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Best in the industry 15 years warranty period, 120 days in-home sleep trial, easy and risk-free returns, free shipping, free installation and many incredible features make Wright mattress worth a buy.

From the Sleep Number mattress reviews, we can rate the product to be above average. Sleep number mattress is a type of air mattress with a layer of other materials stuffed in the mattress to provide comfort and support. We also suggest that you check out Saatva Mattress Below for a competitive product at enviable price.

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  • Sleep number mattress comes in four types – Classic, Performance, memory foam and Innovation series.
  • Sleep number mattresses uses Dual Air technology. With the help of this technology the firmness of either side of the bed can be adjusted. So, with Dual Air technology, dual level of comfort can be obtained on the same surface.
  • Sleep IQ technology is also used in the mattresses. It is a sleep optimizing technology. With the help of this technology, user’s heart rate, movement etc is tracked. The sensors are connected with the Dual air technology inside the bed. This way the bed automatically adjusts the firmness level according to the need of your body.
  • Sleep number bed comes with wireless remote and intuitive wireless remote (the type of the remote depends on which Sleep Number Series you have chosen.)
  • About the comfort, for some customers, the mattress turned out to be the best comfort provider while some customers reported that the mattress is a little uncomfortable in the middle region.
  • The Sleep number mattress has got a good lifespan.
  • The mattress is also good in restricting motion from transferring from one side to another.

    credits; http://mebelzakaz5.by/

    credits; http://mebelzakaz5.by/

  • Sleep Number beds have a 25 year warranty period, but after two years the warranty type changes to a pro-rated one (in pro-rated warranty period, if the customer orders for any replacement or any repairs then a part of the expense as specified in the terms of warranty will have to be incurred by the customer. The warranty terms of the Sleep Number mattresses are little complicated and is one of the reasons for users’ dissatisfaction).
  • The user gets 100 days to make a decision. Sleep Number offers a trial offer of 100 days. So if, the user is not satisfied with the product, they can return it back, but will have to pay for the return shipping. The users can choose a refund or an exchange. According to their refund policy the customer will get a refund after the deduction of initial delivery charges and set up expenses that the company has incurred.
  • Some users have complained that the bed makes noise after some period of use and some have complained of air loss from the mattress.
  • The Sleep number mattresses are expensive as compared to its competitors.
  • The satisfaction rate for each series of Sleep Number mattress is above average.
  • The SLTD (Sleep like The Dead) rating for Sleep Number mattress is “B” and the BBB (Better business bureau) rating is “A+”.

In totality, Sleep Number mattresses are an above average air mattress. For some it was a wonderful experience while for some it turned out to be the worst choice. The Sleep number mattresses are easily available online. To know in detail about the warranty and trial offers specification please visit their official website.