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Certified by Doctors. Relax Faster. Best mattresses for a Good nights sleep

Sleep Science mattresses reviews / sleep science bed reviews consists of mixed emotions. Many liked them and found them really cool but for a few it didn’t turn out to be that good. Every coin has two sides! Same way every product has positives and negatives. In the case of Sleep Science Mattresses, the positives are more prominent though than the negatives. The Sleep science mattresses stepped into the world of mattress business in 1993 and since then has been doing fairly well in the market.
The Sleep Science Mattresses consists of four layers of different types of foams. The First or the topmost layer contains the black diamond bamboo charcoal visco memory foam. This layer is around 1” thick. The Second layer consists of visco memory foam (slumber tech) in 1” thickness. The second last or the third layer of the mattress is made of medium latex and is 2” thick. The last and the base layer contains the supportive support tech base foam. This bottom layer of the mattress is 7” thick. This is just the structure of the mattress in gist, to let you know the different types of foams used in the making of the Sleep Science Mattresses.
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The Positive features of Sleep Science Mattresses in the review are:


  • 20 years limited warranty
  • Satisfy the Federal flammability (open flame) standards requirements.
  • Available in varied sizes
  • Also available in adjustable base type
  • The Sleep Science mattress are durable
  • The price of the Sleep Science mattress is moderate, neither too high not too cheap. The rates differ with the sizes.
  • Many has reported to be relieved from their back pain problem after the usage of Sleep Science mattress.
  • For people with normal weight the mattress provides proper molding and contouring according to the body’s shape.
  • The firm edges of the Sleep Science mattresses provides good support and makes getting off the bed easier.
  • Best suited for those who tend to sleep on their back and also for stomach sleepers.
  • The Science Sleep mattress absorbs the motion well, so the movement of the one person will not affect the other person sleeping on the bed.
  • Can hold heavy weight.
  • Sleep Science has trained their customer executives well. The sleep science mattress reviews say that the customer care service is good.
  • The Sleep Science mattress provides excellent return policy.
  • The BBB (Better Bureau Business) has given A+ rating to the parent company of Sleep Science mattress (South Bay international).


The negative features of Sleep Science Mattress in the reviews

  • There is a possibility of off gassing
  • The Sleep Science Firmness options are limited and lighter people might find the mattress too firm. But the mattress become a little softer with time.
  • The Sleep Science Mattress is little heavier, this is one of the main problem that many users have complained about.
  • Some customers has complained in the sleep science mattress reviews of the mattresses becoming too soft after a few years of usage and some people has even reported an uneven sleep surface problem.
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Sleep Science Mattress Company and outlets

To the questions about the Sleep Science mattress company and where to buy these mattresses from,

The Sleep Science company is owned by South Bay International, which makes these popular mattresses. These mattresses can be bought from many retail outlets, but  Costco is the main retailer which sells Sleep Science Mattresses online.  Sleep Science Company also sells bedding accessories like pillows, toppers and more.  The most popular brands of Sleep Science Mattresses include Black Diamond, Dream, Ara, Emma and more.

The adjustable beds include the Motion Trend , which is considered to be super quiet. It has an articulated steel frame with adjustable head and foot and massage.

The above mentioned pluses and minuses are based on the sleep science mattress reviews of various users. You can get the Sleep Science mattresses on or these are also available on e-bay.



Certified by Doctors. Relax Faster. Best mattresses for a Good nights sleep