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Shifman Sapphire Mattress Reviews – Traditional Firm , Vintage, Reviens Collection

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Flawless and Fabulous! Shifman mattresses are rulers of Serene and sound sleep! The Shifman Mattress company has gone through big positive and effective changes and can be called a big evolution from what it was when it was born in 1893 in America. Handmade using traditional methods, Shifman mattresses simply resemble true craftsmanship, perfection and integrity!

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Shifman Mattress Reviews

Durability, quality and comfort are the three attributes that makes the Shifman mattresses a ‘stand out’ brand that is loved and respected. The fillings in the mattress are natural and the fillings are filled inside the mattress with a lot of care by expert craftsmen. To create a set of Shifman mattress with a box-spring, it takes almost 12 ½ hours by the craftsmen. The ‘eight-way’ technique is used in the mattress. In this technique, the boxspring coils are hand tied on eight different locations of boxspring with the help of the strongest and supreme quality Italian Twine. These coils placed at the perfectly required location helps the mattress to mold easily and flexibly according to the shape of the body lying on it. The fillings of the mattress consist of natural materials like latex, wool, cashmere, cotton and pashmina. Along with these natural materials, the finest quality matelasse fabrics and Belgian damask are also used in the Shifman mattresses which give the mattress its elegant and royal look. Shifman mattresses use only the highest quality materials for its mattresses.

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Shifman mattresses should ideally be placed on a matching box-spring. Box springs add to the comfort and reduce the wear and tear on the mattress. Shifman warranties are also applicable only when the mattress is accompanied by a matching box spring. Some of the box springs that are offered with the Shifman mattresses are Jade box spring, Crystal box spring, Soft cloud box spring, Davinci box spring, Diamond box spring,  Sapphire Box spring etc. to suit the different models of the Shifman mattresses.

Unlike the single-sided no-flip mattresses, Shifman mattresses are two-sided. The benefit of a two-sided mattress is that you get to use both sides of the mattress which increases the lifespan of the mattress.

The Shifman Collection from the Shifman Mattress Company

The mattresses at Shifman have been allocated to four different sections:

Shifman Mattress Masters collection

Shifman’s Master’s collection features unmatched beauty and true craftsmanship and is very comfortable and firm. These two-sided mattresses are filled with about 83 lbs. of natural cotton, natural latex foam, Pashmina and Joma wool. Using superior innerspring, these mattresses have foam and steel edge mattress support and steel edge support in the box spring.

Shifman Mattress Vintage collection

The Vintage collection of mattresses too, use around 83 lbs. of natural cotton and superior quality innerspring. The mattresses have a foam and steel edge support and the box springs are the Shifman’s eight-way hand-tied boxsprings

Shifman mattress Quilted collection

Shifman’ mattress Quilted collection provides their customers with quality mattresses at a rate that everyone could buy.

The Quilted collection uses 47 lbs of cotton upholstery, It uses a type of heavy steel Bonnel unit innerspring with a foam edge support for the mattress. The boxspring is an all-coil grid top boxspring.

Shifman mattress Pure Comfort collection -Shifman Latex mattresses

For those who want comfort, comfort, and comfort, here comes Shifman’s Pure Comfort collection made of latex line. These latex line luxury mattresses are two-sided and use pure latex foam and forest lumber. They are the best latex foam mattresses available. These mattresses are hypoallergic and environment-friendly. For maximizing comfort, the all-coil boxsprings have independent coil action

Shifman has recently added a new collection of mattresses, The Bloomingdale’s Collection, which is sold only at Bloomingdale’s.These include the handcrafted collection and Anniversary collections.

Shifman Mattress Complaints & Shifman Mattress Price

Shifman mattresses continue to maintain good quality and durability while manufacturing their mattresses and hence there are not many complaints about Shifman mattresses. According to a few customers, the price of the mattress is on the higher side. Also, the mattress is sold only in a few outlets. So finding a Shifman mattresses is also a difficult process. The mattress can be bought at discounted rates during sales. When you take into consideration the quality and comfort offered, the prices seem to be reasonable.

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Over the years, the Shifman mattresses have gone through various changes and had changed hands a number of times. It has finally landed on Hammer’s lap. The Shifman Mattress Company was originally founded by the Shifman brothers Abraham and Samuel. The ownership of the company passed from one generation of the Shifman’s to another before it was taken by Mike Hammer, who then passed it on to his son Bill. Bill is the current president of the Shifman Mattress Company. Mike and Bill Hammer bought the real change in the Shifman Company after which the company never looked back! It is now one of the strongest and the best selling mattress companies in America and the suppliers to High-end luxurious hotels. It is said that ‘an idea can change your life’, Hammer’s proved it!

Shifman Mattress

Durability, quality, and comfort are the three attributes that make the Shifman mattresses a ‘stand out’ brand that is loved and respected. The fillings in the mattress are natural and the fillings are filled inside the mattress with a lot of care by expert craftsmen.

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