Puffy Mattress

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Who doesn’t want to relax in a comfortable mattress at the end of a day! Studies say that a hammock could give you better sleep & back pain relaxation than any expensive mattress. The rocking effects and relaxed pose could just be what we all need to ease the stress and strain of the day.

Hammock is one of the popular patio or garden accessory to relax. It makes one of the popular hosts for reading as well. Here is a mini analysis of what the experts say about the hammock being superior to a mattress to be used as sleep surface at night for better sleep & back pain relief.

  • Better reading better learning: Let us start with the common usage for hammock. Reading makes better while on the rocking hammock they say. It helps the brain waves to concentrate more and boost the memory. It says that what we read on the hammock could be stored well than what we read while anywhere else. Interesting, I should really try that.
  • Faster sleep deeper sleep: The slow rocking movement of the hammock starts the brain waves that lull us to sleep. People who have difficulty falling asleep can benefit from the hammock big time. It not only gets you faster sleep but a deeper one also. The deep sleep invokes the various healing processes that help the health improvement. It also works to alleviate the back pain. Experts tell you to expect a pleasant sleep at night.
  • Good for back pain: Have you ever heard about hammock back pain? I never had. Is it because it does not cause back pain at all? Could be, at least that is what studies are hinting at. Hammock could bring in the comfort that you are looking for in a mattress and thus provide you better sleep & back pain relief. The reasoning is that, a hammock can reduce the pressure points and let the body muscles relax better than lying down on a mattress. The hammock could conform to the body all over making a perfect cuddle.
  • Hassle free sleep surface: No more night time sweating with hammocks for sure. The tightly woven thread or rope makes an airy surface. There is no question of heat accumulating. But one must choose the right kind of hammock. The all traditional hammocks are difficult o adjust to the body. The cotton-nylon mix ones are considered the best.
  • No more mattress troubles: With a hammock, you no longer have the cleaning troubles, no need to worry about bugs, or dead skin cells getting accumulated.

Is it really trouble free?

In a way it is but the same could not be said about the two-person hammocks. Couples will have trouble sleeping together in a hammock. Though it can accommodate two persons, chances are more than you both could end up squeezing together. Those who love to cuddle the entire night may find it more convenient. The other percentage who wants to have some free space will not be comfortable with hammock.

My verdict on hammock being superior to mattress

I tried sleeping on a hammock for a few nights thinking that I will be blessed with a better sleep & back pain relief. Let me tell you, it was no cake walk. Sleeping on the bare hammock is not comfortable period. You need to have a blanket spread over it to save your skin. With a blanket I would say it was ok to sleep on.

I was expecting that the sleep gods would bless me the instant I climb on it. But as usual I had to wait for about an hour before I got the blessing. Once I got the sleep I must say I slept like a baby and yes I got a deep sleep also. I’m happy on this regard.

I would say everyone should have a hammock at home to swap with the mattress once a while. On those sleepless nights you could just climb into the rocking surface with a book for relaxation.

But swapping the mattress with a hammock completely would be a foolish thing to do. Try it for yourself to make your own judgment. Have a nice time.

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