Which is the best mattress to sleep – Sleep Number Vs Tempurpedic? This article will guide you to choose the best mattress for you.

Sleep Number is a brand that offers adjustable mattresses that can change its comfort level every single day. The adjustment happens also for one half of the mattress from the other. This type of mattress suits for all who needs different comfort every day depending on their needs, as well as for the couple whose preference of comfort is not the same. Now is the Tempurpedic mattress that is memory foam mattress that is made for extreme comfort and to relieve the pressure point of the body. It has motion reduction and is well known for the sleep-promoting feature. It is also the most durable mattress in the market. Here is a comparison of these two mattress types on their familiarity and difference.

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Sleep Number Vs. Tempurpedic – Best Mattress To Choose

Price: Let’s start with their price. The cost of these two mattress types is almost the same and at the higher end. For the comfort they give, we have to pay a lot. On finding the ease to purchase depending on the price, Tempurpedic is the easier one as their website shows the price of every size mattress. The Sleep number does not display the price online and one must call their helpline to get the details.

Comfort: In Sleep Number Vs. Tempurpedic, you will find a different and individual comfort level that can also support the body well enough. Though the comfort level could be the same, the mechanism is totally different. The Tempurpedic mattress has the layers of memory foam that can adjust to the body heat and weight. The memory foam mattress physically adjusts to the body type. The Sleep number, on the other hand, needs mechanical adjustment and one must adjust the air inside the mattress every time they want a different comfort. So here the comfort level in sleeping and when not sleeping would be higher for the Tempurpedic mattress than the Sleep Number.  Users have also stated that Tempurpedic offers better sleep than the other one.

Difference: The major difference is that one can know the Tempurpedic mattress almost immediately after trying it out. The Sleep number may seem comfortable initially may take back tun after a few hours of sleep and you will need to adjust the air in the pockets until you get the right number. This task is not part of the comfortable sleep and is a problem amongst many users. It is also the main reason that forces to switch their mattress to another one.

Though the comparison of Sleep Number Vs. Tempurpedic is not logical from the point of mattress type, as they are completely different in aspect and mechanism. The final fruit of the mattress we expect is comfortable sleep. Though both these mattresses have their fans who claim it is their ultimate luxury mattress, it is still not easy for others to agree to it. When the durability of the mattress is in question, tempurpedic mattress takes the prize.

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