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Endy Mattress King Size Price Comparison

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Endy Sleep mattress is Canada’s own mattress. The mattresses are pretty comfortable. It is all designed and made in Canada. There also are showrooms that have the Endy Sleep. They have accomplished the aim of creating a simple and convenient mattress and have also made it available at cheaper rates for the customers.

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Endy Sleep Mattress – How it is made

Endy Sleep mattress is three layers of quality foam. Each layer of foam has its quality and is different from each other in its make and purpose.

  • The first layer is the gel infused memory foam. The 2 inch thick layer keeps the surface cool and soft. The cooling gel all over the surface will keep the heat away from the body and also disperse it faster. This helps in keeping you cool all the night.
  • Layer 2 is 3 inches of soft but high density memory foam. The purpose of this layer is to be a transition between the upper and lower layers. It makes the truce between the soft upper and harder lower memory foam. The softness is comforting to the person lying on it and the high density foam prevents sagging into the mattress.
  • The final layer is the firm and high density memory foam. It has only one purpose, to provide support. The firm foam does not allow any sinking and thus makes a perfect platform to a peaceful sleep for anyone. This base layer is 5 inches thick.
  • The outermost layer is the quilted cover. The covering material that covers all these layers is of polyester and makes quite a fanciful design. The cover is zippered and so we can remove it for cleaning. The quilted top provides a soft plush feel on the surface.

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What Is So Special About Endy Sleep?

For starters, the mattresses are completely made of memory foam. The speciality of the foam is that it is much more responsive so that the person does not feel like sleeping IN the mattress and can stay ON the mattress for as long as he wants.

Endy Sleep mattresses were manufactured almost out of necessity. A good quality mattress costs almost a fortune. Common man may not be able to afford them every time. Most of the amount of the price goes to the middle men from the factory to the retailer and all the hands in between. It also costs to get the mattresses made at one place ad transport it to the other to get it finalized.

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Endy Sleep mattresses are cheaper, even for the King size mattress and that is made possible by avoiding all the in-between people. What does that bring? Low cost for the customer. The customer no longer has to pay too much for the middle men. They pay just for the mattress, for what it costs to make it.

Endy Sleep has made it possible to reduce the cost by designing it, compiling it and making the final product, all done within Canada. There is also no fancy additions on the mattress to make it comfortable. The goal of getting the memory foam mattresses at an affordable price is also achieved.

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Endy Sleep Return Policy

All these facilities are available with the support of a 100-night trial period. During this period, if the mattress is unsatisfactory for any reason, it can be returned to get the full money back. One cannot really judge a mattress by spending a few minutes on it in the showrooms. They get to try it in the comfort of their homes and with the security of their money safe. Now, the quality mattress is within the reach of everyone. What more could one ask for!

The Endy Sleep Mattresses

There are 4 sizes available for the Endy Sleep mattresses- twin, full, queen and king size mattresses. All the sizes have the same thickness of overall 10 inches, and use the same material as well. The comfort level stays somewhere around medium, with the help of the transitional layer in the middle.

The weight of the mattress is 29 pounds for the twin, 40 pounds for the full size mattress. The queen size mattress is 43 pounds and the king size weighs about 57 pounds. The weight of the mattress can support quite some weight about 250 pounds for an individual or 500 pounds when used by couples. The visco elastic foam can prevent the motion transfer making it comfortable for couples as well. It can also stay in shape without any dents for long.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safety of Endy Sleep mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are always under the radar to check the harmful emissions into the indoor air. The foam that is used for the Endy Sleep mattress is safe by all means. It does not have ANYTHING that could harm the indoor air quality even by traces.

Does the Endy Sleep mattress have CertiPUR-US certification?

Yes, the memory foam used here has CertiPUR –US certificate that proves that the foam does not contain the ozone depleters, mercury, lead or heavy metals, formaldehyde, the flame retardants such as PBDE, phthalates or other volatile organic compounds.

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What is the protection the mattresses have against fire and flame?

It is the special kind of fabric that resists the fire and protects the mattress form the possible flames. The fabric covers the memory foam layers and the quilt cover comes over it. You can remove only the covering material and not the flame retarding fabric.

Will the new Endy mattress have off-gassing or any kind of smell?

For all that the mattress is certified foam, there could be some kind of smell from the mattress when it is unpacked. With some good airing this could be rectified and will no longer feel the same. The water based adhesive has less off gassing.

Where can I purchase Endy Sleep mattress from?

Endy Sleep mattress can be bought from the official site or from Amazon. The mattresses are shipped from the Toronto factory and right up to your door step.

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Does the Endy Sleep mattress ship to USA?

Yes, Endy Sleep mattresses are shipped to USA. It does not get shipped to other countries though.

How is the mattress shipped?

The mattresses are all compressed and rolled for easy shipment.

How big would be the box that the mattress is shipped in?

The dimensions of the shipping boxes have the same dimension of 14 x 14 inches for the width and the length of the box varies with the size of the mattress. the length or height of the box would be 43 inches for twin mattress, 61 inches for the full, queen measures to 65 inches and king size is 81 inches long. The mattresses are compressed, rolled, and wrapped in plastic wrap before it is put into the box.

Are there any specific instructions for unwrapping the new mattress?

There are no special instructions. Only that the mattress should be removed from the box and must be unwrapped as early as possible once it is received. Careful while removing the plastic wrap not to cut the fabric.

How long does it take to be expanded?

It does not take much but a few hours to get it ready for use. Be patient and use that time to air the mattress to remove any smell.

How long do I need to wait before using the new mattress?

There is no real break-in time for the Endy Sleep mattress. it takes as long as the mattress is expanded. The maximum it could be a day to get it ready. It is only your body that needs time to get adjusted to the mattress.

What is the ideal choice of bed frame for Endy Sleep mattress?

Endy Sleep mattresses are compatible to be used with any kind of foundations. It does not matter if it is a box spring, platform bed, slatted frame or right on the floor, the feel, comfort, and support would all be the same.

Is the mattress double sided?

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No Endy Sleep mattresses are one sided with a designer top and a supportive bottom side. It cannot be flipped. But it can be rotated and is recommended to do so at least in every 6 months.

The covering material is said to be removable and washable, do I need a mattress protector over it?

Yes, you do. The removable cover is not water proof and a mattress protector could be water proof and make a complete guard over the surface.

What are the caring tips for the mattresses?

The outer cover is removable and washable. But do note that it is NOT machine washable. You can only do spot cleaning in case of any accidents. This is also why it is recommended to use a mattress protector over the mattress. it can be washed in warm water. Do not tumble dry it instead, air dry it. Use only a mild detergent, preferably baby laundry to wash the cover.

The mattress does not have an edge support, how does it fare on the sides?

The lack of edge support is because it is not really needed. The high density memory foam is enough to keep the mattress steady and rigid. It is as good as an additional edge support. You will not notice any lack of it while you are sitting on the sides.

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What is the warranty of Endy Sleep mattress?

The mattresses come with 10-year warranty and an additional 100-day trial period with 100% money return.

What so the return policy?

The dissatisfied customer just needs to send an email to the customer care. The company will arrange for a courier service to get the mattress taken away and your money will be refunded.

What about the mattress exchange?

There is also an exchange option to have a mattress replacement rather than a complete return. This could be done within the 100 day period. The catch is that there is no trial period for the exchanged mattress.

How long does it take to get the mattress once it is ordered?

The ordered mattresses will be shipped and delivered within 3-7 working days.

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