Nectar Sleep Mattress

Are you looking for a medium firm mattress which will help you to sleep cool and comfortable? A memory foam mattress that you can afford? Nectar Sleep mattresses are all this and more. These mattresses have many features to help you sleep better.

Sealy has a long history of making mattresses. It all started in Texas in 1881, From then on Sealy has been designing and creating mattresses for offering comfort sleeping to the customers. With the changing times, the methods and technologies of making a mattress have changed a lot. A lot of improvisation has happened in the mattress field. Change is inevitable, but Sealy took the old traditional methods along with it while stepping into the new dimensions of mattress making. It brought together the old traditional ways with new technologies to create comfortable mattresses. Even after taking so much of efforts, from the Sealy mattress reviews what is seen is that these mattresses have not been able to come up to the expectation of the customers.

Sealy mattresses comes in varieties, so customers have good options to choose from. The main four mattress categories present at Sealy are:

  • Traditional innerspring
  • Hybrid
  • Gel memory foam
  • Gel Latex foam

All these categories of mattress has been distributed among various brands of Sealy. Sealy has 3 brands of its own:

  • Sealy Brand
  • Sealy Posturepedic
  • Optimum

The spring used in the Sealy Mattresses are made of Titanium alloy. The titanium alloy is popular for its strength and durability. Sealy uses these Titanium alloy coils to enhance the durability feature of the mattress, but still the complaints about Sealy mattresses mostly consists of durability problems. The Hybrid mattresses from Sealy are made with the combination of innerspring and memory foam of different types. This fusion of innerspring and memory foam mattresses are selling like hot cakes these days. The hybrid type of mattresses comes with all the features of innerspring in addition to all the features of memory foam mattresses. These type of mattresses are considered to be very durable. The gel memory foam mattresses consists of millions of gel beads. The gel beads are not pre-infused into the memory foam before making the mattress, Sealy infused the gel beads into the mattress during the making process of the mattress. The gel latex foam is a newbie in the mattress world. Here, gel beads are infused into latex foam.

The Sealy Brand

Avocado Green mattress is highly known for the eco-luxury look and feel. The features of this Avocado Mattress are attractive, giving overall functionality and high-performance rate. Read on and check whether the mattress lasts longer before you buy them.

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Helix Mattress comes with excellent cooling ability which keeps you cool and dry on hot summer days. Unlike old traditional foam mattress, Helix Sleep comes with dynamic foam that cradles you to sleep every night peacefully.

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The sealy brand has in it the

  • Sealy innerspring series
  • Gel memory foam series


The Sealy Posturepedic

In the Sealy posturepedic there are three different series present. Each series has some similar features and some distinct features. The mattress collection under the Sealy posturepedic :

  • Classic Series
  • Hybrid Series
  • Gel Series

Sealy Optimum brand

The Sealy Optimum collection include all-gel memory foam mattresses series. From top to bottom, every mattress is completely packed with gel memory foam to provide optimum sleeping experience to the users. The Sealy Optimum collections include:

  • Destiny Gold
  • Radiance Gold
  • Inspiration Gold
  • Elation Gold
  • Gel Latex

Sealy Crib Mattresses

Sealy also offers a wide range of Crib Mattresses. They range from The Classic Range of Crib Mattresses which use InnerSpring coils, cushions and waterproof coves. The Natural Crib Mattresses have the cushions and covers made from Natural materials which are healthy and hypo allergic. The Innovative Crib Mattresses use the latest technology to provide comfort. Sealy CoolSense 2 stage Titanium Crib Mattress is an example of one of Sealy’s popular models.

Sealy mattresses are available in shops as well as online. Sealy has various middlemen and so is available on various online shops.