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Sleep EZ Mattress
  • Industry Leader since 1976
  • Tailored to your Needs
  • 20 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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Sleep EZ Latex Mattress – Compare Mattresses and prices

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  • Industry Leader since 1976
  • Tailored to your Needs
  • 20 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress is made of natural latex and no chemicals. The mattresses are hypoallergenic and naturally resisting microbes, allergens, and fire. From the SleepEZ official website, you can get these mattresses for the best price. The Sleep EZ mattresses are generally affordable and you can get additional discounts during festive seasons and with the help of coupon codes and other discount options.
The price range of Sleep EZ Latex Mattress is $450 to up to $5900 depending on the model and size. You can buy the Sleep EZ Latex Mattresses from various online mattress stores, Amazon etc.

Best Mattress Models from Sleep EZ Latex Mattress

  • An organic mattress of the Sleep EZ Latex Mattress is a personalized mattress that is made to adjust with your height and weight. You can choose the latex material from Dunlop and 100% natural Talalay latex. The mattress comes with a knit cotton cover and a quilted Eco wool fire protection. The thickness ranges from 7, 9, 10, and 13 inches with 2-4 layers of latex.
  • Lifetime Dreams Natural Latex mattress also has the personalization option. The mattress thickness would be 7, 9, 10 or 13 inches with 2-4 layers depending upon the thickness. The fire barrier here is made of Natural Joma Wool.
  • Roma Latex mattress is flappable mattress with medium and firmer side options. The latex is Dunlop latex. The mattress thickness could be 7 or 9 inches. The mattress comes with either a knit cover or a wool cover of your choice. The comfort cover mattress is 9 inches thick while the wool cover is only 7 inches in thickness. The mattress is available in all the sizes.
  • Crib Natural Latex mattress is made with natural Dunlop latex with a wool protective layer and organic cotton cover for the safety of the children. The mattress size would be 52 x 28 x 6 inches.
  • Latex Dog mattress is 3 inches of Natural Talalay latex covered inside organic cotton cover. The mattress is available in small, medium, large and XL sizes that have measurements of 16” x 21”, 20” x 27”, 24” x 36”, 28” x 41” respectively.
  • RV Latex mattresses are custom made to configurations. There also are regular sizes like twin, full, short queen, queen and king sizes. The mattresses would be 8 or 10 inches in thickness. The mattress sizes are twin- 38” x 74”, full- 53” x 74”, short queen- 75” x 60”, queen-60” x 80” and king- 76” x 80”.
  • Ultra King Mattress is larger than the usual; king size mattress. This mattress measures 84 inches in width and 96 inches long. The 3 layers of the mattress are customized to the needs. The finished mattress with the quilted wool and organic cotton cover measures to 10 inches in thickness. This is the most expensive range of Sleep EZ Latex Mattresses at a price of $5900.
  • Natural Latex sofa bed is 2 inches thick available in sizes of single, twin, twin wide, full, full wide, queen and queen wide sizes. the length is always 72 inches with the width changing from 24, 35, 38, 52, 54, 58 or 60 inches respectively.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

The regular Sleep EZ Latex Mattress sizes are made to the standard measurements. Most mattress models are available in all the sizes. The special models like the RV, crib and sofa beds have specified size measurements. The standard sizes in inches are,

  • Twin 38 x 74
  • Twin XL 38 x 80
  • Full 53 x 74
  • Queen 60 x 80
  • King 76 x 80
  • Cal King 72 x 84

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Specifications

  • The Sleep EZ Latex Mattresses use natural latex of 2 varieties- Dunlop Latex or Natural Talalay latex.
  • There would be 2-4 layers inside the mattress depending upon the model, size and comfort level.
  • The usual comfort level ranges from medium plush to firm. Each mattress model has unique firmness.
  • There is also the opportunity for the customized comfort as well.
  • All the mattresses use organic cotton or knitted cover that is hypoallergenic and safe from any kind of chemicals. They can also resist microbes and dust mites to keep the mattress hygienic.
  • The quilted layer is made of wool to retard the fire without using any chemicals inside the mattress.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The gives a rating of 8.6 out of 10 for the Roma Latex mattress from Sleep EZ. The price, quality and the sleep experience have got the maximum reviews for this mattress.

The Goodbed rates the Sleep EZ Latex Mattress 78 out of 100 for the good customer service, delivery speed, and the product quality. The adjustable comfort level is another highlight of the Sleep EZ Latex Mattresses. The Number one mattress gives a rating of 4 out of 5 for the affordability, versatility, safety, value of money, longer warranty, free shipping, quicker delivery and for the fact that the mattress is made completely in USA on demand by the customer.

The best part about the Sleep EZ Latex Mattress is the re-arrangeable mattress layers. You can arrange layers according to your comfort. You can even replace the layer for another firmness level. This is a great choice. I am already sleeping well within 4 weeks.

Very comfortable mattress and the customer service is also good. I bought 4 mattresses for different rooms. I am not disappointed with the purchase. The mattresses are comfortable and have quality.

Love the organic mattress. There is no off-gassing and I can sleep through the night and stay non-sleepy during the day.

I am very happy with the Roma mattress. It has provided me the comfort that my body needs. Thank you very much.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

The Sleep EZ Latex Mattresses have got a 10-year warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects. The discoloration of the latex, using wider slats, older spring boxes could damage the mattress which is NOT covered by the warranty.

The organic latex and Natural latex mattresses have a 20-year warranty. The first 10 years have a complete warranty. The next 10 years there would be some service charges that the customer needs to pay for.
The mattress covers and the foundations have got 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

You can get the Latex Mattress Delas that has $300 off on the Sleep EZ Latex Mattresses, directly from the SleepEZ website. The $300 off is applicable on Natural latex mattress while the organic mattress has $500 off on them. There also are discounts on other mattresses and their sizes as well.

The Sleep EZ coupons are available from,, etc. There are plenty of online sites from where you can get coupon codes and promo codes that are applicable for the Sleep EZ Latex Mattress.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Return Policy

The Sleep EZ Latex Mattress return policy says that you need to sleep on the mattress for 30 days minimum. If you are still uncomfortable then the first suggestion is to unzip the mattress and rearrange the mattress layers to attain the required comfort.

The next method is to get a replacement layer for your comfort level on request. If none of the ways work for you within 90 days, you can return the mattress. You can call at 480-966-8785 or send an email at, to inform about the return. The request will be processed and you will be issued return labels. You may return the mattress in its original box or in the 27” box of TV or microwave for the return.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The Sleep EZ Latex Mattress will be shipped within 2 working days from the day of order placement. The mattress will be shipped in UPS and it may take 5-7 days to reach the customer.

The mattress will be shipped inside a box in rolled and compressed form. The size of the box would be 18 x 18 x 39 inches. Depending on the model and size there could be more than one box for the shipment.

A change in the shipping address is allowed of you can contact before the consignment leaves for delivery. Even if the change happens when the mattress is in route, the reroute is possible with some extra fee for the same.
The only international shipment currently is to Canada via USPS. There is also a shipping fee for this- $149 per box. For shipment to Alaska and Hawaii, the shipping fee is $99 per box.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Setup & Installation

[The Sleep EZ Latex Mattress comes in different boxes with the mattress cover and the different layers in different boxes. You need to open them up one by one. Each box will be labeled with what is inside it- mattress cover, soft, medium, firm etc. The mattress cover goes first.

Open the mattress cover box and take out the cover. Spread the mattress cover over the foundation and unzip it. Open the cover completely and drape the top portion over the headboard or over the other side.

Fold the other portion down over the foundation to get a firmer surface.

Open up the mattress layers one by one as you need the comfort and firmness. Place then one above the other until you have them all stacked up.

Open the folded part of the mattress cover and cover the mattress layers. Close down the other open end of the mattress cover and pull it carefully over the mattress layer. Carefully zip it closed.

Each mattress layer would be compressed, rolled and wrapped inside 2 layers of plastic. Open them carefully and let it expand completely before you cover it and zip it.

Leave the mattress layers open for a few hours to let the new smell of latex to go away. It may very well take a few days to get the smell completely off.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Frames & Foundation

There are 2 types of foundations available for the Sleep EZ Latex Mattress from the manufacturers- Adjustable beds and natural wooden foundation.

Adjustable beds

iSleepEZ adjustable base is available in twin, twin XL, full, Full XL, Queen single piece, queen 2 pc, King 2 pc and Cal King 2 pc. The price starts from $795-2500 depending on the size. There are 5 choices with the adjustable beds

  • 3E Tech adjustable base
  • S-CAPE 2.0 Adjustable bed
  • 5D Adjustable bed
  • 9T adjustable bed
  • Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable bed

The adjustable beds have removable legs that are adjustable for 3”, 5.5” and 8.25” in height.

Natural wood foundation

Natural wood foundation is available in 5.5” and 8 inches in height. They come ready to assemble. The foundation is slated with the slats spaced out at 2.75 inches. The foundation has a luxury matching cover as well.
Sleep EZ Latex Mattress simply needs a solid and sturdy foundation. It is suitable for a slated bed, platform bed, metal frame etc.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Bedding Accessories

100% Natural Sateen cotton sheet set is available that has one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases made of cotton. The material is soft, durable and antimicrobial. The fitted sheet can fit a mattress up to 18” thick.

Wool Mattress pad from SleepEZ is ½ inch thick. It is comfortable for all weathers and can be used year around. The breathable material is washable wool. It is available in sizes crib, twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king.

Sleep Calm mattress protector is a cotton, breathable material that is waterproof and stain proof. It can resist dust mites and fits well over the mattress. It has got a 10-year guarantee and is available in all sizes.

Wool Mattress protector is stain-free, spill-proof and can resist bacteria, dust mites etc. It can regulate the temperature and can remove moisture as well. The microfiber is waterproof to safeguard the mattress. It is washable wool that is protective as well as comforting.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are available at Sleep EZ to add comfort to your Sleep EZ Latex Mattresses. The mattress topper materials available are Natural Dunlop, Blended Talalay, and natural talalay. The mattress toppers are 2 inches in thickness.

The firmness levels have choices between soft, medium, firm and extra firm to suit your comfort. The availability of the firmness depends on the material as well. The mattress toppers are available in all the sizes.

Latex pillows with Sleep EZ Latex Mattress

  • You can get the latex pillows to go with your Sleep EZ Latex Mattress. There are 4 choices with the pillows.
  • Shredded latex pillow has the latex pieces shredded to form a soft pillow.
  • Ergo soft latex green pillow has zoning on the pillow with a special zone for the neck support. It is naturally cooling and dries faster.
  • Noodle Latex pillow: The latex pieces are shredded like noodles for more comfort. The pillow can mold to the shape of the sleeper.
  • Solid latex pillow is nothing but a solid piece of latex for the head support.
  • All the pillows are available in the 3 sizes- standard, queen, and king.


Are Bed bugs in Sleep EZ Latex Mattress a Possibility

Not at all! The natural latex can repel the bed bugs, dust mites and mildew formation on the mattress. The latex mattress is very safe for all with allergies and asthma. There would be no hassle of getting rid of bed bugs either.

Is Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Non Toxic

Yes, the Sleep EZ Latex Mattresses are non-toxic. It uses the natural latex of high quality that does not cause off-gassing. It also has the good features of being antimicrobial, resisting power against dust mites, mildew etc as well. Moreover, the latex is breathable material making it suitable for one and all.

How is Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Made

The Sleep EZ Latex Mattresses are made handmade in the Phoenix warehouse. This allows a hefty contribution to the local economy and has a closer look at the quality as well. The mattresses are made to the order with the specifications wherever applicable. It is delivered in the locality free of charge as well.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Firmness Analysis

Each of the Sleep EZ Latex Mattress has its own firmness level. The firmness is either by default r you may be able to customize it as per your requirements. The available firmnesses are soft, medium plush, medium firm and firm. The firmness depends on the type of layers that are added. There would be a soft layer, medium layer, and firm layer. The addition or deduction of one or more of the mattress layers could make the difference in the firmness.

You may also get the opportunity to replace the comfort level of the layer with another one if the mattress is not to your comfort.

The Sleep EZ Company

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

The factory showroom of Sleep EZ Latex Mattress is located at

904, N Scottsdale Rd, Tempe, AZ. Phone number- (480) 966-8785

Sleep EZ customer service phone number

The contact numbers for any service regarding the Sleep EZ Latex Mattress are,
Phoneix: (602) 266- 0800
(800) 710 9846
Tempe: (480) 966 8785

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Financing

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress does offer financing assistance for the purchase of their mattresses. The financing is done by Affirm where you get to pay the amount in installments of 3, 6 or 12 months. The interest rates would be between 0-30 percent depending on the model.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Safety & Certifications

The latex foam used is natural and safe for the environment. For the hybrid mattresses, the memory foam used have got the CertiPUR-US certification stating that there is no harmful emission of gases.

For the fire retardation, the only wool material is used and there is no chemical usage anywhere on the mattress.

There is GOLS certification for the latex- GOLS stands for Global Organic Latex Standard.

Oeko-Tex certification to show that the product is free of harmful chemicals

CradletoCradle certification for the use of renewable energy sources

EcoWool certification is for the high standard organic wool. The wool is taken from sheep that are grazing naturally without any hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals in their feed.

GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard certification for the mattress cover

Eco-Institut for the lack of VOCs in the mattress

Rainforest Alliance certification for the promoting of natural and forest biodiversity.

Maintenance On Sleep EZ Latex Mattress

The Sleep EZ Latex Mattress does not need rotating as it can sustain the weight of the sleeper and bounce back to its shape sooner. Though rotating the mattress is not mandatory, you may do so if you want.

You may also rearrange the mattress layers from time to time as required.

Though the Sleep EZ Latex Mattress has a removable mattress cover, washing the cover is NOT recommended. You may do only spot cleaning with the mattress cover. Washing it could damage the material. Using a protective cover or a mattress protector is highly recommended.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Sleep EZ Latex Mattress

The Sleep EZ Latex Mattress has the smell of natural latex. This is not harmful. There will be no off-gassing of any harmful chemicals from the mattresses. In order to get rid of the latex smell, air the mattress in a ventilated room for a few days. The smell will gradually recede with passing time.

Keeping the mattress in the plastic wrap could have imparted some smell. Good aeration is the only solution for getting rid of that smell as well.

Motion Transfer on a Sleep EZ Latex Mattress

The motion transfer on the Sleep EZ Latex Mattress is minimal. There could still be some movements and the motion isolation may not be as effective as it would be on a memory foam or spring mattress. The lack of edge support could also contribute to the motion transfer. Heavier people may feel more of the motion transfer than lighter people.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Vs Memory foam mattress

SleepEZ latex mattress is more body contouring than the memory foam mattress. It is softer in feel and has the open cell structure for more air circulation within. While the memory foam mattress can generate heat on the surface, the latex mattress stays cool all throughout the year. Latex mattress has better resilience and is more durable than the foam. Most importantly, the SleepEZ latex mattress is renewable from top to bottom, while the memory foam mattresses cannot claim the same.


Mattresses like SleepEZ Roma Natural Mattress are highly economical for the buyer as you are getting the effect of 2 mattresses in the same one. The dual-sided mattress has one firm side and the other medium-plush comfort levels. You could easily change them from one to another whenever you want. No other mattress brand offers this luxury. Even if the mattress if flappable there will be the same comfort level on both the sides. THAT is the secret of success for the SleepEZ brand. You can easily customize the mattress whenever you choose to

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