch offer bath towels, blankets, quilts as well along with organic beddings. SOL Organics, on the other hand, includes aromatherapy candles, warming therapy body wraps such as eye pillow, neck wrap, headache pillow etc.

Both the companies offer 30 nights trial period along with free shipping anywhere in the USA.

Sol Organics Price

Here is where SOL Organics gets an upper-hand – PRICE. While both the companies are Fair Trade Certified, 100% organic cotton, and have similar features, the price of Boll and Branch is three times more than of regular sheet sets. And that’s where SOL Organics rises to the occasion. This Minnesota-based brand offers all their products at 30-50% less than other comparable products.

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Sol Organics Bed Sheets Design & Styles

Boll and Branch provide a decent amount of designs. SOL Organics has a selective collection of duvets and bed sheets which are free from azo compounds and harmful dyes.

SOL Organics offers only two – plain and hemmed styles of sheets. Boll and Branch give you Hemmed, Flannel, Banded, Pleated, Striped, and Trimmed bedsheets.

Sol Organics Reviews Vs Boll & Branch

As per Boll and Branch reviews, the quality of the cotton sheet sets seems to become softer over frequent wash and use. People have been using it for more than 9 months and still find it durable. There are Boll and Branch complaints available too from users who say that the product is flimsy and shrinks with first use.

SOL Organics, too, has received backlash from users. While a general consensus claim that the product is impeccable with best customer support, there are few disgruntled customers. They say that the product shrinks after use. However, many bloggers come up with a rebuttal that apart from the initial shrinking issue, the product gets softer and durable over time.

What we find amazing is that users who claim a replacement/return have been provided immediate replacements/refund with hassle-free procedures thanks to the excellent customer support.

Overall, we find both the companies pretty good. If you are looking for a variety of designs, then Boll and Branch is recommended. But if you are looking for classic editions, then we recommend SOL Organics.

The Verdict

Fair Trade SOL Organics is a great brand to rely on. Be it price, quality or durability, SOL organics offers optimum satisfaction on all these three criteria. The website, too, is very much informative and provides a description of their persona, green initiative, and many other prominent features.

The strategy of SOL Organics to sell it directly to the consumer is excellent which has been adopted by many brands nowadays. This eliminates the cost of middlemen and retailers that you have to bear. So in a way, the manufacturers are saving you from getting ripped off and buying only the best quality beddings from them.

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