Benefits of Vibrating Crib Mattresses for Infants

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Baby sleep technology has seen remarkable advancements, and one innovation gaining popularity is the vibrating crib mattress . Among the pioneers in this field is the Contours Vibes 2-Stage Soothing Vibrations Crib Mattress. Tailored to meet the unique sleep needs of infants and toddlers , this mattress goes beyond industry standards, offering a blend of style and functionality that enhances the entire family’s well-being.

Understanding the Contours Vibes

Description of the Product

Contours Vibes stands out with its two-stage design, ensuring optimal support for both infants and toddlers. Backed by an independent infant sleep study, the mattress demonstrated a 91% improvement in sleep quality, a 78% increase in sleep duration, and a 61% reduction in nighttime wakings compared to regular crib mattresses. Notably, it proved effective in reducing colic symptoms and aiding fussy sleepers in self-soothing.

Features and Specifications

The mattress incorporates cutting-edge technology with three vibration modes—heartbeat, whisper, and gentle—offering a sensory-engaging calming effect. The soft-touch remote facilitates convenient control from a distance, and with timer settings of 15, 30, and 45 minutes, parents can customize the soothing experience. The cotton cover, PVC-free and breathable, enhances comfort while maintaining a waterproof barrier against leaks .

Premium posture support is achieved through 201 American-made interwoven posture support coils, complemented by full steel edge guards for enhanced durability . Sustainable cushioning and a natural cotton wrap ensure a cozy and safe sleep environment for the little ones.

How Vibrations Enhance Sleep

Insights from Sleep Studies

The impact of Contours Vibes on sleep quality is substantiated by comprehensive sleep studies. The substantial improvements observed in sleep duration, reduced nighttime wakings, and the ability of fussy sleepers to self-soothe highlight the effectiveness of this innovative mattress.

Impact on Parents’ Well-being

The benefits extend beyond the crib, positively affecting parents. Stress, anxiety, and daytime fatigue levels were found to decrease, contributing to an improved quality of life for caregivers.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Contours Vibes prioritizes safety and quality, adhering to ASTM Crib Mattress standards and obtaining GREENGUARD GOLD Air Quality Certification . The product undergoes rigorous testing, surpassing industry certifications with additional internal safety requirements.

User Experience and Convenience

Remote Control Accessibility

The inclusion of a soft-touch remote simplifies operation, allowing parents to choose from the three vibration modes and set timers without disturbing the baby. The remote’s clever storage within the mattress battery drawer ensures accessibility.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance

Operational with two CR2032 remote batteries (included), the mattress requires 3 D cell batteries for the vibration unit, sold separately. Maintenance is a breeze, with simple wipe-clean instructions using a damp cloth and mild soap, promoting hygiene and longevity.

Product Information and Specifications

Brand Overview: Contours

Contours, a family-owned company with a 75-year legacy in developing baby products, emphasizes high-quality design, trust, and value for its consumers.

Model Details: Contours Vibes 2-Stage Soothing Vibrations Crib Mattress

Designed for cribs and toddler beds, this model boasts dimensions of 51.63 x 27.25 x 5.75 inches and a weight of 15.1 lbs.

The Sleep Study and research

Quality sleep is paramount for the healthy development of infants, and the Contours Vibes 2-Stage Soothing Vibrations Crib Mattress has entered the scene with promises of significantly improving the sleep experience for babies. This article delves into the details of the independent sleep study conducted on this innovative crib mattress, shedding light on its methodology, results, and the potential implications for both infants and parents.

The Sleep Study: Methodology and Design


The primary goal of the sleep study was to scientifically assess the impact of the Contours Vibes crib mattress on the sleep quality and patterns of infants aged 0-12 months.


A diverse group of infants, encompassing various age ranges within the specified bracket, was recruited for the study. This inclusivity aimed to capture a comprehensive understanding of the mattress’s effects on sleep across different developmental stages.

Study Design

The study employed a randomized controlled trial design, with participants being assigned either the Contours Vibes crib mattress or a standard crib mattress. This randomization sought to eliminate biases and ensure a robust comparison between the two groups .

Variables Monitored

The sleep study encompassed a range of variables to comprehensively evaluate sleep quality. Key metrics included sleep duration, frequency of nighttime awakenings, and the ability of infants to self-soothe.

Results: Transformative Impact on Sleep Quality

Sleep Duration

The Contours Vibes crib mattress demonstrated a remarkable 78% increase in sleep duration compared to infants using a standard crib mattress. Longer sleep periods are crucial for the overall well-being and development of infants.

Nighttime Wakings

One of the standout findings was the significant reduction in nighttime awakenings among infants using the Contours Vibes mattress. The study reported a 61% decrease in the frequency of infants waking up throughout the night.

Self-Soothing Capability

For parents, the ability of a crib mattress to assist fussy sleepers in self-soothing is invaluable. The Contours Vibes mattress showcased a positive impact in this aspect, indicating that the soothing vibrations contributed to a more independent sleep experience for infants.

Reduction in Colic Symptoms

Colic symptoms, often a source of distress for both infants and parents, were notably reduced among infants using the Contours Vibes crib mattress. This suggests a potential link between the soothing vibrations and the alleviation of colic-related discomfort.

Secondary Benefits: Parental Well-being

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Beyond the direct benefits to infants, the study explored the impact on parental well-being. Mothers, in particular, reported decreased stress and anxiety levels, contributing to an overall improvement in their quality of life.

Daytime Fatigue

Parenting, especially during the early months, can be physically demanding. The study found a correlation between improved infant sleep and reduced daytime fatigue levels among caregivers.

Implications and Future Research

The outcomes of the Contours Vibes sleep study open avenues for further research in the field of infant sleep technology. Understanding the specific mechanisms behind the observed improvements, exploring long-term effects, and assessing the generalizability of findings across diverse populations could be focal points for future investigations.

V. Conclusion: A Paradigm Shift in Infant Sleep Solutions

As parents navigate the myriad challenges of caring for an infant, the quest for effective sleep solutions remains a priority. The Contours Vibes 2-Stage Soothing Vibrations Crib Mattress, backed by the compelling results of its sleep study, emerges as a potential game-changer. Beyond the realms of innovation and technology, it represents a step towards a more holistic approach to infant care, acknowledging the interconnectedness of infant and parental well-being. The research findings not only underscore the efficacy of the Contours Vibes mattress but also prompt a broader conversation on the importance of sleep quality in early childhood development.


In conclusion, the Contours Vibes 2-Stage Soothing Vibrations Crib Mattress emerges as a game-changer in the realm of infant and toddler sleep solutions. Beyond the innovative features and proven benefits, it represents a commitment to family well-being and a testament to the continuous evolution of baby sleep technology. As parents seek holistic solutions for their little ones, the Contours Vibes stands out as a reliable choice, paving the way for future trends in enhancing the sleep experience for the newest members of the family.