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  • Enhanced support
  • Superior design
  • Gel infused foam for better cooling
  • Durable
Sealy is one of the well-known faces in the mattress industry. It can be called a celebrity of the mattress field. Well, it is not surprising that Sealy is one of the famous brands of mattresses, it has with it century plus years of work experience and knowledge. Most of the products have some good and some bad features. Sealy too holds in its some really good features and has some bad ones as well. Though reputed and more than a century old, Sealy mattresses are not void of negative reviews. Reviews are eye openers and reflect a lot about a product. Sealy mattresses reviews show both good and negative sides of the mattress. 


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Sealy Mattresses Positive reviews 

The mattresses of Sealy are usually made of foam and innerspring and so is only good in providing comfort in its initial years. The mattress works excellently in its starting stages. The mattresses help the body to slip into a restful slumber without much effort. Many customers have reported in their Sealy mattress reviews that the mattress has helped them to get relief from their body pain. The mattress is able to do so by contouring to the body’s shape and by reducing the pressure points. The Sealy mattresses is constructed in a way that the mattress very efficiently isolates the motion and helps the couple to have an undisturbed sleep. The mattresses are also noiseless. You can move on the mattresses freely, the mattress is not squeaky. The warranty section of the mattress has got an average rating from the customers. Sealy mattress are easily available online, there is a problem with only a few models. An “A+” from the Better business bureau is another positive point of Sealy mattress.

Sealy Mattress Negative reviews 

Durability is the biggest problem with Sealy mattresses. Sealy mattresses last long. The problem of sagging and dents starts very early in Sealy mattresses. The lifespan of Sealy mattresses is very short. The other problem is the price that customers have to pay for such a small lifespan mattress. People don’t mind paying if the mattress is of high quality and lasts longer, but if the customer is not getting the desired result for the money they spent then they feel cheated. Sealy mattresses are heavy and so moving them is a little difficult. The customer care service of Sealy mattress is OK, for some customers had good experience with the Sealy mattress customer care executives while for some people, the experience was bitter. Not every Sealy mattress’ specification has been given in detail in the Sealy’s official mattress website. 



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Sealy works in three brands 

  • Sealy Brand
  • Sealy Posturepedic
  • Sealy Optimum 

Innerspring mattresses, foam only mattresses and a combination of both innerspring and foam are present at Sealy. 

Sealy mattresses get an overall rating of 3 stars out of five. But still, Sealy mattresses come in the list of most popular and reputed mattress firms. 

Sealy CoolSense 2 Stage Crib Mattress 

Sealy CoolSense 2 Stage Crib Mattress is for infants and toddlers. It has a cotton cover and soybean cool gel layer. the woven cotton fabric is waterproof and stainproof and non-allergic. It perfectly fits the general USA standard cribs. The mattress can be easily lifted to change the sheets or mattress pads. These mattresses have passed all the safety standards for cribs. It has the GREENGUARD Gold Certification for better safety. It is one of the best mattresses for babies.

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