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Saatva Youth
  • innerspring Flippable mattress
  • Dual comfort
  • Age between 3-12
  • 365-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty
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Saatva Youth – Kids Mattress Review

If you love the Saatva classic, the Saatva Youth is a near replica of the same but for kids. It has the same features as the Saatva classic but with a few changes to make it good for kids. The saatva Youth mattress is designed for kids between the age of 3 and 12. Growing kids need a different mattress than toddlers and adults. Adult mattresses are too big for them and toddler mattresses are too small.

Apart from the size, the firmness and comfort levels are also different. Toddler mattresses are too firm and adult mattresses are a bit too plush for growing kids. a medium-firm mattress is important for proper support and better growth for growing kids. The Saatva Youth provides excellent comfort, and cooling and ensures that your child gets the sleep he deserves after a long day of activity. Good sleep in very important to the growth of your child and this is well understood by Saatva .

This is the reason why Saatva ensures that they pay attention to every requirement of a growing child when making their mattresses.

Ecofriendly, High-Quality material. : The Saatva Youth ensures that the material used is eco-friendly and of high quality. there is no compromise in the quality of the material used. The materials used are certifier certified. Note that the material is not organic but is safe and tested, eco friendly and comfortable at the same time

Exceptional Comfort and support: When it comes to mattresses for adults, we can understand our requirements. Children often don’t explain their discomforts so well and it’s for the parents to understand what they want. It may be difficult to understand if your child likes a mattress or if they have difficulty sleeping on them because they will not tell you about it directly. You may have complaints about a “PAIN” or a stiff neck in the morning while they are ok by 10 Am. Some kids never complain at all. Saatva understands these problems and ensures that the saatva youth is crafted for extreme comfort and support. your child will not feel; pressure points with their spinal support and zoned layers, providing them with a straight, aligned sleep surface.

Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial organic cotton: The mattress cover is the only part your child is going to feel. The surface of the mattress needs to be of the best quality. this does not mean that what goes inside the mattress can be of poor quality but the Extra attention to the covers is well deserved. The Saatva Youth covers are made from antimicrobial Organic cotton. it’s hypoallergenic and treated to be water resistant. They are antimicrobial because it’s treated with botanical Antimicrobials. No chemicals are used to treat the mattress which could cause allergic conditions or health hazards. Treated with a waterproofing material, the issues of accidents can not a concern.

Natural, Thisle flame retardant: using flame retardants in mattresses is a requirement. The quality of the flame retardant is often questioned widely. Using a natural flame retardant is recommended though many mattresses have glass fibres as flame retardants. The Saatva Youth uses thistle based flame retardant which is natural and safe for your child.

Certipur-certified foam: all the material used in the Saatva youth mattress is certified.
Water-resistant finish: Accidents happen and there are no ways to prevent them. at least till now. The water-resistant finish blocks small accidents from ruining your child’s mattress. The Cover, treated with a water-resistant finish helps resist water or any liquid from penetrating through the mattress and makes it easier to clean with a simple wipe. This is the first layer of protection for your kids, especially those who are young and wet their beds.

internal waterproof barrier: While the water-resistant finish on the top covers is sufficient for small accidents, it’s not entirely useful for recurring occurrences. a waterproof barrier is set in place to help prevent liquid from penetrating the inner layers of the mattress. While these layers are often very uncomfortable when slept on directly, the outer cotton cover prevents heat build-up due to the waterproof barrier, making the mattress comfortable to sleep on while still preventing accidents to ruin your mattress.

There are 2 sides to the Saatva Youth mattress and you can decide which layer is best for your child the sides for the Younger kids, Aged between 3 and 7 are a bit softer but firm for them. It is supportive and comfortable at the same time. The other side is best for kids aged between 8 and 12. The water-resistant features and covers are the same but the foam differs, providing them with better lumbar support.

Side 1 – 3-7-Year-Old

  • Organic cotton Cover
  • 5 Zone Support Layer
  • Dual-sided coil


  • Soft Breathable Water resistant covers
  • Made of Organic Cotton with water resistant finish
  • Waterproof barrier protects from accidents
  • Lumbar zone quilting for support in the centre third of the mattress
  • Ensures proper spinal alignment
  • Treated with Botanical Antimicrobial to prevent mould and mildew


  • 5 Zone Support layer for spinal alignment


  • Dual-sided coil unit with 13.75 Guage recycled steel coils
  • Conforming for Younger kids.

Side 2 – 8-12 Years

  • Organic Cotton
  • High-density comfort Foam
  • Lumbar Zone Support


  • Soft Breathable Water resistant covers
  • Made of Organic Cotton with water resistant finish
  • Waterproof barrier protects from accidents
  • Lumbar zone quilting for support in the centre third of the mattress
  • Ensures proper spinal alignment
  • Treated with Botanical Antimicrobial to prevent mold and mildew


  • High-Density comfort foam
  • Cool and supportive
  • Lumbar Zone Active Spinal Wire for spinal alignment
  • Enhanced support in the centre third of the mattress


  • TWIN 38″ x 75″
  • TWIN XL 38″ x 80″
  • FULL 54″ x 75″